Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dear Cody... you are 8 months old!

Cody Bear...

I'm currently staring at you laying on the floor of the house in Sunriver and we are here with all of mommy's family. You spent your 7 month day boarding the cruise in Alaska with family - and now here we are again, with family enjoying beautiful Oregon.

You changed a lot this month and are now a rolling king. You can roll back to front with ease and do it quite often. You are starting to scoot yourself backwards in an attempt to crawl, still only have two teeth on the bottom, and have a smile that makes us all melt.

You love your Pops. I will probably be writing this in every note, but you are getting more and more attached to him and wave your arms and whine until he picks you up. You love laying on his chest, being held by him, and taking baths with him. You really know your family and really aren't a fan of strangers holding you anymore - you'd prefer to just stay with your people.

You aren't the best eater, yet. You prefer to feed yourself and we try to do that as often as we can. You like rice cereal with breastmilk and you seem to be okay with sweet potatoes and prunes. You won't always eat them, though, and your favorite thing is milk! You are up a few times at night still - but typically go in 3 hour chunks (you'll start the night with a 5 hour chunk and go down between 7 and 9). Vacation is different though, you don't care for your pack-n-play and you like to be in bed with us.

You are getting bigger every day and wearing only 9 month clothes or bigger (6-12 month sizes are still okay, too). You are in a size 3 diaper. You are babbling quite a bit and say "mama" and "dada". You really love playing with your brother and sister and are very content just watching them. People always tell me what a "chill" baby you are - because you definitely are. You just love to be with us and watch what's going on. You fuss when you're hungry or tired, but snuggling and nursing always calm you down and put you to sleep. You also love playing with toys - pretty much anything that can go in your mouth is a great toy for you. Being tossed in the air is another favorite thing of yours and you like being held upside down, too!

You smile all the time when you're happy and you are truly such a loving little bear. We love you so much. You have a big family who loves you so dearly, and that's my biggest promise to you... you will always, always, always, have people who love you. I get sad when I think about how much you are growing and getting older. You are my baby and your daddy and I just love you so much... forever!


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