Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nolan's Airplane/Travel Themed Nursery

I am definitely not an interior decorator, but my favorite projects in our house have been decorating our kid's nurseries (and Andie's big girl room - I will share that soon!).  For Nolan's nursery, I wanted to do something boy-ish and along the theme of airplanes.  I also didn't want it to look too baby-ish because I know most of the decor will stay with him for a long time.  My dad is a pilot of a small airplane and I grew up flying with him, so when I see airplanes, I can't help but think of him.

The furniture & shelving in the nursery is handed down from Andie's nursery with the exception of the crib, bookshelf, and curtains.  Her bookshelf was pretty girlie, and she still loves her crib and wasn't ready to transition into a toddler bed, so we decided to get another crib.  Please excuse some of my empty picture frames... we are still deciding on the pictures to go inside of them. :)

Dresser/Changing Table: Larkin Hi-lo Changing Table 
Rocking Chair & Ottoman: Wingback Convertible Rocker & Ottoman 
Side Table for nursery chair: Sleigh Side Table 

Window Coverings:
White Sheer Accent Curtain: Voile Pole Pocket Drape 

Bookcase Decor:
Decor is from Home Goods, Marshalls, and gifts from family & friends

Wall Shelves & Decor:
White Shelves: Crown Molding Ledge (these were a wedding gift to us!)
Vintage Airplane Framed Set  gift from my mom from Pottery Barn Kids
All of the decor on the shelves is from Home Goods, Marshalls, Michaels or gifts from family & friends.
The soft airplane rocker is from gilt.

Paint: Behr from Home Depot, color: Silver Sateen

We still have a few loose ends to tie up, but it will probably never be completely done :)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Postpartum thoughts as a mama of 2

I've sat down to write this post at least 8 times... each time, my attention diverted away after just a few minutes.  A hungry baby, a determined toddler climbing on something she shouldn't, a text message or phone call... it's amazing how much a second little person under your care comes in and changes your world.

Please don't judge me by the spit up on my shirt, my messy bun, or these pants I am wearing for the 3rd day in a row (they're so comfortable, thanks mom).  My house seems to be a mess, no matter how many times a day I re-organize the disney figurines and clean up baby dolls.  A porta crib has taken new residence in our family room to keep my curious little girl from smothering her baby brother when he is not in our arms (we're still working on "gentle").  My dining room table is stacking up with a list of 'thank you' cards to write and the seemingly endless list of things I need to do for my precious new addition's baby book.  Sweet Andie has watched more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse than I care to disclose in the last 10 days.  This beautiful baby boy still has his days and nights mixed up, so in the 4 hours we were awake last night, I was stressed about having the energy to make it through the day being the best mama I can possibly be.  There is guilt... lots of it... as I try to maintain the focus and love on my sweet toddler and not lose my patience when she acts out.

But, if you could see inside my heart - inside my spirit - you would see a consuming love blossoming as I digest this beautiful new life I am so blessed to live as a mother of two.  You would see my anxiety of time passing as I try to enjoy these precious moments with a newborn because I know too well how quickly this stage of his life will pass. You would see the genuine admiration I have for my husband as I have watched him gracefully embrace this new role of having a son.  You would see my postpartum weepies get the best of me when I cry after hearing Andie say "I love baby", "oh no, baby" and rock her dolls.  Most of all, you would see the gratitude I feel every single day.  I know I will look back on this time of my life, some of it probably being somewhat of a blur... and wish to have just one more day with my little babies.  I know there will be many times in the coming years where I will question my abilities as a mother, but I also know deep down I am meant to be their mom... this is more fulfilling than I ever imagined.  They have filled a very special part of my heart.

Many people have asked me how Andie is adjusting to being a big sister.  I am not sure she really quite understands what it means or how permanent it is.  She's had her good and bad moments since we brought him home from the hospital - but in the moments where she kisses his head and wants to love on him, I know in my heart that she is going to take this roll as a big sister and love it.  He has lots to look forward to, I am sure she will toughen him up in no time.

