Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sibling Bonds

{popsicles in January... why not?}

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up the garage, I saw Cody fell on his scooter in our side yard. I waited a second to react to see if he was really hurt, and he started to cry. As I was about to start walking over to him to make sure he was okay, Andie zoomed by me on her hoverboard in his direction. Nolan was coming from a different direction and both of them were asking "are you okay, Cody?". As Andie approached him, she bent down (still on her hoverboard) and said "where does it hurt, let me kiss it." Nolan told him "it's okay, buddy." 

I stood and watched them and felt so much joy. They fight, they bicker, they say mean things to each other... but they really love and care for each other. I want so badly to foster a loving friendship between these kids. They are very lucky to have one another. I am not sure how to help build a foundation of love between them, but whenever I see an opportunity to let them be there for each other, I follow through with it. 

I never went to check on Cody, I knew he was okay. The 3 of them started riding their scooters together. I called Andie and Nolan both out for what they did. I told them how proud I was of them for looking out for Cody and making sure he was okay. When I put them to bed last night, I told them again how great I thought it was that they did that for him. 

I know this seems so little and insignificant - their love is given so freely - but it meant something to me. It's important for me to recognize these moments and focus on them. They happen every day - but some stick out to me more than others. One of my biggest desires is that these guys grow up tied to each other. As their mama, I can't force it, but I can encourage it starting at their young ages.

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