Thursday, March 28, 2019

Dear Nolan... You are FOUR!

My best buddy, you are now 4.

I honestly cannot believe how fast 4 years have come and gone. You are truly one of our biggest blessings. You have the sweetest little soul and you make us laugh every single day.

This was a big year for you because you started preschool. You did so well and the transition didn't seem to bother you at all. I think because you watched Andie go to school for 2 years at the same place, you seemed excited for your time to shine. You are the oldest kid in your class and you easily made some new friends. Your teachers say you are very social!

You are wearing 3T clothes still, slowly moving into the 4T size because you are a little on the thinner side. You are pretty tall and a lot of people say that you are built just like your daddy. You may be built like him and a lot of people say you look just like him, but I think of all of my babies, so far, you look the most like me. I love to dress you in skinny jeans and tighter shirts because you are just so dang adorable. Daddy still cuts your hair!

You are not the best eater, but you do very well at eating all of your fruit (and you eat several servings of it a day). Your favorite food is chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We are trying very hard to introduce you to more foods and slowly, you are making progress. You also do well with yogurts, waffles, some mac and cheese, and a few veggies. You love any type of treat, especially muffins or cupcakes. You are definitely a little picky, but I know it's all part of who you are and we do our best to keep you healthy but also happy!

You really love your family. You love being home and in your pajamas all day if we let you. You and your sissy play so well together, you have quite the imaginations and are capable of making massive messes. I typically don't mind the messes because you both play so well and enjoy all of your toys. You also love to be outside and shortly after turning 4 years old, you learned how to ride a two wheel bike with out training wheels. We knew you were ready for quite a while, but you had to do it on your own terms. You are also really enjoying doing artwork and have gotten pretty good at painting and coloring. You also learned how to write your name in preschool and shortly after turning 4, you learned all of your letters.

You are a very sensitive guy. You get hurt feelings very easily and you don't like it when we raise our voices even just a little bit. You have one of the sweetest little souls, you are very good at sharing with your sister and brother and you are always the first to offer if one of us needs something. On Christmas, sissy didn't get a pez dispenser like you did, so you gave her half of yours. That describes you in a nutshell, you want the people in your life to be happy and you will do whatever you can to help make that happen. You are a little bit of a mama's boy, and I absolutely love it. You are extremely cuddly and you are my guaranteed snuggle if I need one. You also give the best hugs. You have a sense for when we need them and you tell us you love us multiple times through out the day. I love hearing you say "I love you, mama" from the back seat. You say it often and I don't take one single word of it for granted. You are affectionate, loving, and very sweet.

You love to go to sleep with a toy, usually a tractor, book, or your tools. Those are still some of your favorite toys and recently you have also taken a liking to dinosaurs. You also tell us at night "I love you to the moon" and you always demand a kiss and hug, which you will always get from us!

On the flip side of all of your sweetness is a little temper that comes out only when you are very mad (which isn't very often). You carry quite the punch in your tiny body and you will slam the door or take a swing at us if you are very mad. We are working on talking through your feelings and understanding why you get upset. You always say sorry when you need to and usually after a few minutes of cooling down, we get some love and move on.

This year we took lots of vacations - we went to Maui, our first ever Disney Cruise, and Sunriver. We also took some smaller trips to Disneyland (which you were very excited to be able to ride more of the rides) and to Tahoe to celebrate your Birthday and Christmas with daddy's side of the family.

Family is definitely something you treasure. You love being with all of us including your aunts and uncles and grandparents. When you see us happy, I have noticed that you are happy, too. You are truly adored, Nolan.

You are a unique kid. You have so much to offer the world and I hope you always remember that. You are growing and changing so quickly and I stare at you a lot in disbelief at what a wonderful little boy you are becoming. Watching you grow up is truly among my life's biggest blessings and I don't take one single day for granted. You make me so proud, Nolan.

I love you to the moon and back times infinity. Forever and ever!