And, just as I did when I had my first baby... these life changes have made me realize just how lucky I am to have the family I do.  My parents are nothing short of amazing.  They have always gone above and beyond to support, encourage, love, and provide for my sisters and me.  When we were in the hospital having Nolan (and now in the weeks following), they were right next to us the entire way - caring for Andie, playing with Andie, singing with Andie, cuddling Andie, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, taking pictures, doing laundry, and most importantly, loving us... showing an interest and making sure we have everything we could possibly need, and more.  The day they left after we got home from the hospital, TL came inside and looked at me and said "your parents are life savers."  And it's true.  No amount of words could truly express the appreciation we have for them, I just hope to pass forward their love to our children and live life using their example as my guide.

Now I am off to breathe in more of that newborn scent, admire his miniature cleft chin that I know he got from me and be amazed by everything this bouncy 19 month old little girl is learning everyday.  I may have a cluttered house, a pile of laundry, and haven't run a brush through my hair in days... but I am so proud to be their mom.
{admiring my son, just a few minutes after his first breath}

My mom and dad (Gramz & Pops)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday cards are ordered

One of my favorite parts of the holidays are receiving people's cards in the mail.  I love seeing pictures of kids, good times, and love.  It's such a blessing to have special people in my life to send me theirs and I love receiving them.

I am a little late this year, but I finally ordered ours.  Thank goodness TinyPrints has a decent deal on expedited shipping.  They have so many cute cards to choose from... this is my second year in a row ordering from them and I always love what I get.  Here are a few of my favorites :)

{love the simple look... but think I want more pics ;)}
{these were our holiday cards from last year - I loved them!}

Can't wait to get mine soon and get them addressed and out!
Happy Holidays

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear Andie... You're 18 Months Old!

My bubbly, fearless, tough & beautiful baby girl...

You are 18 months old.  I am always blown away by time when I think of you - because in some ways I feel like I have had you in my life my whole life, and in other ways, I can't believe how much different my life is now with you in it.  I have heard the quote "having a child is like having your heart walk outside of your body", and it is absolutely true.  You, my beautiful little baby, are my heart.  When I look at your compact little body, my whole heart just fills with warmth and love... it's such an overwhelming feeling of joy.  Your smile (which is getting more teeth by the day), your laughs, screams, and now your ability to communicate with us using words is constantly amazing me.  You are feisty, determined, confident, and very social.

Everyday is a little different than the next with you... and this is a constant reminder to me that my time with my little girl is precious.  You're growing and changing at an impossible pace.  Sometimes I look back at pictures from just the last few months, and I can't believe how much you've changed.  Right now, you are working on getting most of your bottom teeth.  It looks like they've decided to all come at once, including some molars in the back.  You're a little irritable, which is understandable, but once we get a little tylenol on board and find something to help distract you, you are doing pretty well managing it.

Your love of your baby dolls is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.  You rock them, feed them 'babas', change their diaper, and push them around in the stroller.  It is so sweet how much you love them and spend time kissing them and carrying them around.  You also love your collection of Sandra Boynton books and if anyone sits on the floor in our living room, they can expect you to bring them one of your books to read to you.  Most of the time you only make it through a few pages of the book, but you love to look at the pictures and point out what you recognize.  You'll say "Ball" if you see a ball, or make the noises of whatever animal is pictured.  You know what a duck, cow, kitty, horse, owl, sheep, doggie, and pig all say.

You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and recently will bring me the remote control and point to the tv and say "Minnie" or "Pete" because you want me to turn it on.  Recently on a trip to Costco, you saw a giant Minnie Mouse doll across the aisle, and immediately ran up saying "I see Minnie!!"  After about 20 hugs and kisses as you were saying "Minnie", you had your daddy completely convinced that you had to have this 5 foot tall Minnie, so she came home with us.

Your favorite possession is your blankey from Gramz.  She had them made for you, and because you love them so much, she's gotten 3 of them.  They are your comfort and you love to snuggle, chew, and edge them.  You know these blankeys from any of your other ones and it's always tough for me to wash them because you don't like to be away from them for too long!  But I have to wash them often because they get stinky after a day or two because of how much you chew on them.

