Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dear Nolan... You're 7 Months Old!

Mr. Squishy...

You have the most beautiful 7 month old baby blue eyes I have ever seen.  They are the color of the ocean and when you flash your sweet, squishy eyed smile at me, I feel all sorts of flutters in my heart.  You have won us over, each month you are gaining more personality, and you are so much fun!  This month has been so much fun to see you change and grow - you're developing quite a sense of humor and hearing you giggle (which you do often) makes me so unbelievably happy.

You are very mellow, happy, and easy to please.  You smile so easily, even at strangers, and everyone loves talking to you when we take you out in public.  You're just a content little guy, and unless you are hungry or tired, you do very well at going with the flow.  You love to play peek-a-boo and even when you are startled you start laughing.  I also love letting you see yourself in the mirror because you always start smiling at yourself. :)  You must know how cute you are, too!  You smile and giggle when daddy holds you high in the air, we think you may be a thrill baby.

You celebrated your very first 4th of July.  We spent the afternoon and evening at your cousin's house (Danelle & Joel) and you watched the fireworks with us.  Most of the day you were asleep on your pops or striking up conversation with your great grandma Nancy - it was really fun to see.

You are rolling everywhere and even starting to propel yourself forward.  I wouldn't say you are quite scooting or army crawling, but you're getting very close and when you see something you want, you always figure out a way to get to it.  You also are starting to master the ability to sit up all by yourself.  In the last couple weeks I have been able to sit you up and leave you there for minutes at a time and when you're all done, you're getting much more graceful at leaning forward and moving onto your belly.

You love watching your sister.  You will glue your eyes to her and take in everything she is doing.  You really seem to love other kids and it's easy to see that you are anxious to get up and start moving with them.  I know you'll be on the move faster then id like you to be, so I am relishing in this time of being able to hold you and snuggle you anytime I want to.  You are SO snuggly, by the way... you love to lay on us, cuddle with us, and sleep on us.  And we love it so much!

Anything you touch goes right into your mouth.  You are really good at being able to put your paci back in when it falls out.  You are very strong and you go absolutely nuts when we put you into a jump-a-roo.  You will sit in there bouncing up and down for 30 minutes before you get tired.  You love your blankets, and you seem to love any toys that you can get your hands on.  You also really are soothed by your paci, especially in the car and we found a type that stays in better - which has been a little bit of a relief!

You are eating very well.  You like pretty much anything, except peas, but you will eat them if they are mixed in with something else.  You are eating about 4 ounces of baby food 2-3 times a day, and still nursing like a champ.  You love your milk and still wake up once or twice a night to get your fill. You have started sleeping for a little bit of longer stretches this month, sometimes you will go 5-6 hours, other times you are up every 3.

We took our very first road trip this month to Sunriver, Oregon with Gramz, Pops, and the family and had the best time.  You did very well in the car (much better than we expected) for the 7.5 hour drive.  You had so much fun watching all of the commotion and going for rides in the bike burley and even putting your toes in the pool (it was a little cold to put you all the way in).  You spent a lot of time bonding with everyone and were such a trooper!  We had so much fun and I know it's the first of many trips our family will be taking together in the future.  We are so blessed!

You are wearing 12 month pajamas now!!  It made me so sad to clear out all of the 9 month sizes, but you are growing so well.  You still fit into the 6-12 month clothes and some of your 9 month onesies, but you are getting very long.  You are wearing size 3 diapers still.  You are talking, screaming, and babbling to us - and you love to study the world around you and take it all in.  You are very curious and will stare at something for a while if you are learning about it!

You have such an adorable personality.  We have so many nicknames for you - Mr. Squishy, No-yin, Nolly-bear, tubs, pumpkin... we are always calling you something!  It is so much fun to see your bond growing with your sister, daddy, and me.  You are so unbelievably loved... I am still in awe that you are my son.  You are so special to me, Nolan, I love you so much.  I am proud of you and wish time would slow down a little bit so I could relish in your sweet baby phase for as long as possible.  I see your tiny hands and feet and think about all of the amazing things ahead of us, I just hope it doesn't come too fast!  Most importantly, my hope for you is that you are always happy, healthy, strong, and kind.  You mean the world to me.

I love you very much, son.  And I will forever and ever!

Your mama

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Allison said...

Tracy, this is just the cutest thing. I seriously love your documentation for your beautiful kids. They are SO lucky to have you as a mom, and I can see the happiness radiate through every single picture.