Monday, February 11, 2019

Dear Cody... You're 15 months old

My sweet baby...
We can't believe you are 15 months old. You are absolutely at one of the cutest ages ever - walking around everywhere, not quite completely stable, so you keep your arms up at your sides. When we let you walk around out and about, people can't resist how darling you are. Today when you saw a van driving away while picking up Andie at Kindergarten, you started waving at it and everyone around was just gushing over you.
You are so happy, content, and easy to please. You roll with it, do well in your carseat and your stroller. You love being able to see your sister and brother in the back seat while we drive. You talk and yell at them. Your favorite word is "Dada" and you call everyone that - even me. You do occasionally call me mama and you also say baba. The cutest thing you have been doing for the last couple of weeks is talking to "Alexa". You say "Ah-Ah" - and you look at the device to see if it will listen to what you have to tell it. You also smile every time we give Alexa a command to do something like turn on a light and she does it.
You have a mouth full of teeth now, including a few molars. You are still missing a few on the sides, but it's been a crazy few teeth-filled months for you. You've mostly taken it like a champ with very little complaining, but I could tell for a few weeks that you were in pain.
When it's time for bed - it's adorable because we will pick you up and say that it's time for bed. You will turn around and wave to everyone "nigh nigh". You also are so cute when you blow kisses - which you have been doing more recently. You also give the most precious big open-mouth kisses. You smile all the time - any time someone you know says hi or smiles at you, you give it right back. You aren't a fan of diaper changes. You are a pretty good eater, you especially love all fruits, chicken, cheese, pasta, waffles, peanut butter & jelly and your milk. You love to drive your daddy crazy by throwing food on the floor when you're finished, so we have to watch you closely or you will make a big mess.
The last 3 months have been really busy! We celebrated your first birthday and then it was a whirlwind of the holidays. We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with your great grandma, gramz & pops, nana, uncle Joe, uncle Dave & Sam, and our little family. You loved having everyone around, especially your Pops. He is your BFF and you are crazy about him still. You won't go to anyone else but him when he is around and you love to snuggle with him. Immediately after Thanksgiving, we went to Disneyland to experience it at Christmas time with Nana & Carolene and Gramz & Pops and you were so good. It was such a treat to have them all with us because you got to enjoy it all and have nice quality naps with Pops back in the hotel room.
We celebrated the season at home in December and you loved the Christmas tree. It was absolutely adorable to see you point at it every single day - you loved it when it was lit up and surprisingly, you didn't try to knock it down or mess with it much. You also had a little tree in your room, which you seemed to enjoy looking at. Your second Christmas was all about a new little chair, legos, and some fun new trucks and tractors for you. You mostly just loved to torment your older siblings by trying to play with all of their new toys. You spent Christmas day with us at home with our little family and gramz & Pops and then on the 29th, we made our way up to Northstar to celebrate Christmas with more family. You did so great going with the flow and really started walking around more while we were there.
You started sleeping through the night at about 13 and a half months old and that was exciting after months of multiple wake up calls for mama. We ended our breastfeeding journey at about your 13th month and although it wasn't easy, you did a great job transitioning to the bottle. Now, you love your milk.
January was another month of big growth. You were walking around more, but you really just found your walking groove in the last two weeks and started walking all the time just recently. You love to play with your siblings and will spend an hour or more with them playing with toys. They do a pretty good job at keeping an eye on you and letting me know if you're sticking something in your mouth. They love you so much and you really love them too, it's so special to see all of your relationships blossom. I am so happy to have our family and I hope you know you are never alone. You really love all toys, anything with wheels especially. You love to be outside and really you just love to be with your people.
You are such an amazing little baby boy. I absolutely wish I could keep you this little forever, you are such a joy. You have such a good little spirit, a wonderful sense of humor (you're already funny and love to joke with us), and you have filled a void in our family. You mean the world to all of us, and I am so thankful every single day. I look forward to getting you out of bed in the morning and it fills me with warmth when you stick your little arms up in the air for me to pick you up. You also love riding around on my back in the pack and I love any extra time I get to have you attached to me.
Cody, we are crazy about you and so proud of you. Daddy and I say all the time how lucky we are to have you and what a wonderful little human you are. I love getting to spend my days with you - you are so special to me. I hope you never doubt how much you are loved - to the ends of the earth and back!
Love, Mama

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dear Cody... You're ONE!


