Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dear Nolan... You're 8 Months Old.


Last night, along with several nights in the last 4 weeks, I rocked you to sleep and kept rocking for a while after you were dreaming.  Holding your little body, smelling you, kissing your soft hair, and just closing my eyes and trying to take you all in... it's heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time - you're growing so fast and this time is passing too quickly.

You're getting so strong, rolling and scooting in all directions and getting exactly where you want to go.  You've managed to figure out how to scoot while sitting and propel yourself forward.  You're just starting to pull yourself up on things, and you love to stand!  I think you would like to skip crawling all together and just run and chase us, but you are starting to get in position to crawl and rock back and forth.  You love being held and watching the world around you.  It is so cute how you stare and take everything in.  You're curious and nosy, traits I am sure you got from your mama.  You smile so easily and are one of the happiest babies I have ever known.

This month was a big one for you.  You got TWO teeth, 4 days apart and you did not like them growing in!  You were in so much pain and to top it off, you have had a bit of a runny nose.  Both teeth are on the bottom in the middle and they sprouted up starting on August 14th.  You haven't been sleeping well this month, sometimes you're up every hour or two.  We are still trying to get you into a little bit of a routine, but I know eventually you will start to sleep through the night and I will miss these quiet times holding you.

You are eating so well.  You love fruits and vegetables.  Bananas are still something you're unsure of, but you'll eat them.  I think your favorite is sweet potato, because you gobble it down so fast!  You're eating about 6-7 ounces of baby food 3 times a day.  I have just recently started giving you solid chunks of food to feed yourself.  So far you have tried watermelon, banana, and teething biscuits.  You are still exclusively breastfeeding and I feel fortunate for that.

You are wearing size 3 diapers, 6-12 month, 12 month, and 18 month clothes.  You haven't picked any favorite toys, you love them all, but you eat stickers your sister gives you and anything else you can get into your mouth.  You like to sleep with your blankie from Gramz.  You love your paci and you are doing a little better in the car these days.  You like seeing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the tv or iPad and you go absolutely nuts bouncing around in your jump-a-roo.

This month, your daddy was gone for more than two weeks fighting fires on a strike team in Trinity County.  We missed him so much and he missed you and your sister like crazy!  He says you grew so much while he was gone.  All he wanted to do when he got back was hold and snuggle you guys!

While he was away, your sister, you and I did several playdates with some of the other firefighters wives, ran lots of errands (I called them adventures), and spent time with gramz, pops, your cousins, and aunties.  The bond you have with your pops is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  You go absolutely nuts when you see him, screaming, kicking your legs until he comes and picks you up.  You love to snuggle with him and will just lay on his chest for hours, even when you're awake "chillaxin'" (as pops calls it).  He calls himself your "popsurpedic mattress" and you love falling asleep on him.  It is so precious and I am so grateful that you and he already have a special relationship with him and your Gramz.

You have several nicknames... mr. squishy, no-yin, nolly holly bear, brother bear, love bug, no-no-Nolan (from pops), and baby.  I call you baby and squishy a lot.  You do very well sitting on the floor chewing on toys and watching your sister.  You are happy and mellow.  You do great in the stroller as long as you have a full belly.  You started taking baths in your big yellow duck this month!  You really seem to enjoy that - sometimes you even cry when bath time is over.

I have a tendency to "baby" you - and I know I am doing it and can't help it.  There is already such a bond I feel with you.  Right now, I get to love on you, protect you, cuddle you, make you feel safe. I love when you reach for me.  I love being your mom.

You and your sister have taught me in such a short time just how much I cherish and enjoy being a mother.  I never thought I would love it this intensely.  You are so incredibly sweet, when you smile at me I see something in your eyes... I am incapable of putting it adequately into words, but you just do something to my heart.  I love you so much, son.