Being outside is one of your favorite things.  You'll stand by the door and say "outside" when you need some fresh air, and taking walks around the block in your car or radio flyer are always fun.  You also just love to walk on your own, and you have absolutely no fear of being far away from me and your daddy.  I tell people this, but they don't actually believe me until they go somewhere with us and see how you'll just run off from us to see or explore whatever your heart desires.  We spend a lot of time chasing you around, but I try to think of it as a good thing.  You have a lot of confidence, independence, and you're not afraid of much.  You also LOVE to climb on anything and everything.  We enrolled you in your first "tumble time" class this earlier this month because you needed something to help encourage and channel the climbing.  You seem to really enjoy it, and daddy and I think it's the cutest thing.  Ever.  You also love to be around other kids.  You seem to really enjoy being around your cousins and going to the gym and playing.  Anytime we see other kids, you are immediately attracted to them and want to play.

In the last 3 months, a lot has happened and you've done some traveling with us.  We went to Kauai, which you loved because you went down the water slide about 100 times.  People couldn't believe how well you did going down the slide, especially because you're so little.  You also loved being in the pool, running around on the grass chasing the geese, and connecting with other kids.  We also went to Scottsdale, and you loved playing in the water fountains, the zoo, and just running around exploring.  You also spent your first ever night away from me while daddy took me on a surprise overnight trip to Napa for our Anniversary.  You stayed with Gramz and Pops and had no problem with it.  I sure missed you, but I knew you were in good hands.

You take one nap a day for about 90 minutes, more or less.  You take 3 bottles a day still, both milk and almond milk.  You are a pretty good eater, except when your teeth are bugging you.  Right now, you like waffles, yogurt, the fruit and veggie puree packs, dino bites, quesadillas, and mac and cheese. You do pretty well eating veggies when we give them to you, and most whole fruits you will eat right away... especially bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes.  You weigh about 23 pounds and are about average for height and weight.

You are wearing 18 month clothing and size 4 or 5 shoes.  You aren't a huge fan of having clips or ties in your hair, but it's getting long, so I have to figure out how to distract you to get your hair out of your face.  You also know how to count to 3!  Bath time is a favorite for you as well, and sometimes you'll play in there for 30 or 40 minutes.  We love to watch you dance... you do it all the time - to music from commercials on tv, music on our phone, in the bath, anywhere!

One of my favorite things you've been doing lately is saying "I love you".  The way you say it is just the cutest thing I have ever heard.  You say quite a few things and do pretty well at repeating names we tell you.  Your daddy loves when you say "ohh noo", and when you snuggle us.  It's hard to remember everything you say, but to name a few: hello, bye bye, nigh night, waffle, shoes, Zeusy, juice, milk, baba, pooh pooh, potty, what's that?, I see...., baby, car, mama, dada, and all done.  You also say "eeeewwww" when you see the toilet or something gross.  It amazes me how much you understand what we are saying and hear us say something to each other, then respond or react.

You're very playful and scream and laugh when daddy plays with you, chasing you around the house and kicking the ball.  You love coming to me when you're tired, sad, snuggly or hurt.  You really recognize your family - you know who your cousins are, your aunties, and especially your Gramz and Pops.  It makes my heart swell when they come to see you and you get so excited.  Pops gets so many kisses and snuggles, and Gramz always knows how to calm you down and comfort you.  You say: juju, pop, joe - and you will point to all of the family in pictures when we show them to you and ask you where each person is.

I am overwhelmed by you, my sweet girl.  Each day brings its own challenges for me as a mom.  Sometimes you test my patience as you are acting like the toddler you are.  You aren't always a well-behaved angel, you're not a huge fan of riding in the shopping carts, you are very wiggly when we change your diaper, and you have a temper just like your daddy.  But, my goodness, my love for you is endless, and even at the end of a more challenging day, I feel so incredibly blessed that I get to be your mom.  You truly bring me so much joy, and I try to keep everything in perspective.  These days with you as my vibrant, bubbly toddler are numbered and much too short.

You are a beautiful and sweet child.  You love to give hugs and kisses, and sometimes I wish I could just keep you the age you are.  Andie, you can do anything your heart desires.  As you grow up, change, and develop into the person you are meant to be, I hope you know how much we believe in you.  As long as you are kind to others and always try your best, you are successful in our eyes.  We want the absolute best for you, and watching you grow each and every day is such a privilege.

