Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dear Spencer... You are 6 months old!


SIX whole months! I can't believe it. This note is a few days late because we celebrated your half a year birthday in beautiful Maui and I had limited access to the computer. We definitely have celebrated you every single day of your life and there is no shortage of love being thrown at you by your family. You smile so easily and are truly a sweet little soul. You are such a happy little chunk!

Speaking of Maui, this month you took your first flights to Kona, Hawaii, then on a little 9-seater Cessna to Maui, and then another flight back home. You did so well on all 3 flights. You never made a fuss and I was so proud of you! You definitely proved you are ready to hang with your family that loves to travel. You also seemed to love being in Hawaii, but mostly I think you loved the constant attention (Gramz & Pops were with us, too) and all of the love you got from us. We put you in the sand for a few pictures and you went down the water slide with pops and your siblings.

You still are not a great sleeper and some nights I am up 4 or more times through out the night with you to eat. I know this is a phase and I would never trade my lack of sleep for the sweet age you are right now. You still love to be carried in the front pack and I stick you in there every day. You also love to be pushed around in the stroller so you can see everything around you.

You tried some solid foods for the first time this month, too. I started with sweet potatoes and with some help from Gramz, you also ate some rice cereal. You love your milk and everyone comments on how chunky you are. I love that you are doing so well with your breastfeeding, still. I am hoping our journey continues and I am grateful that we have made it this far.

You are wearing size 3 diapers - almost size 4 - and size 9 month and 6-12 month clothes. You have beautiful blue eyes and the biggest, widest smile. When you are really smiling big, you open your mouth and squish your eyes. You also have a very loud cry and loud voice - you squeak and squeal and laugh all the time and it is adorable. You have full blown conversations with us and you are very good at making eye contact. Your daddy and I absolutely love when you stare at us.

You have several nicknames, some of which are made up on the spot by your siblings - but we call you Spence, Spencie, Spencie-bear, Spencie-Spence, baby bear, and Pops likes to call you Spanky.

Your siblings are still all crazy about you and want to hold, kiss, and snuggle with you. It's hard to imagine life with out you, Spencer. I love you so, so much and am so grateful that I get to be your mommy.

Love you forever, baby Spence.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dear Spencer... You're 5 Months Old!

Our love, Spencie...

FIVE whole months old. We keep loving you more with every day. Your scrumptious smell, your belly laugh, that gummy smile that makes us melt, and your darling stares. It feels like I have known you my whole life, there is something so special about you.

This was a big month. We celebrated your first Thanksgiving and we traveled to Carmel with all of our family to be together. We went to the ocean and stayed in a beautiful home with views of the ocean. You snuggled with everyone and we enjoyed getting to see you interact with all of the family.

You are still not a great sleeper. Sometimes you will give me a 4 hour stretch, but sometimes you're also up for an hour or two at a time. You have also been sick this month with a stuffy nose and chest so that hasn't helped with the sleeping.

You went to the doctor for your 4 month check up and she said you're growing beautifully. You are 16 pounds 1 ounce and 25 inches long. You are a fantastic eater and I feel really fortunate to be able to breastfeed you still. You typically eat every 3 hours around the clock. Last night, I fed you your first few bites of rice cereal. You spit most of it out because you aren't quite sure how to eat off of a spoon.  To get you used to a different taste, I put a little bit in a bottle and you drank it right up! I am hoping to introduce you to some new foods as the month progresses.

You are wearing size 3 diapers and mostly size 6 month clothes. Your Gramz has you covered with the festive holiday clothes and you have been in something Christmasy every day.

In November, you went for your very first family tree hunt. It is a special tradition in our family and you completed that family this year. It was so fun to see you in the cousin photo (all 8 of you). We picked out a great tree and happily hung all of our new "Spencer" ornaments on the tree.