Baby Cody-Bear, one in a flash. Your eyes, your smile, your lucious lips, your happy giggle. You are such a wonderful baby. We could not love you more!

I can't believe it's been 365 days since I met you for the first time. I was completely blown away by you in every way and so happy to hold you for the first time. You filled my heart in places I didn't know existed and have brought so much joy to our lives since that day.

So many times a day I look at you and wish so badly that I could freeze time. You are the cutest little baby. You are easy going, content, and you go with the flow so well. A few times, especially in recent days, you and I have locked eyes and you will actually sit still and stare into mine for several seconds. It's like I am learning about your little soul. I can feel your love.

You are still nursing like a little champ, I am not sure we will be stopping any time soon. It's our special time together. You are also a great little eater and love feeding yourself. You do eat the pureed packs of fruit and veggies, but you also love to eat cut up bananas, strawberries, oranges, apples, pears, and anything we are eating. So far, you aren't too picky, and I am taking advantage of expanding your little palette!

You are not the best sleeper, which is hard sometimes, but I do enjoy getting snuggles in the middle of the night. On a typical night, you are up at least twice. Occasionally, you have been in spurts where you will sleep for 7 or 8 hours straight... but we usually end up at the 3 hour blocks. I know eventually you will sleep through the night, so I am not worried. For now, I am just letting you be my baby.

You still only have 4 big teeth, but I can see some other ones trying to pop through. I am sure it's not comfortable, but you still don't complain much. You are getting really fast at crawling and are extremely active. Your new trick is climbing and opening all of the cabinets in the house. You can stand on your own for long stretches, but you don't seem super interested in walking just yet.

You are wearing 12-18 month clothes now and size 4 diapers. You are doing better at wearing pants, but I still mostly put you in one piece outfits because it tends to bother your tummy to have something tight around it. You look so cute with your little moccasins on and I am trying to put them on you as much as possible when we are out and about so I can get you used to wearing shoes.

You really love watching your brother and sister play and are now in the mix with them. You love toys with wheels (you love to spin the wheels) and cars, tractors, balls, and all of the play kitchen food. You are so cute when you go over to the cabinets in the playroom and help yourself to the toys. I love watching you play, I can tell you are thinking about what you're playing with and exploring everything. You are a sponge.

You still raise your arms up in the air when we ask you how big you are and respond with "soo big!". You are saying mama and dada, and several other sounds as well. You have the most ridiculously adorable laugh. It's big and loud and nobody can hold it together when you laugh. It's the cutest thing ever!

I can't believe what a happy baby you are. You are so content, even when we are constantly on the go picking up your older two siblings for practice and school. You ride in the car well, sit in the stroller, and will play on the blanket with snacks. You are getting more interested in exploring, so the end of soccer practice was a little tricky, but you did great.

You have the most beautiful blue eyes. You have scrumptious chubby cheeks and darling blonde hair. Daddy gave you your first hair cut this month and you did well with it. It made you look older, I knew that was going to happen.

This month we celebrated your first halloween. You were baby jack jack (and the cutest one at that!). We celebrated at Auntie Juju and Uncle Matt's house with your cousins, Sadie and Stella. You were a trooper out trick or treating in your little car. I am so excited for the holidays with you this year. They won't be your first - but you are going to love seeing all of the lights.

Cody, you bring an immense about of JOY to our lives. And LOVE. So much love. I wake up every single morning excited to see your face, and hold your little body, and smell your little neck. Your daddy and I are already so proud of you and we feel so blessed to have you every single day.

I hope not a day of your life goes by where you don't feel my love. You are a light of my life and absolutely, hands down, one of my greatest adventures. I love you so much. Forever and ever!