These next couple of months are going to bring some huge changes to your life as we welcome your baby brother into our family.  I feel him wiggling around in my belly as I write this, and I am filled with excitement to see you as a big sister.  You are going to be extremely loving and I have no doubt that you will set a great example for him as you grow up together.  I know you are going to love him and I am truly humbled, and so grateful to be able to experience this life with our little family.

I love you.  You are so special to me, now and forever!


With daddy in the pool in Kauai.  You are quite the fishy!
 My love.
 You love Zeusy and he is so good to you.
 Your pre-nap routine... snuggling blankey.
You look so tall in this picture, such a big girl!
 It was so much fun taking you to the pumpkin patch this year!
Our little tinkerbell for halloween.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baby Lesh #2: 28 Weeks

With my first pregnancy, I documented everything on this little blog - and I haven't done that the second time around.  There are a few reasons for that, but mainly, I haven't been as focused on writing about my pregnancy as I have been on my little spunky 17 month old girl :)  This pregnancy has been just as special... the movements, seeing my tummy grow, and hearing his heart beat - I am constantly blown away by what a miracle it is to have this sweet boy inside of me. 
{ignore the stain on my shirt ;) #toddlermomproblems}

How i'm feeling: I have been feeling really well ever since getting out of that first 15/16 weeks of sickies.  I am in my absolute favorite part of pregnancy - have been for a couple weeks... feeling and seeing his big blunt movements and not the awkward I just look overweight, but the actual "looking pregnant" part :)

How far along: 28 weeks and 3 days

Size of the baby: estimated at 14.8 inches and 2.75 pounds.  We are having to do the big radiology ultrasounds every 3-4 weeks because of the complications I had in my first pregnancy, so we know he is a BIG boy - his head is measuring about 2 weeks big, and his body about 1 week big.  Yikes!  But big and healthy is what we want!

Total Weight Gain: about 12 pounds. 

Maternity Clothes:  I found a pair of jeans I love at H&M, and some great shirts at Target - along with everything I saved from my first pregnancy.  Other than leggings, I am wearing a mixture of my regular clothes and maternity clothes.  Whatever is comfortable!

Gender: a BOY!!  I am planning on revealing his name soon.

Movement: tons and tons of it.  He is very active.  Baby movement is one of my favorite feelings in the world.  Although, I think he thinks my ribs are a soccer ball {youch!}

Sleep: it's okay.

What I miss: sleeping on my tummy and wine. 

Cravings: orange juice and milk shakes (vanilla and coffee ice cream, please!)

Symptoms: I am not having any horrible symptoms except for some mild fatigue and the occasional case of "the blues".  I think the blues are coming from having to put one of our dogs (Maximus) to sleep about 2 weeks ago.  I am missing him terribly.

+also, I failed my one hour glucose test (check for gestational diabetes) on Tuesday.  I am super bummed about it, but I have the 3 hour test scheduled for next Monday.  I have tried very hard thus far in my pregnancy to eat well and exercise, but the nurse said a lot of times gestational diabetes is mostly connected with our hormones.  Here's hoping for a passed test next week - and if not, I will take whatever comes and do the best I can with it!

Best moments this week:
+seeing the little guy again at my appointment on Tuesday.  Also, knowing his heart beat is strong (no issues so far like what we had with Andie) and he has a good amount of fluid in there.  
+ getting a special present in the mail from my mom and dad... they got these adorable vintage airplane pictures off of pottery barn kids that I have been swooning over.  We are doing a 'travel & airplane' theme for his nursery... which I have done nothing to prepare (yikes!)
+ learning that he is head DOWN... phew!  Two weeks ago we had a big ultrasound and he was breech, so we were relieved to see that he decided to go head down by our appt a couple days ago.  Chances are, he won't be doing any big flips.

Looking forward to:
+ seeing his sweet face during our 3D ultrasound we have scheduled in 2 weeks.  Wonder who he is going to look like?!
+ getting started on his nursery and Andie's big girl room.  So much to do, so little time.  This mama needs to get her butt in gear!
+ getting this 3 hour glucose test over on Monday and hearing good results.  We want conditions to be as good as possible for this little man to have a healthy last trimester in the womb!
+ just the continuation of being pregnant for hopefully the next 10-12 weeks... I really enjoy it and feel so blessed to experience it.

I can't believe Halloween is next week - and then the Holidays... he is going to be here before we know it!