Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dear Spencer... You're 4 months old!


4 months old and completely scrumptious. You are such a smiley and giggly little baby - your personality is flourishing and you are a happy little guy.  I am in awe of you, my sweet baby, and I don't take a single day of this special time with you for granted. You are growing and changing very fast!

This month was busy - we celebrated your first Halloween at your auntie Juju's house with family. We dressed you up in your woody pjs with your siblings, but mostly you just enjoyed being there and watching all of your cousins. You stayed back with Gramz and slept through the trick or treating.

We also took your first trip to Disneyland this month! I was pretty nervous about it because you are still very fussy in the car. You did great on the 7 hour ride there and pretty well on the way home. You loved to look around while we were there at all of the lights and you met quite a few characters with your brothers and sister. Nana took all of us to celebrate the season and we made so many special memories with her and Gramz and Pops! You spent a lot of time on Pop's chest and snuggled up with him. You love to fall asleep on him (just like all of your siblings). We also went on a few rides with you and you seemed intrigued by it all. It really got us all in the holiday spirit and the next month is going to be filled with lots of that for all of us.

You are wearing 6 month and 3-6 month clothes, size 2 (or 3) diapers, and you are still breastfeeding on demand like a little champ. You are not a great sleeper - you usually only go in 2-3 hour stretches at night, but occasionally you will go a little longer for your first stretch. I started to use gas drops to help with your discomfort and that has helped a little bit.

You have your 4 month doctor's appointment on December 2, but I am guessing you are at least 15 pounds. You are so squishy and plumping up, which I love!

You love to be outside, watching your siblings, riding in the front pack on our chests, and looking at toys. Your siblings are still crazy about you and love to talk to you and make you smile. I love seeing how they all interact with you, it is a very special relationship that is forming between you 4. It makes me so happy.

You discovered your hands in the last couple of weeks and you will pull out your paci (which you use occasionally when we put you to sleep or are soothing you) or put things in your mouth. You roll from your belly to your back and you like to lay on your little activity mat or in your bouncer and bat at all of the toys. You are very interactive when we talk to you and tell you stories. Your laugh and smile is irresistible - and you squeak and talk to us a lot!

I love waking up to your sweet little face every single morning. You are just so sweet and fill my heart with so much love. This time is so precious, Spence, and I am trying to be present for all of it. You are a special little baby, I love how you look into my eyes. I hope you can feel how much we love and adore you.

I love you so much. Forever and ever!

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