Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dear Spencer... You're 3 months old!

Oh, Spence!

Three whole months of loving you so much. You grew so much this month and most notably you are smiling and giggling for us - a mostly happy and content little baby. It's so adorable! But when you're mad, you are sure to let everyone know! Gramz keeps saying you are going to have a deep voice because that scream is louder than any baby I have ever heard.

You are still loving your baths, watching you siblings, and hands down, your favorite thing is riding in the front pack. Auntie Juju nicknamed you my "marsupial" because you are happy as a clam in that thing. Sometimes during the day you'll be in that thing for 4-5 hours. It makes it nice because you go with the flow anywhere we are as long as you are tucked into your pouch.

You still very much hate the car and our school drop offs and pick ups are sometimes brutal. We moved around carseats in the car so sissy can sit next to you and pop in your paci, but it doesn't always work. I think as you get older it will get better, but for now we try to limit those car rides as much as possible!

You are wearing 3-6 month sized clothes and size 2 diapers still. You are definitely growing out of the 3 month size. Your nicknames are: mr. marsupial, Spence, Spencer-bear, and bay-bee (that's what Cody calls you).

You are talking quite a bit - you'll have little discussions with us and your little noises are adorable. Your giggle is also so sweet, and it's pretty easy to get you to smile. You seem to love human touch and interaction, and there isn't a shortage of it here with how much your siblings adore you. Daddy and I also love snuggling with you during the day.

Sleep at night has been a little challenging. You've had some 3 hour stretches, but you've also had nights where you are up most of the night. You caught your first little cold the last few days which has made it challenging for you to breathe through your nose and it makes you more gassy when you eat. I know this time is going to fly by, so I am just taking it a night at a time. Last night you did do much better (you went for a solid 4 hours) so I am hoping it wasn't a fluke. I don't mind our quiet, middle of the night snuggles.

You are still eating like a champ. You breastfeed well and take bottles of pumped milk really well. You love smiling and talking to all of our family and Gramz and Pops have watched you a couple of times while daddy and I go out to dinner and you do really well with them.

You are a sweet, content, and beautiful little baby boy. I love staring at you and taking in every inch of you because I know you're growing much too fast. I still can't believe you are our little baby - we just love and adore you so much. You are really completing our family.

I love you so much, Spence. To the moon and stars and infinity. Forever!


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