I've always been a goal setter.  I've had my list of long and short term goals since I was a freshman in High School.
Over the years, some of the goals have changed... but this is my new set!

30 things I would like to do/accomplish before I am 30...
{subject to change}

1. Run a full marathon

2. Make a significant difference to someone in need {I plan on doing this more than once}

3. Host Thanksgiving dinner at my house

4. Zipline {Kauai}

5. Visit Washington DC

6. Watch all 6 seasons of Sex & The City (again)

7. Write a book

8. Have a baby {Andie Jean}

9. Go on a 10 mile hike

10. Make a scrapbook of our second trip to Europe

11. Leave a $100 tip to a deserving person

12. Hand write 30 cards to 30 people I care about

13. Take my parents to Hawaii

14. Visit Vancouver, British Columbia

15. Visit Portland, Oregon

16. Earn $500 and donate it to an organization I am passionate about

17. Order wedding pictures to display in our house

18. Try 10 new recipes

19. Finish reading 10 books

20. Pick up the tab for a person behind me in a drive thru line

21. Go camping with TL

22. Rent a limo and go wine tasting with friends {2012 Birthday}

23. Visit the US Virgin Islands

24. Take a family trip to Disneyland

25. Make a nice dinner for TL and eat it at our dining room table

26. Go horseback riding

27. Decorate a nursery in our home {Andie's Nursery Reveal}

28. Complete another half marathon

29. Go on a picnic somewhere beautiful {Interlaken, Switzerland}

30. Go to the top of Coit Tower in San Francisco