Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Boon High Chair: my review

TL did lots of research on high chairs... we saw a few at BabiesRUs, sat her in a few of them and just couldn't make up our minds.  We ended up ordering the Bjorn High Chair, and as cute as it was, it was much too tiny to last for very long - even our petite baby would not be able to eat in that thing for too much longer.  So we returned it (thank goodness for free shipping both ways on Amazon).

So, we asked around to other mamas, TL checked ratings and reviews, and we decided on The Boon highchair.  It looks sort of like a barber chair, and I will admit, I wasn't majorly sold on it at first.  We ordered ours from Target online (5% off with your red card) and they only had orange, which has turned out to be okay.

Andie immediately liked it.  It's comfortable for her, she has room to grow with the adjustable tray, and oh my gosh this thing is extremely easy to clean.  The material it is made of is so easy to wipe down and takes just a minute or two to clean, which is crazy because of how messy it gets.  The seat is removable, and we ended up taking the straps out of it because she is pretty snug in there with just the tray.  The tray is easy to take apart and clean, and the top (what she eats off of) is dishwasher safe.

I love the way it rolls around the kitchen.  If I am cooking, it's easy to just roll her around while she snacks.  It's also got an adjustable height, so we can roll her up to the kitchen table next to us and she doesn't feel left out.

The only thing that I can see being a slight disadvantage as she gets bigger is: the tray is a little on the smaller size.  It won't fit a standard size plate, but I think the tray itself is just going to be her plate.  It's also a little tight when I have her sippy cup and food on there.  It doesn't matter too much right now, but I could see that being a small issue in the future.

Other than that, this highchair rocks!  I love the convenience of it for cleaning, moving, and it's not extremely ugly to look at.
{they are great for climbing on, too!}
{my messy eater}


Lauren said...

Thanks for this review! We ended up just dealing with our current high chair with Elyse but I hate it because it's SO hard to clean!

So for any future kids, a new highchair is definitely on the list...my SIL has this Boon one as well and loves it.

And a suggestion regarding the smaller tray, I'm not sure if the highchair will go up & down, but when she gets older you might be able to just scoot her up to the table without the tray. We do this with Elyse at my parents' house and she loves to actually eat from the table with us.

Ashley Brickner said...

We have same chair (in green!). We love, love it!!! We do actually use the ttray as her plate sometimes & it's just perfect! Andie of course looks adorable in it!!!! :)


Jodi said...

Looks like Andie is liking it and that's what matters ;) What a cutie!

Leslee said...

Indeed! Looks like Andie likes it for a jungle gym too ♥ High chairs have such a long, long way... :-)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

A rocking high chair - brilliant idea!!

Stephanie said...

Did you put Andie in it before she could officially sit up? My son is almost 5 months and is learning to sit (he still leans), but we want to get a high chair now so he can start sitting with us near the table at dinner. I like how easy this chair seems to clean, but don't know how snug it would keep him.. Thanks!