Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear Nolan... You're ONE Month Old

My handsome, sweet, beautiful little man...

A month old already.  I can't believe I have had a SON for a month.  My goodness, you have brought so much love into our home, and I have absolutely loved getting to know you better during this last month.  You are so darn cute, your chubby cheeks and curious blue eyes make me want to melt and I am consistently having to remind myself that you are mine.  

I am loving having a newborn again.  One of my favorite things in the whole world is the way you smell - I wish I could bottle it up.  I keep going over and over the day you were born in my mind.  It was such a beautiful day, you came into the world quickly and holding your tiny warm body for the first time immediately filled my soul with an indescribable love.  

We brought you home on December 30th and Dada and Pops gave you your first bath on December 31st.  We learned quickly the big difference between a boy and girl baby - you peed before your bath and it shot up and got all over daddy's shirt.  We laughed so hard!  It was so sweet to watch the most important guys in my life bathe my little boy for the first time.  You also pooped in the tub, which you have done quite a few times since.  You love your bath time and like the water nice and warm... it always relaxes you.

You started out wearing newborn diapers and clothes, but by about 2.5 to 3 weeks old, you were too big and I had to switch you into the 3 month sized clothes and the size 1 diapers.  I can't believe what a big boy you are... you are healthy, and perfect!  At your first doctor's appointment on December 31st, you were 7 pounds, 10 ounces... but I think you've gained quite a bit since then.

You aren't the best sleeper at night.  I am still trying to figure out exactly how to make you comfortable.  You go mostly in 2-3 hour stretches, but sometimes you are up between feedings.  You don't cry a lot, but you want to be held and snuggled when you are up.  Some nights, you have a "witching" hour where you are fussy, but I don't mind getting to snuggle and love on you when you're fussy.  You usually always calm down when we hold you and walk around so you can see more of the world. Overall, you are a calm and mellow baby so far. 

You are quite alert and were from the moment you were born.  You have the most beautiful, round blue eyes.  I love it when we make eye contact.  I can't wait to see your first smile.  I love when you and I have moments for just us two so I can talk to you and really connect with you.  

You are so good at getting your diaper changed and don't seem to mind it.  You also seem to like the car, but you do notice when we stop moving.  As long as we are driving and in motion, you have been doing great in your car seat.  

We have tried to keep you home as much as possible to keep you healthy.  There is a measles outbreak right now, so I have a heightened sense of wanting to keep you healthy - and unfortunately, you won't be able to get vaccinated for that until you're much older.  But, I will feel much better after you get those shots when you're 2 months old.  

Your big sister, Andie, absolutely adores you.  She gives you kisses often and the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is starting saying "where's baby?", "hello, baby!", and "I love baby!".  You have no idea just how much you are loved already... not only by her, but so many people we are fortunate to have in our lives.  You have had quite a few visitors and we have loved sharing you with family and friends.

I love our time when I am breastfeeding you.  You have been a good eater and latched on right after you were born at the hospital, and I am so grateful for that.  You took your first bottle at 2 weeks for Gramz while I was getting my hair done.  She was in the car with you right outside... I can't stand to be away from you for too long yet.  You have had somewhat of a stuffy nose, which has made it a little more complicated for you to eat and sleep sometimes... but you are such a good boy when we have to suction you to help.

We call you "shiver lips" sometimes because your little lips will shiver when you are cold - or sometimes even when you are all wrapped up in blankets.  You are a bit 'rooter' when you're hungry - and we will say you're 'rootin', tootin' nolan!"  We also have experienced quite a few blow outs with you... you have some big toots and have needed several outfit changes because you blow out. :)

I am so grateful for my time with you.  You are very special to me and I am so happy and proud to be your mom.  I feel privileged that I get to watch your grow and develop and I am soaking up these moments with my tiny little boy because I know they will pass much too quickly.  Your daddy and I have had several conversations about how cute you are and what a sweet little guy you are.  We can't believe how lucky we are to have TWO beautiful and healthy kids... including a son!  I am excited to see how our relationship flourishes and grows in the coming months and years.  I look forward to having a very special bond with you.  I will always be here for you... to support you and love you unconditionally.  I love you so much, Nolan... I hope you never doubt or underestimate my love for you.  

Your mama

Meeting your cousins for the first time on January 2nd.  (Stella, Adam, Andie, and Ryan)
Your first bath with daddy and pops!
 I love you, Nolan!


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Aw my Trac, he is just so perfect - I just want to snuggle him!! Well done on these first few weeks momma - they aren't easy but you are doing so well x

Ashley Brickner said...

So sweet & he is adorable!!!

Lauren said...

so precious! that newborn smell certainly is the best!

Kristin said...

He is so dang sweet!!! Sounds like things are going well and you are settling in to life with TWO! :)

Jamie Kubeczka said...

So sweet! He is adorable and growing! :)