Sunday, January 17, 2021

Dear Spencer... You're 18 months old!

 Our Spencie-Spence,

18 months old. Our little love, our little stinker! You are growing and thriving like crazy these days. It seems like every day you are doing something new. You absolutely love being free to run around the house, yet you love to open every drawer and make messes wherever possible. You always know exactly where to run and how to get into the places that you aren't supposed to go. Your daddy and I are convinced you're a smart cookie, and you love to be mischievous. You have emptied almost every drawer in your reach in the kitchen and you know right where to run to be naughty! 

You are also such an amazing and sweet little boy. You are snuggly and love to be held. You love the attention you get from your siblings and the 4 of you are building an amazing bond. Andie has learned how to carry your comfortably, take you in and out of the car and your high chair, and loves to help soothe you if you are sad. You are starting to trust her more, and I love seeing the relationship grow. Nolan is always so proud to help with you, too. He loves to go into your room and spend time with you in the evenings before bed. He looks out for you when we go to the park. You and Cody are also starting to play and interact more. You two are trouble, so we can't leave you alone for too long!

This Christmas was so special with you. You don't fully grasp the magic, but we loved watching you rip open wrapping paper. You really loved the Christmas Trees, especially the one in your bedroom. Santa brought you a new red ride on toy and some other books and toys. We spent the holidays with family and made some incredible memories together. In the chaos of the year, these memories of you and your cousins will always be a highlight. 

You are still a wonderful eater. You sometimes eat more than your siblings combined. You love all fruit still, peanut butter and jelly, quesadillas, chicken, potatoes, hamburgers, and you've been doing pretty well eating broccoli and a few other veggies. You are growing like a weed - taller by the day. You wear size 5 diapers and 18-24 months, some 2T, too. You absolutely hate having your diaper changed - something that has been a huge challenge the last few months - but you are starting to get a little better. We did something we said we would never do and got a wipe warmer. It was a desperate move on our part, but it is helping a little bit!

You are very inquisitive and it is fun to watch you pick things up and try to figure out how they work. You love toys, flashlights, and books. Your favorite thing to do is kick a ball around and it's pretty impressive to see you run and kick it around the house. Your favorite possession is your "Pengie" or stuffed Penguin and you sleep with him and carry him around everywhere. You love to be outside and with the nice weather lately, we have been trying to go to the park as much as possible. With everything closed because of the pandemic, it's been hard to socialize with you in restaurants, so we look forward to everything opening back up so you can learn the ropes! Luckily, we have a great group of close friends and family that you've been able to connect to. You are warming up to others more and more all the time, and I am grateful for that. You are also a mommy's boy - and I love that!

You are talking more and more and attempting to put words together. We can hear when you say things like "I love you, too", or "thank you" - even though others may not be able to make it out. You love to say "Da Da" and I think you're purposely holding out on saying "Ma Ma"... even though I have heard it a few times. You are very good at nodding your head yes and shaking your head no. The other day at school pick up another mom asked if you were the baby and you shook your head "yes". Then she asked if you are one year old and again, you shook your head "yes". You are pretty good at following direction when we ask you to do things and you definitely love to point at things you need or want. You are a loud kid with a loud scream and cry and you know how to let us know if something isn't right.  If someone messes with you, you are quick to defend yourself - something we noticed much younger with you than with any of your siblings. (In the bath tub if Cody is hogging the water, you will smack him on the head with a toy until he moves over)

You are doing pretty well with your napping and sleeping schedule. Most days, you nap from about 13:30/1 - 3 or so. The nap always gets you rested and ready to take on the late afternoon. You are usually in bed by about 7 and most nights you sleep through the night. With your back molars coming in, we've had a few restless nights, but overall, you've done very well. 

I love hearing the pitter patter of your feet running down the hall. You run pretty much everywhere... you are always on a mission. Your cheeks bounce when you run and if you're up to something, you have a little look in your eyes and a sneaky little smile on your face. You've also been one to open the garbage cans and help yourself to anything you can find. Sometimes I will find you eating the leftovers of a sandwich or the rest of the yogurt in someone's left over lunch. You also love to dance and you will do it in your carseat if you hear a good song on the radio. You have lots of nicknames - "Spencie", "Spencer-bear", "Spence", "stinker bear", and of course, "Spencer Harrison!" (when you're in trouble).

You love bath time and scream at us when we take you out. You are a water baby and I am excited to see you at the water table and pool this summer. You really enjoy your family and you are absolutely obsessed with your Gramz & Pops. It warms my heart that they get to make that special connection with you. I hope you never know just how much you are loved by all of us.

I can't believe my baby is 18 months old. You are keeping up with your siblings and are thriving. I am anxious to see what you weigh at the doctor because you've grown so much in the past few months. You love to be held and I am trying to hold you as much as possible. I love feeling your body weight on me and getting to take in your scents and kiss those chubby little cheeks. You are truly scrumptious and sometimes I am overwhelmed by all of your cuteness. Daddy and I talk about how much we love you and your siblings every single day. We are so blessed to call you ours. I love being your mommy, Spencer. I love having you little and I am doing what I can to enjoy all of these precious moments. 

I love you forever and ever, Spence.

Love, Mama

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