Monday, February 11, 2019

Dear Cody... You're 15 months old

My sweet baby...
We can't believe you are 15 months old. You are absolutely at one of the cutest ages ever - walking around everywhere, not quite completely stable, so you keep your arms up at your sides. When we let you walk around out and about, people can't resist how darling you are. Today when you saw a van driving away while picking up Andie at Kindergarten, you started waving at it and everyone around was just gushing over you.
You are so happy, content, and easy to please. You roll with it, do well in your carseat and your stroller. You love being able to see your sister and brother in the back seat while we drive. You talk and yell at them. Your favorite word is "Dada" and you call everyone that - even me. You do occasionally call me mama and you also say baba. The cutest thing you have been doing for the last couple of weeks is talking to "Alexa". You say "Ah-Ah" - and you look at the device to see if it will listen to what you have to tell it. You also smile every time we give Alexa a command to do something like turn on a light and she does it.
You have a mouth full of teeth now, including a few molars. You are still missing a few on the sides, but it's been a crazy few teeth-filled months for you. You've mostly taken it like a champ with very little complaining, but I could tell for a few weeks that you were in pain.
When it's time for bed - it's adorable because we will pick you up and say that it's time for bed. You will turn around and wave to everyone "nigh nigh". You also are so cute when you blow kisses - which you have been doing more recently. You also give the most precious big open-mouth kisses. You smile all the time - any time someone you know says hi or smiles at you, you give it right back. You aren't a fan of diaper changes. You are a pretty good eater, you especially love all fruits, chicken, cheese, pasta, waffles, peanut butter & jelly and your milk. You love to drive your daddy crazy by throwing food on the floor when you're finished, so we have to watch you closely or you will make a big mess.
The last 3 months have been really busy! We celebrated your first birthday and then it was a whirlwind of the holidays. We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with your great grandma, gramz & pops, nana, uncle Joe, uncle Dave & Sam, and our little family. You loved having everyone around, especially your Pops. He is your BFF and you are crazy about him still. You won't go to anyone else but him when he is around and you love to snuggle with him. Immediately after Thanksgiving, we went to Disneyland to experience it at Christmas time with Nana & Carolene and Gramz & Pops and you were so good. It was such a treat to have them all with us because you got to enjoy it all and have nice quality naps with Pops back in the hotel room.
We celebrated the season at home in December and you loved the Christmas tree. It was absolutely adorable to see you point at it every single day - you loved it when it was lit up and surprisingly, you didn't try to knock it down or mess with it much. You also had a little tree in your room, which you seemed to enjoy looking at. Your second Christmas was all about a new little chair, legos, and some fun new trucks and tractors for you. You mostly just loved to torment your older siblings by trying to play with all of their new toys. You spent Christmas day with us at home with our little family and gramz & Pops and then on the 29th, we made our way up to Northstar to celebrate Christmas with more family. You did so great going with the flow and really started walking around more while we were there.
You started sleeping through the night at about 13 and a half months old and that was exciting after months of multiple wake up calls for mama. We ended our breastfeeding journey at about your 13th month and although it wasn't easy, you did a great job transitioning to the bottle. Now, you love your milk.
January was another month of big growth. You were walking around more, but you really just found your walking groove in the last two weeks and started walking all the time just recently. You love to play with your siblings and will spend an hour or more with them playing with toys. They do a pretty good job at keeping an eye on you and letting me know if you're sticking something in your mouth. They love you so much and you really love them too, it's so special to see all of your relationships blossom. I am so happy to have our family and I hope you know you are never alone. You really love all toys, anything with wheels especially. You love to be outside and really you just love to be with your people.
You are such an amazing little baby boy. I absolutely wish I could keep you this little forever, you are such a joy. You have such a good little spirit, a wonderful sense of humor (you're already funny and love to joke with us), and you have filled a void in our family. You mean the world to all of us, and I am so thankful every single day. I look forward to getting you out of bed in the morning and it fills me with warmth when you stick your little arms up in the air for me to pick you up. You also love riding around on my back in the pack and I love any extra time I get to have you attached to me.
Cody, we are crazy about you and so proud of you. Daddy and I say all the time how lucky we are to have you and what a wonderful little human you are. I love getting to spend my days with you - you are so special to me. I hope you never doubt how much you are loved - to the ends of the earth and back!
Love, Mama