Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baby Lesh #2: 28 Weeks

With my first pregnancy, I documented everything on this little blog - and I haven't done that the second time around.  There are a few reasons for that, but mainly, I haven't been as focused on writing about my pregnancy as I have been on my little spunky 17 month old girl :)  This pregnancy has been just as special... the movements, seeing my tummy grow, and hearing his heart beat - I am constantly blown away by what a miracle it is to have this sweet boy inside of me. 
{ignore the stain on my shirt ;) #toddlermomproblems}

How i'm feeling: I have been feeling really well ever since getting out of that first 15/16 weeks of sickies.  I am in my absolute favorite part of pregnancy - have been for a couple weeks... feeling and seeing his big blunt movements and not the awkward I just look overweight, but the actual "looking pregnant" part :)

How far along: 28 weeks and 3 days

Size of the baby: estimated at 14.8 inches and 2.75 pounds.  We are having to do the big radiology ultrasounds every 3-4 weeks because of the complications I had in my first pregnancy, so we know he is a BIG boy - his head is measuring about 2 weeks big, and his body about 1 week big.  Yikes!  But big and healthy is what we want!

Total Weight Gain: about 12 pounds. 

Maternity Clothes:  I found a pair of jeans I love at H&M, and some great shirts at Target - along with everything I saved from my first pregnancy.  Other than leggings, I am wearing a mixture of my regular clothes and maternity clothes.  Whatever is comfortable!

Gender: a BOY!!  I am planning on revealing his name soon.

Movement: tons and tons of it.  He is very active.  Baby movement is one of my favorite feelings in the world.  Although, I think he thinks my ribs are a soccer ball {youch!}

Sleep: it's okay.

What I miss: sleeping on my tummy and wine. 

Cravings: orange juice and milk shakes (vanilla and coffee ice cream, please!)

Symptoms: I am not having any horrible symptoms except for some mild fatigue and the occasional case of "the blues".  I think the blues are coming from having to put one of our dogs (Maximus) to sleep about 2 weeks ago.  I am missing him terribly.

+also, I failed my one hour glucose test (check for gestational diabetes) on Tuesday.  I am super bummed about it, but I have the 3 hour test scheduled for next Monday.  I have tried very hard thus far in my pregnancy to eat well and exercise, but the nurse said a lot of times gestational diabetes is mostly connected with our hormones.  Here's hoping for a passed test next week - and if not, I will take whatever comes and do the best I can with it!

Best moments this week:
+seeing the little guy again at my appointment on Tuesday.  Also, knowing his heart beat is strong (no issues so far like what we had with Andie) and he has a good amount of fluid in there.  
+ getting a special present in the mail from my mom and dad... they got these adorable vintage airplane pictures off of pottery barn kids that I have been swooning over.  We are doing a 'travel & airplane' theme for his nursery... which I have done nothing to prepare (yikes!)
+ learning that he is head DOWN... phew!  Two weeks ago we had a big ultrasound and he was breech, so we were relieved to see that he decided to go head down by our appt a couple days ago.  Chances are, he won't be doing any big flips.

Looking forward to:
+ seeing his sweet face during our 3D ultrasound we have scheduled in 2 weeks.  Wonder who he is going to look like?!
+ getting started on his nursery and Andie's big girl room.  So much to do, so little time.  This mama needs to get her butt in gear!
+ getting this 3 hour glucose test over on Monday and hearing good results.  We want conditions to be as good as possible for this little man to have a healthy last trimester in the womb!
+ just the continuation of being pregnant for hopefully the next 10-12 weeks... I really enjoy it and feel so blessed to experience it.

I can't believe Halloween is next week - and then the Holidays... he is going to be here before we know it!


Adrienne Gomer said...

So adorable Tracy! I love seeing you pregnant, you are one cute preggo mama. Isn't the second time around so different? I felt like the first time everything was new and scary, the second time around I really enjoyed it more (even though I have dealt with serious serious morning sickness every single time) and this third time I'm just like, "this is not fun anymore" haha! But it's always exciting to welcome a new little family member, to see what they look like and how different their personalities are from what you expected. I can't wait to find out the little guys' name! And to see lots and lots of pictures when he arrives :)

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

you are such a sweet, gracious momma! good luck with your next test- im sure it will be just fine! xo

Kaity B. said...

I don't think I knew you were pregnant, but you and I are due right around the same time! Congrats, Mama!

Unknown said...

Really good to read your update, I was thinking about you! So glad that all is well.

And I am so sorry to hear about Maximus, you must miss him terribly....I always loved seeing photos of your dogs. I am sorry for your loss Xx

Leslee said...

Good to see a blog post from you! I understand how busy your days are - Your little Andie keeps you more than busy ♥

Love your special little belly :-)

Hope to see you soon...

Lisa C said...

You look great! Hope your test goes well.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

So exciting Trac - I love your little bump! So excited for you to have a little man in the family and for Andie to be a big sister x

Sonja said...

Oh my goodness! I missed your announcement! I can't believe I had no idea you were pregnant! and with a BOY!! Eep! YAY! Congrats love!! xo

Lauren said...

so sweet momma! Can't wait to hear baby boy's name! Good luck with the 3 hour; I had that test with Elyse and it wasn't much fun...but I survived and lived to tell about it!

lori said...

you look amazing, mama! i can't wait to hear what you have decided to name your little man. and i hope that your 3 hour test goes well... i failed the first, but passed the 3 hour one... so hopefully that's what happens with you :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! Glad to hear you are doing so well!

Carolyn said...

You look so great! Glad he's growing big and healthy!! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about Maximus! I know the love you have for your dogs... thinking of you friend!

Sierra said...

Glad your pregnancy is going well and I bet you are so excited to meet your little boy! I'm sorry again about your loss of Maximus. I've been thinking of you and hope you are doing well!