Your mama

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dear Cody... You're 11 Months Old!

Oh, baby!

ONE month away from ONE! How did this happen so fast. You sweet little boy, I look at you about 100 times a day and am still in awe of you. Your darling little chubby cheeks, your thick blonde hair, and most recently, your scrunchy face little smile. You love to smile like that and it is the cutest thing - sometimes you will also blow in and out of your nose loudly while you do it, which always makes us laugh!

You took your first trip to Disneyland this month and you were such a trooper for the car ride and you loved strolling around the park taking everything in. The characters didn't bother you at all and you enjoyed seeing everything on the rides. You were so great about taking a nap both days in the stroller and you picked out your very first Disney stuffed animal, Sully (we gave you a couple to choose from and you kept reaching for him). It was so special to bring you there for the first time and you were such a good little baby!

This month you have really started coming out of your shell more and letting us know what you want and need at all times! You will scream and yell to get our attention. You love to wave "hello" & "goodbye" and you are very responsive to "how big is Cody? SO big!" (You throw your little arms up into the air). It makes me melt every single time you do that. You are babbling a lot and still mostly just saying "mama" and "dada", although you have also said a few other babbles like "nana" and "baba", although we aren't quite sure what you are referring to with those ones. You also make a lot of smacking noises with your lips and tongue.

You really love to take baths and sometimes you will scream when we take you out. You love getting in with your brother and sister because they hand you all sorts of toys to play with. You love being tossed into the air by daddy and dancing around with mama. You really love to be held and we hold you a lot (not complaining one bit!).

This month, we left you with Gramz and Pops while we headed away for an anniversary trip and you had a wonderful time with them. You are very attached to them and get so excited every time you see them.

You have a few nicknames, mostly Cody-Bear, but I also call you buggy, Cody Shark, buddy, and baby. Nolan and Andie are always in your face and giving you kisses (you give the sweetest open mouth kisses) and they mostly call you Cody-bear. Recently, when I started telling you "I love you" you will lean in and give me a kiss. It's so incredibly sweet.

You love toys and trinkets and you are obsessed with the remote control. We tried to give you a fake one to play with, but you knew. You only like the ones that actually work the television. You also love books, our phones and watches, and anything your siblings are playing with. You are a speed crawler and will roam around the house wherever we go. You are standing for short periods of time, but you still definitely prefer to crawl. Sometimes you will do a goofy little crawl and stick out one leg at a time when your knees get sore.

You are getting longer and bigger everyday. You are wearing 6-12 month and 12 month clothes. You are in a size 4 diaper. You love eating and are not super picky! You are still on a mission to only feed yourself and you are getting pretty good at eating pureed foods when they are in a pack. You also love to eat bananas, waffles, pancakes, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and really anything else the rest of us are eating. I try to feed you new foods to try every day and you do pretty well! You are still exclusively breastfeeding and I feed you on demand. I love nursing you, it's such a special time and I am so proud of our little journey together. I don't think I will be ready to stop at one year, but we will see what you want.

You aren't the best sleeper, but I know we will get there eventually. You are still working on getting several more teeth and you haven't been very comfortable. You are usually up about 2 times per night, although sometimes you're only up once, and other times you are up 4 or more times. You nap well, although we do have to wake you up sometimes when we are on the go for your brother and sister. You do a great job at going with the flow!

One of my favorite things from this month is that scrunchy face smile. You do it on purpose because you know it makes us laugh and we do it back to you. You are such a cute baby and you do so well being dragged around every where. Everyone comments on your light hair, chubby cheeks, and sweet little smile. You only smile when you mean it, but you sure are a happy and mellow kid. Cody, we are so crazy about you. I know you hear it every day, but I hope one day when you read this letter, you can see just how much we have always loved you. I am so proud to be your mommy. You make us so happy and we can't believe how fast this 11 months has gone. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our family!

