Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dear Spencer... You're 2 Months Old!

Mr. Spencer Bear,

You are 2 months old today. I can't believe it's been two whole months since I first saw your beautiful little face and looked into your sweet little eyes. It feels like it's gone so fast, yet it also feels like you've been a part of our family forever. We can't imagine life with out you and everyone just loves you so much.

You've grown so much this month. You are smiling lots (you started just after you turned 5 weeks old, which is early!). You are also 'talking' a little bit with us and you love to face outward and see the world around you. You LOVE to be held and especially these last couple of weeks you tend to get a little bit fussy if you are set down. We love holding you and usually you have an older brother or sister who'd like to hold you as well.

You do like your paci and we use it often to try and calm you down a little bit in the car - you are the 3rd one of my babies to hate the car and it makes going places with you a little nerve wracking. Sometimes we can time it so you will sleep, but if you aren't sleeping, you are most-likely screaming. We have switched things around in the car a little bit so sissy can try to help soothe you. We are on the go a lot and besides not liking the car, you do pretty well just going along!

You went and saw Dr. Barretto today and you weighed 13 pounds exactly. She said you look perfect - you're growing quickly and you are hitting the milestones you need to be hitting. You are growing out of all of your 0-3 month clothing and the 3 month sizes are starting to get a little snug as well. You are easily wearing your size 2 diapers. You aren't sleeping great at night, but you are very snuggly and love sleeping on your stomach, so we sometimes have you in bed with us and I am usually up checking on you through out the night. Sometimes you will go 4-5 hours on your back in the dock a tot, but for the most part, you are up every 3 hours or more. I know how quickly this time goes, so I just enjoy the sleepy snuggles while I can get them. Sometimes I fall asleep in the chair with you wrapped up in my arms.

You have several nicknames including: Mr. Spencer, Spencer Bear, Spanky (pops calls you that sometimes), and love bug. You will probably answer to the name Cody as you get older, too, because we all tend to call you that, too! You are loved so much by your brothers and sister and they get so excited to see you every single day. Whenever we are out near their friends I hear them telling their friends "come meet my baby brother" and you've been around lots of kids who are interested in you! It's so much fun to see how proud they are to have you.

You love bath time and if you're upset in the evenings, I usually just get you right into your infant tub for a soak. You also love ceiling fans, lights, and staring at everything around you. I carry you in the front pack a lot because being held is your favorite! You also like to be outside.

Oh, Spencer, I am just so in love with you. Your tiny hands and feet, your thick and spikey hair, and those smiles that make me melt inside. I am so grateful that you are ours. You are so loved and adored by us all!

I love you to the moon and back times infinity and watching you grow fills me with so much joy every single day.


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