Friday, July 23, 2021

Dear Spencer... you're TWO!


Wowza, we cannot believe our baby is 2. You have grown and changed so much over the last 3 months. You are talking more, singing, running everywhere, and you absolutely love the water. We celebrated your 2nd Birthday with some close family and a few friends - you swam in the pool and opened your presents. Pops decked out a brand new tractor just for you, equipped with added on headlights. Daddy and I found you some new trucks and a ride on garbage truck. 

You went to the doctor this week and she said you are growing and progressing perfectly. You aren't a huge kid, but you are right on track and healthy. You were in the 35% for height and the 25% for weight. You were not a fan of having to go to the doctor, but I was relieved to hear you looked great. 

You are a great eater still. You love all fruit, waffles, peanut butter and jelly, chicken, quesadillas, crackers, and pretty much anything we feed you. You eat well and love to throw everything on the floor when you're done. You especially love to make eye contact with daddy and throw it right in front of him! 

You are always running... you rarely walk, and you are very fast! When you see something you want, it's very hard to catch you. You are an expert climber and you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go. We have had to put a gate on your door to lock you in there if we have to take our eyes off of you because you will be in to any cabinet or drawer and clean it out if we have our eyes off of you. You also love to mess with everything in the kitchen, although you have started to mellow out quite a bit. 

You love the water and you are a fish. You know how to work the bath tub and you will go into the bathroom fully clothed, plug the drain, and start the bathwater. You also love to run and jump in the pool, you think you're a big kid and you dunk your face right in and swim all over the place. 

You are loud and you will let us all know what you want or need. Your siblings are at your service and you can get them to do pretty much anything you want. You have the cutest relationship with all of them, and it is neat to see how different it is with each one of them. You and Cody are playing more and more together, Nolan loves to play with you and take care of you, and Andie loves to play mama with you. She will carry you around, kiss you, and get you out of bed in the morning. They all fight over who gets to go get you when you're up from your nap. You're pretty popular around our house!

You are still napping daily from about 1:30 - 3:30 or 4. Those naps are starting to fade a bit, though, and sometimes you will skip them. Your bed time has also gotten a bit on the days you nap... you are definitely getting older. You sleep through the night pretty well most nights and I am grateful for that! You love to rock and have snuggle time before bed every night and lately you have been singing to me. You love Blippi and a few of the songs - one about tractors, another about garbage trucks, and of course one about excavators. You have the sweetest little voice and I love hearing you sing the songs. I finally got it on video the other night and I have watched it several times. 

You love to wave and say "bye". You can say about 40-50 words and you will put them together. Not everyone can understand you, but we are all getting better at knowing what you're trying to communicate to us with words. You also love to say "P-U" when you go poops and you will say "ewwww", which is so cute. You are wearing mostly 2T clothes, size 5 diapers, and size 7/8 shoes. You love to act like a dog and you will lick us to give us kisses. You are also quite the drooler and your shirts are usually always soaked! We plan to ditch the Paci here in the next few weeks and I know that will be a tough transition for you. 

The last few months have been really busy with all of your siblings home for summer. We went to Disneyland for the first time since the pandemic began in the middle of June and you had so much fun. You loved the rides, hanging out with your Pops (he took you back to the hotel for nap time), and running all over the place. It was fun to see the magic through your eyes. It was amazing to see you take it all in and chasing after you was very entertaining. 

The second year of your life was different than any other year of our lives because of the pandemic, but the best part of it was all of the time our family got to spend together in our home. We spent so much quality time with close family and friends. Your siblings got to watch you grow and change daily and we found so much joy in being together as a family. You are truly a special little boy, Spencer. I love watching you develop into the little toddler that you are. You are a love. 

Tonight as I held you before bed, I looked into your beautiful little round blue eyes and told you I loved you and snuggled your tiny little body tightly. I love holding you, Spencer. I hope you always know how deeply you are loved and adored. Happy TWO, baby boy. 



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