Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

ONE.  As much as I have been in denial about it. . . it's time to face the fact that my sweet baby is going to turn ONE in less than 6 weeks.  The denial has delayed my party planning a little bit, but thankfully, we do have a little plan on what we want to do to celebrate our sweet girl.  It won't be anything big, but I want to be sure she has a cake to smash and a few of her favorite people to sing to her!  I truly wish time would slow down, I am just NOT ready for her to be one.  Any websites or pinterest boards you love for party planning??  Pass 'em along please! :)

TWO.  I've been back at the gym consistently for about a month and am finally starting to feel like I am gaining some strength.  I've focused a lot of building muscle, which is different than my typical running for every work out, and I am feeling different.  TL is really big into cross fit (and looks amazing - he has lost 20 pounds and gotten into great shape) so he has been helping me out a little bit with my work outs.  It feels good to work on my body!

THREE.  We have had some beautiful weather in Nor Cal (It's rainy now - but we need it!)  Andie is definitely an outside babe.  My mom (her Gramz) got her a new convertible car, and she cannot get enough of cruising around our neighborhood.  She isn't a huge fan of her stroller (or being strapped in) so TL and I have also taken her out in her convertible pretty much everywhere.  Including the grocery store, on walks around out Town Center, Costco, Kirklands, Pinkberry. . . it's definitely her favorite way to run errands.  She LOVES this car.  Sometimes she'll wave at people as she drives by. . . it's ridiculous. :)

FOUR.  I feel like I have been wearing and rotating the same few target shirts for the last few months.  I went through my closet a little bit this week to find some old goodies to start wearing more of.  I have such envy of the ladies who look adorable every single day - I just need to make time to invest an effort in getting ready!  I also need a little inspiration.  I am hoping the nicer weather will help!


Monday, March 17, 2014

life lately: priorities

I have had this little blog since 2008 - it's been a place for me to express, reflect, connect with others, create, and document.  I love being able to look back on so many things in my life here on this little corner of the web.  I don't see myself getting rid of it, I just wish it could stay as one of my priorities... and it hasn't!  But it's okay - my goal of 8-10 posts a month probably won't happen in the coming months - but I will do the best I can, and most importantly, I will try to keep up with the documenting - not just for others to read, but for myself.

I have gotten a few emails and messages lately from ladies who read along and I can't tell you how much it means to me - I feel so special that you follow along and I always appreciate the supportive comments and advice from so many of you!  Thank you!

Life lately is filled with family (of course), work, friends, and trying to keep up with things around the house.  I am also trying to get back in to working out, and running.  I have my eyes set on another half marathon in September, but before I sign up, I need to make sure I am going to be dedicated to it.

I see so many ladies who do it all - and they amaze me... community leaders, successful careers, kick-ass mamas, you name it - and when I try to measure up to that, I realize it's just not going to happen.  All I can do is be me, and do the best I can at it every day.  I try to focus most of my energy into Andie and I have tried to really pay attention to my attachment to my cell phone.  I don't want Andie to think I have a phone permanently attached to my hands (she probably already thinks her dad lives in my phone when he is at work because we facetime so much!)

I have seen a few quotes lately that have caught my eye when I can't sleep at night and I am skimming through pinterest.  Quotes have always been something I love - I have them scattered in different areas around the house to remind me of the things I think are important.  Thought I would share a few. . . :)

Have a safe and Happy St. Patties Day!  We are off to drink a green beer and celebrate with TL's friends from work.  Andie is hanging out with her pops - so darn cute.

{i LOVE this last one - i strive for this to be a mantra for our little family}

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Andie... You are 10 months old!

My sweet, silly, scrumptious daughter Andie,

10 months old. . . another month has passed and my goodness you grew, flourished, and got even more spunky!  You are really coming into your own, and I am amazed at how well you communicate with us  with out words (besides "maaa-ma" and "da-da-da-da").  You know how to get exactly what you want, and we are not very good at saying "no"!

You are truly a great baby.  You do so well getting pulled around on multiple errands, at the gym with the other kids, and sitting in the high chair at restaurants.  You smile, let people hold you, and as long as your needs are met, you do very well just "chillin'".  We realize the time of you running around, wanting down, and exploring is coming soon, so we are just enjoying it now while it lasts. :)

The BIG thing that happened this month??  You got not just one, but TWO teeth.  On February 15th, we saw the first tooth popping in, and your second one followed closely behind, coming in March 9th.  You were uncomfortable and in some pain, but you really were a trooper.  We gave you a little tylenol and that seemed to take the edge off.  You had a few nights where you woke up in pain, but otherwise, you did so well.  It was a very bittersweet thing for me to see that first tooth, it feels like you really are growing up, whether I like it or not.

You eat like a little champ.  You like almost everything you have tried.  For the first time this month, we took you to Pinkberry and you loved it!!  We only give you a few little bites, but you scream with excitement when we are there.  You have also been loving organic puffs, mum mums, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and yogurt.  Every morning lately, you have been eating an entire banana, I think it might be your favorite food right now.

You are very fast at crawling, especially when you see the pantry door open.  I sometimes can't run fast enough to catch you.  You love taking rides in your cozy coupe, you stand and walk (with assistance) anywhere, and you scale the kitchen cabinets.  You also love to push our barstools and kitchen chairs everywhere.  Right now, you love books, toys that play music, and Max & Zeus.  I talk to you all day long and sometimes you talk back, which I think is so cute!

You are a dancing queen!  Gramz and Pops came over to spend time with you while Dada and I had a date night and Gramz taught you the "Happy" song.  You dance anytime it comes on, and it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  You light up when you see Gramz, Pops, your cousins, aunties, and Uncle Joe.

You are a tiny little thing - I weighed you at a scale at the baby store and it said you were around 17 pounds.  You wear size 3 diapers, 9 month and 6-12 month clothes, and are starting to wear some shoes.  You still have a little chubbiness to your cheeks, but you have thinned out with all of the moving you do!  You sleep well at night - usually go down between 7:30 and 8:30 and wake up around 7am.  You are napping once a day (sometimes twice) for about an hour in the late morning.

You are fearless, throwing yourself off the sides of the couch, taking tumbles out of your toy car, and climbing up stairs.  You love plugs and cords, and nothing can be plugged in with in your reach or else you will find it.  You put every single thing in your mouth - toys, decorations, shoes, anything you can find.  You're quite the explorer.  I have also been told by several people that you are smart - you are very observant and can focus on people very well.  You are not a fan of diaper and outfit changes lately... luckily, we can usually get through it with a little distraction.

You, my baby, are the absolute best part of my day.  You bring me so much joy.  Your smiles, arm reaches for me, and snuggles fill my entire body with a feeling of love - it's powerful - unlike anything I have ever felt.  You are such a sweet & snuggly baby. . . I am overwhelmed by you all the time.  You make me and your dada so happy.  We love you with every single ounce of ourselves.

I hate so much that time is passing so quickly, the only thing that keeps me going is that every month new and exciting things happen and I feel so fortunate that I get to witness it all.  You are the best!

Love you to the moon and back times infinity (I tell you that all the time),