Monday, September 19, 2022

Dear Cody... You are 4!

 Cody Bear...

I can't believe you're 4 - and now you're almost 5. You are an absolute joy. You are one of the happiest little boys I have ever seen, and the world notices. 

In the last year, you wrapped up preschool and graduated with all your buddies. You were adored by your teachers. They tell us that at school you are an independent worker but always love to play with others. You aren't one to follow a crowd, but you're always excited to share. 

You have a contagious laugh. It's more of a giggle, and when you're laughing really hard... it is absolutely contagious to everyone around you. 

You learned how to swim much stronger this summer (2022) and since you figured it out, you have been a fish. You love to be outside, play with your siblings - you call Spencer "Fencer" and the name has stuck, and you love Sonic The Headhodge and Spiderman. 

You started TK with Mrs. Peterson in August and you have been thriving. It is so much fun to see all you're learning, but mostly I love seeing the joy and excitement you have for going to school and being at school. When daddy and I go to your pick up and drop off, other parent's talk about how their kid's talk about you. You are friends with everyone and you truly bring joy to any room. 

You are playing soccer again this year for the second year with the Super Shooters. You aren't super into it, and you tell us your favorite part is the snacks. It's pretty funny to watch you run around. You seem to have an interest in T Ball and golf, so we will be signing you up for those in the coming months. 

You haven't had an official doctor's appointment in years because of Covid, but you are going to be going soon for your 5 year well check. You wear size 4 and 5T in almost everything. You are a pretty good eater and you ask for an apple everyday for your snack at school. 

We have done lots of traveling over the last year and a half. We took a huge trip to Hawaii with lots of friends and you had a blast. All of the kids were older than you and it was so much fun to watch you interact with them. You loved swimming in the pools, going down the slides, playing in the sand at the beach, and running around on the grass with all of the kids. You were in your element. 

This last summer we took a trip with Gramz & Pops and family to Legoland and San Diego. You loved getting to spend so much time with your cousins. Legoland was fun with the water park and roller coasters... and we loved getting to explore the zoo! 

We have had made so many memories through the holidays over the last year. Anytime you are with family, you are content. You were so much fun on Christmas, so excited about Santa and Stinky & Sweetie. 

More than anything, Cody, you are just a very special boy. Your dad and I talk about you daily and what an amazing kid you are. You radiate happiness and bring so much joy to those in who get to spend time with you. You are a kind hearted, loving person and we are truly so proud to be your parents. We love you so much and our family would just not be our family with out you. 

I love getting to spend my days with you, Cody. I love getting to witness you grow and change. I love feeling your happiness, I love getting to snuggle you and kiss you goodnight every day. 

We love you to the moon and back forever and ever, Cody!



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