Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

ONE.  As much as I have been in denial about it. . . it's time to face the fact that my sweet baby is going to turn ONE in less than 6 weeks.  The denial has delayed my party planning a little bit, but thankfully, we do have a little plan on what we want to do to celebrate our sweet girl.  It won't be anything big, but I want to be sure she has a cake to smash and a few of her favorite people to sing to her!  I truly wish time would slow down, I am just NOT ready for her to be one.  Any websites or pinterest boards you love for party planning??  Pass 'em along please! :)

TWO.  I've been back at the gym consistently for about a month and am finally starting to feel like I am gaining some strength.  I've focused a lot of building muscle, which is different than my typical running for every work out, and I am feeling different.  TL is really big into cross fit (and looks amazing - he has lost 20 pounds and gotten into great shape) so he has been helping me out a little bit with my work outs.  It feels good to work on my body!

THREE.  We have had some beautiful weather in Nor Cal (It's rainy now - but we need it!)  Andie is definitely an outside babe.  My mom (her Gramz) got her a new convertible car, and she cannot get enough of cruising around our neighborhood.  She isn't a huge fan of her stroller (or being strapped in) so TL and I have also taken her out in her convertible pretty much everywhere.  Including the grocery store, on walks around out Town Center, Costco, Kirklands, Pinkberry. . . it's definitely her favorite way to run errands.  She LOVES this car.  Sometimes she'll wave at people as she drives by. . . it's ridiculous. :)

FOUR.  I feel like I have been wearing and rotating the same few target shirts for the last few months.  I went through my closet a little bit this week to find some old goodies to start wearing more of.  I have such envy of the ladies who look adorable every single day - I just need to make time to invest an effort in getting ready!  I also need a little inspiration.  I am hoping the nicer weather will help!



desiree Hanlon said...

how does time pass so quickly?! I can even believe Declans birthday is less than a month away. We arent doing anything huge either. Just a cake and champagne party with a super small group of close friends. Im so excited to celebrate my amazing little guy and I am sure you feel over the moon to celebrate your BEAUTIFUL Andie. My goodness, she is soooo cute! xox

Elena Ridley said...

Wow that year went by so fast!! She is so adorable!! Love her little car, she looks so happy!! :-)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

I cannot believe little Andie is going to be ONE already and my little SJ is going to be TWO!! Time is flying by too fast! I don't follow any specific party planning boards on Pinterest but always put my theme in the search bar and have found so many fun ideas. Happy planning mama x

Baby Mama said...

Can't believe it's already been a year! She is so cute!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Honestly WHERE does time go?! I feel like I sound so old when I say that to friends about their kids, but seriously its true - how do they grow up so fast?! (Because obviously we aren't aging a day ;) )