You love to be outside and interacting with your siblings. They love to hold you and are always asking to. You also love your activity mat and little chair - you grab, hold, and swat toys very well. You are still having a rough time in the car, but you do give us a ride here and there where you don't scream. Napping is hard because we don't have a schedule, but lately you have given us a few days where you will nap for a 2-3 hour stretch and you wake up so happy! You have a few nicknames - Spence, Spencie, Spencie-bear, Spanky, baby, and whatever else your sister comes up with when she is talking to you. You still love to be held and worn in the carrier - keeping your marsupial status! :) We love to wear you and occasionally you will ride in the stroller as well.

I love staring at you and seeing you stare right back. You make great eye contact. You smile so easily - you love when we talk to you and make silly faces. You belly laugh all the time and it is one of the sweetest sounds. You are also talking a lot and your little sounds are truly adorable. I can't get enough of you, Spence. You fill my heart up and make me feel so complete. I hope you always know just how much you are loved, baby!

Love you to the moon and back forever, Spence.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dear Spencer... You're 4 months old!


4 months old and completely scrumptious. You are such a smiley and giggly little baby - your personality is flourishing and you are a happy little guy.  I am in awe of you, my sweet baby, and I don't take a single day of this special time with you for granted. You are growing and changing very fast!

This month was busy - we celebrated your first Halloween at your auntie Juju's house with family. We dressed you up in your woody pjs with your siblings, but mostly you just enjoyed being there and watching all of your cousins. You stayed back with Gramz and slept through the trick or treating.

We also took your first trip to Disneyland this month! I was pretty nervous about it because you are still very fussy in the car. You did great on the 7 hour ride there and pretty well on the way home. You loved to look around while we were there at all of the lights and you met quite a few characters with your brothers and sister. Nana took all of us to celebrate the season and we made so many special memories with her and Gramz and Pops! You spent a lot of time on Pop's chest and snuggled up with him. You love to fall asleep on him (just like all of your siblings). We also went on a few rides with you and you seemed intrigued by it all. It really got us all in the holiday spirit and the next month is going to be filled with lots of that for all of us.

You are wearing 6 month and 3-6 month clothes, size 2 (or 3) diapers, and you are still breastfeeding on demand like a little champ. You are not a great sleeper - you usually only go in 2-3 hour stretches at night, but occasionally you will go a little longer for your first stretch. I started to use gas drops to help with your discomfort and that has helped a little bit.

You have your 4 month doctor's appointment on December 2, but I am guessing you are at least 15 pounds. You are so squishy and plumping up, which I love!

You love to be outside, watching your siblings, riding in the front pack on our chests, and looking at toys. Your siblings are still crazy about you and love to talk to you and make you smile. I love seeing how they all interact with you, it is a very special relationship that is forming between you 4. It makes me so happy.

You discovered your hands in the last couple of weeks and you will pull out your paci (which you use occasionally when we put you to sleep or are soothing you) or put things in your mouth. You roll from your belly to your back and you like to lay on your little activity mat or in your bouncer and bat at all of the toys. You are very interactive when we talk to you and tell you stories. Your laugh and smile is irresistible - and you squeak and talk to us a lot!

I love waking up to your sweet little face every single morning. You are just so sweet and fill my heart with so much love. This time is so precious, Spence, and I am trying to be present for all of it. You are a special little baby, I love how you look into my eyes. I hope you can feel how much we love and adore you.

I love you so much. Forever and ever!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dear Spencer... You're 3 months old!

Oh, Spence!

Three whole months of loving you so much. You grew so much this month and most notably you are smiling and giggling for us - a mostly happy and content little baby. It's so adorable! But when you're mad, you are sure to let everyone know! Gramz keeps saying you are going to have a deep voice because that scream is louder than any baby I have ever heard.

You are still loving your baths, watching you siblings, and hands down, your favorite thing is riding in the front pack. Auntie Juju nicknamed you my "marsupial" because you are happy as a clam in that thing. Sometimes during the day you'll be in that thing for 4-5 hours. It makes it nice because you go with the flow anywhere we are as long as you are tucked into your pouch.

You still very much hate the car and our school drop offs and pick ups are sometimes brutal. We moved around carseats in the car so sissy can sit next to you and pop in your paci, but it doesn't always work. I think as you get older it will get better, but for now we try to limit those car rides as much as possible!

