Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dear Cody... You're 10 Months Old


Just like that - you're ten months old.

You've been on the go now for more than a month and every day you've gotten faster and you are officially anywhere you want to be. You cruise along the coffee table and couches. You are also able to stand up on your own for little stretches of time.

You love following your siblings around and playing with toys. You aren't a huge fan of crawling on the harder surfaces, so you will take small breaks by sitting on your buns or stick a leg out and do a half crawl, half walk position.

You love food and have discovered many new things you love in the last month. You will eat the occasional pureed foods, but you especially love everything you can feed yourself. We give you pretty much anything we eat and you haven't really disliked anything yet. You especially love bananas, sweet potatoes, bread, chicken, quesadillas, etc. You are still a big milk lover, too, and I feed you on demand anytime you'd like. Breastfeeding is a special time for you and me.

You started a much better sleeping habit this month and for the first time went in 8-9 hour stretches for a couple weeks. In the last week, you started getting some more teeth, so you're up anywhere from 1-3 times per night for some comfort and milk. I don't mind much because I know this time is going to pass too quickly.

You sleep great in your crib at night and during the day when you can nap. You are woken up often from your naps because of your big sister and brother's schedules, but you are such a trooper. You go with the flow, are usually always happy, and you are extremely chill. You do so great just hanging out in your little fold up high chair or just playing with toys on a blanket while we are at soccer. Everyone always comments that you are the sweetest little guy - and it's because you are. You have a happy spirit. You also love to laugh and making you laugh is extremely easy. A funny face or tickle will always do the trick!

One of my favorite moments this month was when Nolan was playing with a stand up toy right next to you. He leaned over and gave you a kiss, and you turned toward him and gave him a kiss back. He was so excited for your kiss, and it was all on your own terms. I melted inside. You really love your siblings and they adore you. It's fun to see you all interacting more and more.

You are wearing 12 month clothes and you still strongly dislike anything tight around your waist (pants or shorts). This has been all your life, so I am preparing for the cooler weather by getting some stylish one pieces (Gramz also has you covered with this). You are a size 3 diaper still, but we just started our last box and you'll go to size 4 soon. You are growing fast and will need your first hair cut soon. Everyone always comments on your darling chubby cheeks and beautiful blonde hair. And those big blue eyes - all I have to do is close my eyes and I can see them looking into mine.

You make lots of eye contact with us and babble quite a bit. You say mama and dada and seem to know who we are now. You love toys and you especially love the tv remotes. Anything you can get your hands on you will play with and stick in your mouth. You love to take toys with wheels on them and spin the wheels with your fingers. You don't mind riding in the car or stroller and love being outside anytime to get fresh air. You definitely recognize your family and you get so excited to see me, your daddy, Pops and Gramz. You have a special relationship with all of us.

You absolutely LOVE bath time and splash and play in the water like crazy. Sometimes I will just let you sit in there for 30 or 40 minutes and you go nuts. You are starting to catch on to "How Big Is Cody?? So Big!" and will stick your little hands in the air. You like sitting in your little high chair on the counter while we make and prepare food. You put absolutely everything into your mouth, so we have to be careful.

You get so excited when we come to pick you up and you will flap your arms and make lots of noise. You get really excited to nurse and while I am getting ready, you will laugh hysterically because you know it's coming. You are drooling a ton with all those teeth coming in. You love when we sing songs and dance with you.

You love to be held and snuggled still, and we do it as often as possible because lately you're starting to recognize your independence and like exploring. You make us laugh and smile every single day. You have the most amazing smile and sweetest little soul. You make me want 100 more babies just like you. You are such a good baby, and we say it all the time.

Cody, you are truly a wonderful little baby. I love you so much and you really fill my heart with so much warmth. Goodness gracious, we are so crazy about you and everything about you. It's truly impossible for you to fully understand just how much you mean to all of us. You're amazing, baby.

I am really enjoying our time with you in these last few months before becoming a toddler. We love you forever and ever times infinity.


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