Friday, July 11, 2014

5 on Friday

Holy smokes, it's been two months since I have written in my little space of the cyber world.  I wasn't planning on taking a break, it just happened.  It is the longest break I have taken since starting this blog in 2008, but it was needed.  This isn't the only thing I have been taking a little break from... sometimes, we just step away from things for a little while and it helps us refresh and we can re-prioritize.  It feels good :)  I never want this to feel like a chore, because I write here for me - so I can look back and remember parts of my life.

Things have been quite busy, in a good way.  Our sweet girl has been changing and growing so much.  She is 14 months old today, and I can't believe it.  It has been so much fun watching her grow, it's a joy and a blessing that I am so grateful for everyday.  We have done some traveling in the last month and we had her 1st Birthday party. I am so excited to share about these things soon!

ONE.  World Cup fever.  I am not a huge soccer fan, but I know enough about it to follow the Cup.  Anyone who lives in my house would know, though.  Sports Center is pretty much always on, and TL and his brother are such big fans - I can't help but jump on the bandwagon.  We are pulling for Argentina and Germany for the final - I will be happy either way, I just hope it's a good game :)
TWO.  My favorite things that Andie is saying lately are "what's that?" - she points and asks what pretty much everything is, and "NUTS" - when she drops something or falls down.  It is so cute and cracks us up.  She is getting to be so animated and her personality is so darn sweet.  She loves giving hugs and kisses and lights up when she sees people she knows, especially us and my parents.  She's a wild girl, too.  Loves being tossed high in the air and flipping around.  Makes me nervous, but you can't help but laugh when she screams and giggles.
THREE.  Hot, hot, hot.  Not only are we experiencing a terrible drought in Northern California, but it has been hot, which is quite typical for our summers.  We've seen a few days of 100+ and luckily we have some friends with pools, so we have been able to escape a little bit.  Andie absolutely loves the water - we have a fish!

FOUR.  100 Happy Days.  I know I probably won't be able to do it every single day - sometimes I go a day or two with out instagram, but I joined in with the new #100happydays movement on Instagram (@tracyzlesh).  I love the idea of recognizing the little things in our lives that make our days happy, even if they are really small.
FIVE.  This heat has had me dreaming of putting a pool in our backyard, so on pinterest I have been going crazy pinning images of my dream pools.  Even though we are years away from being able to do something like this, and our backyard is not quite as fancy as these ;), it still makes me excited to think about.

Hope you have a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend :)


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

So happy to see you post! I totally know what you mean about wanting a pool on those hot days.

Jessica said...

Everyone needs a blogging break sometimes. Life is more important! Love the pool photo of Andie! I can't wait for my little guy to be able to go in the water! We took him to the beach for the first time yesterday!

Elena @ baby Ridley bump said...

Hey girl! So glad you're back, I was just thinking about you the other day wondering where you were. Andie is so adorable! She looks like she is just loving life! Love all the photos of her being tossed in the air! I would die to have a backyard with a pool like any of those! Hope you can make that dream come true one day!