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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Honeymoon: London, England

The beautiful city of
was the perfect place for the last stop on our honeymoon.
I loved London... we were so excited to get there and fortunate enough to stay 4 nights.
The streets, buses, bridges... it was just how I imagined it. Stunning.
We ate lots of yummy pub food, drank lots of great beverages, and even did a little shopping :)
We definitely want to go back!  
We rode the tube from the airport to the hotel... the tube was awesome, and I was so proud of us for doing that with all of our luggage!
The Strand Palace Hotel... a great central place for us to stay!
We did the scenic bus tour to learn our way around the town... learned a lot about the city, too!
In front of the Tower Bridge!
The giant lions...
And our starbucks cups! :)
Harrods... the biggest mall I have ever seen in my life!
We got to tour the inside of Buckinham Palace because the queen was on holiday in Scotland!
The back of the palace - they wouldn't let us take pictures inside.
In front of the Tower of London.
The last night there, we decided to ride the London Eye...
It was a fabulous way to see all of the city... we went up right as the sun was going down.
It was stunning!  I think it's one of the biggest ferris wheels in the world!
My favorite picture - from the London Eye - it looks fake.

We love, love, love London... it's a beautiful and fun place.

I want to do our honeymoon all over again - it was one of the most memorable months of my life.  We had such a fabulous time - something I will never forget!
I love Europe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honeymoon: Lucern, Switzerland

was the second to last stop on our honeymoon!
Coming from Interlaken, we had about a 3 hour train ride over to Lucern.  It was a stunning train ride with beautiful views of the mountain sides and lakes.  When we got to Lucern, we were so excited because the first thing we saw was a Starbucks!!  We ran to our hotel, then ran right back out... only to be disappointed that those tasty, tall coffees would set us back about $8.  Can you believe that!? :)  Everything was quite expensive in Lucern... but it was a beautiful city - worth it!  There are beautiful bridges, lots of shopping, and unique buildings.
This was the view from our train seats.
We gave in... but only once!
Our hotel is the pointy building.  It was called the Waldstaetterhof.
This was my favorite bridge... so beautiful.  Made completely of wood.  We walked across this quite a few times.
This is us on the stairs of that bridge.
Our favorite pub... we ate here two nights in a row and watched a European futbol game with the locals!  The beer was cheaper than the soda ;)
This is outside of Mr. Pickwick's pub.
The sleeping lion is a monument that is completely carved of stone.  It is old, big, and beautiful.
Our last morning there, we went for a long walk all over the town.  We hiked up to the top of this castle and enjoyed all of the beautiful views of the city.
Beautiful... right!?

Lucern was a beautiful stop.  Switzerland is one of my favorite countries!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Honeymoon: Interlaken, Switzerland

My favorite part of the whole trip was the 4 days we spent in Interlaken!
It is absolutely breathtaking there... huge mountains, sparkly blue lakes... the entire place looks like a postcard!
Although Switzerland is pretty expensive, we found our own ways to eat good food and explore.  Because it wasn't the peak travel season, a lot of deals were happening.
The hotel we stayed in... gorgeous views!
TL standing right in front of our hotel... that grass area behind him are where all of the parachuters land!
One of the days there, we rented this tandem bike.  We rode everywhere on it.  People would laugh as they watched us because I figured out that if I didn't pedal, he didn't notice.  So I pretty much just rode :)
We rode our bikes a few miles and came to a high ropes/ zip line place.  It was something I had to do... so we did it.
It was all explained to us in German, which we have no experience with, so they handed us the stuff, and we pretty much just hung on tight!  TL is a hundred feet up here!
It was actually pretty challenging... but SO fun! :)
Another day we rented this awesome dune buggie!!!  If you ever go there, this is a must.  It was so fun to drive, and with the pretty weather - we were able to cruise all over the place!
On a hike
Pictures from the hike... gorgeous, right!?
Instead of eating out... we went to the grocery store and purchased stuff for a picnic.  Then we drove our dune buggie around one of the lakes to find the perfect spot.
And we found one.  Just the two of us and the beautiful view.
A little side view of the buggie!
The cows were so funny... TL pulled over in the dune buggie so I could get this shot.  They all had giant bells around their neck!
Looks just like a postcard outside our buggie!

I absolutely LOVED Interlaken... it was so adventurous and fun.
If given the opportunity, this place is a must for any traveler! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Honeymoon: Venice, Italy

Beautiful Venice
was our first stop after the cruise!
We flew to Venice from Barcelona, then got onto a water taxi!  (how cool is that!?)  Our "taxi", or boat driver, took us on the 50 minute journey through the water to our hotel.  He spoke wonderful english so we learned a lot from him about the city.  It was so incredible there - definitely one of the most unique places I have ever been!  The first day we were there, we walked around and got completely lost!  We ate yummy food and had no idea where we were.  The good thing about getting lost was that we explored a lot of the city and eventually found our way back :)
In the back of the water taxi!
The crazy canal drivers... we didn't do one, but they were fun to watch.
Beautiful San Marcos Square!
The famous Rialto Bridge
Together in beautiful San Marco Square
Walking along the pretty water front!

Venice was stunning and very unique.  We really enjoyed the few nights we spent here!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Honeymoon: Marseilles, France

Marseilles was our next stop on our honeymoon cruise!
(it's been a while since my last post, so if you need a reminder click here)

I really liked this stop - it was laid back, but fun for us to just walk around the shops and view the sights.
TL drinks a lot of water, so we were able to see the bathrooms pretty much everywhere we went.  This was his favorite one. :)
In front of the pretty farmers market flowers.  My mom loves flowers - so I took this for her.
We thought this was cool!
The really big bay that had thousands of boats!
I thought this building was cool.

This was the only place we got a little bit rained on... we had pretty good luck overall with the weather.  It was also our last stop on the cruise.  Man, I miss these days!  I want to go back :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Honeymoon: Villefranche, France

Villefranche, France
was the next stop on our cruise through the Mediterranean!
It was so beautiful, and one of my favorite stops off of the ship.
We took a short bus ride into Monaco - but for the most part we just walked around the restaurants and shops along this beautiful "Sea Town" in the French Riviera!
We took a long walk around and enjoyed the amazing views!


Our ship!  It looks so small in this picture!

I loved the adorable streets and shops.

On the boat ride back to the ship from shore :)

If you ever get a chance to take a cruise through the Mediterranean, definitely get off at this stop.  It was relaxing and so much fun to explore!