We love you to the moon and back, Cody Bear!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dear Cody... You're 10 Months Old


Just like that - you're ten months old.

You've been on the go now for more than a month and every day you've gotten faster and you are officially anywhere you want to be. You cruise along the coffee table and couches. You are also able to stand up on your own for little stretches of time.

You love following your siblings around and playing with toys. You aren't a huge fan of crawling on the harder surfaces, so you will take small breaks by sitting on your buns or stick a leg out and do a half crawl, half walk position.

You love food and have discovered many new things you love in the last month. You will eat the occasional pureed foods, but you especially love everything you can feed yourself. We give you pretty much anything we eat and you haven't really disliked anything yet. You especially love bananas, sweet potatoes, bread, chicken, quesadillas, etc. You are still a big milk lover, too, and I feed you on demand anytime you'd like. Breastfeeding is a special time for you and me.

You started a much better sleeping habit this month and for the first time went in 8-9 hour stretches for a couple weeks. In the last week, you started getting some more teeth, so you're up anywhere from 1-3 times per night for some comfort and milk. I don't mind much because I know this time is going to pass too quickly.

You sleep great in your crib at night and during the day when you can nap. You are woken up often from your naps because of your big sister and brother's schedules, but you are such a trooper. You go with the flow, are usually always happy, and you are extremely chill. You do so great just hanging out in your little fold up high chair or just playing with toys on a blanket while we are at soccer. Everyone always comments that you are the sweetest little guy - and it's because you are. You have a happy spirit. You also love to laugh and making you laugh is extremely easy. A funny face or tickle will always do the trick!

One of my favorite moments this month was when Nolan was playing with a stand up toy right next to you. He leaned over and gave you a kiss, and you turned toward him and gave him a kiss back. He was so excited for your kiss, and it was all on your own terms. I melted inside. You really love your siblings and they adore you. It's fun to see you all interacting more and more.

You are wearing 12 month clothes and you still strongly dislike anything tight around your waist (pants or shorts). This has been all your life, so I am preparing for the cooler weather by getting some stylish one pieces (Gramz also has you covered with this). You are a size 3 diaper still, but we just started our last box and you'll go to size 4 soon. You are growing fast and will need your first hair cut soon. Everyone always comments on your darling chubby cheeks and beautiful blonde hair. And those big blue eyes - all I have to do is close my eyes and I can see them looking into mine.

You make lots of eye contact with us and babble quite a bit. You say mama and dada and seem to know who we are now. You love toys and you especially love the tv remotes. Anything you can get your hands on you will play with and stick in your mouth. You love to take toys with wheels on them and spin the wheels with your fingers. You don't mind riding in the car or stroller and love being outside anytime to get fresh air. You definitely recognize your family and you get so excited to see me, your daddy, Pops and Gramz. You have a special relationship with all of us.

You absolutely LOVE bath time and splash and play in the water like crazy. Sometimes I will just let you sit in there for 30 or 40 minutes and you go nuts. You are starting to catch on to "How Big Is Cody?? So Big!" and will stick your little hands in the air. You like sitting in your little high chair on the counter while we make and prepare food. You put absolutely everything into your mouth, so we have to be careful.

You get so excited when we come to pick you up and you will flap your arms and make lots of noise. You get really excited to nurse and while I am getting ready, you will laugh hysterically because you know it's coming. You are drooling a ton with all those teeth coming in. You love when we sing songs and dance with you.

You love to be held and snuggled still, and we do it as often as possible because lately you're starting to recognize your independence and like exploring. You make us laugh and smile every single day. You have the most amazing smile and sweetest little soul. You make me want 100 more babies just like you. You are such a good baby, and we say it all the time.

Cody, you are truly a wonderful little baby. I love you so much and you really fill my heart with so much warmth. Goodness gracious, we are so crazy about you and everything about you. It's truly impossible for you to fully understand just how much you mean to all of us. You're amazing, baby.

I am really enjoying our time with you in these last few months before becoming a toddler. We love you forever and ever times infinity.