You are wearing 3-6 month sized clothes and size 2 diapers still. You are definitely growing out of the 3 month size. Your nicknames are: mr. marsupial, Spence, Spencer-bear, and bay-bee (that's what Cody calls you).

You are talking quite a bit - you'll have little discussions with us and your little noises are adorable. Your giggle is also so sweet, and it's pretty easy to get you to smile. You seem to love human touch and interaction, and there isn't a shortage of it here with how much your siblings adore you. Daddy and I also love snuggling with you during the day.

Sleep at night has been a little challenging. You've had some 3 hour stretches, but you've also had nights where you are up most of the night. You caught your first little cold the last few days which has made it challenging for you to breathe through your nose and it makes you more gassy when you eat. I know this time is going to fly by, so I am just taking it a night at a time. Last night you did do much better (you went for a solid 4 hours) so I am hoping it wasn't a fluke. I don't mind our quiet, middle of the night snuggles.

You are still eating like a champ. You breastfeed well and take bottles of pumped milk really well. You love smiling and talking to all of our family and Gramz and Pops have watched you a couple of times while daddy and I go out to dinner and you do really well with them.

You are a sweet, content, and beautiful little baby boy. I love staring at you and taking in every inch of you because I know you're growing much too fast. I still can't believe you are our little baby - we just love and adore you so much. You are really completing our family.

I love you so much, Spence. To the moon and stars and infinity. Forever!


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dear Spencer... You're 2 Months Old!

Mr. Spencer Bear,

You are 2 months old today. I can't believe it's been two whole months since I first saw your beautiful little face and looked into your sweet little eyes. It feels like it's gone so fast, yet it also feels like you've been a part of our family forever. We can't imagine life with out you and everyone just loves you so much.

You've grown so much this month. You are smiling lots (you started just after you turned 5 weeks old, which is early!). You are also 'talking' a little bit with us and you love to face outward and see the world around you. You LOVE to be held and especially these last couple of weeks you tend to get a little bit fussy if you are set down. We love holding you and usually you have an older brother or sister who'd like to hold you as well.

You do like your paci and we use it often to try and calm you down a little bit in the car - you are the 3rd one of my babies to hate the car and it makes going places with you a little nerve wracking. Sometimes we can time it so you will sleep, but if you aren't sleeping, you are most-likely screaming. We have switched things around in the car a little bit so sissy can try to help soothe you. We are on the go a lot and besides not liking the car, you do pretty well just going along!

You went and saw Dr. Barretto today and you weighed 13 pounds exactly. She said you look perfect - you're growing quickly and you are hitting the milestones you need to be hitting. You are growing out of all of your 0-3 month clothing and the 3 month sizes are starting to get a little snug as well. You are easily wearing your size 2 diapers. You aren't sleeping great at night, but you are very snuggly and love sleeping on your stomach, so we sometimes have you in bed with us and I am usually up checking on you through out the night. Sometimes you will go 4-5 hours on your back in the dock a tot, but for the most part, you are up every 3 hours or more. I know how quickly this time goes, so I just enjoy the sleepy snuggles while I can get them. Sometimes I fall asleep in the chair with you wrapped up in my arms.

You have several nicknames including: Mr. Spencer, Spencer Bear, Spanky (pops calls you that sometimes), and love bug. You will probably answer to the name Cody as you get older, too, because we all tend to call you that, too! You are loved so much by your brothers and sister and they get so excited to see you every single day. Whenever we are out near their friends I hear them telling their friends "come meet my baby brother" and you've been around lots of kids who are interested in you! It's so much fun to see how proud they are to have you.

You love bath time and if you're upset in the evenings, I usually just get you right into your infant tub for a soak. You also love ceiling fans, lights, and staring at everything around you. I carry you in the front pack a lot because being held is your favorite! You also like to be outside.

Oh, Spencer, I am just so in love with you. Your tiny hands and feet, your thick and spikey hair, and those smiles that make me melt inside. I am so grateful that you are ours. You are so loved and adored by us all!

I love you to the moon and back times infinity and watching you grow fills me with so much joy every single day.