Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday

I can't believe it's Friday again - where did this week go?!  Things have been busy - in a good way - and I have really been working on just enjoying each day.

ONE.  I have been into the Olympics - I really enjoy them, and I always do.  I like learning more about each of the sports and watching the competitions.  My favorite moment so far was when Noelle Pikus - Pace won the Silver medal.  Her reaction and response was so genuine and happy, very neat to see.
TWO.  The Bow Jar (I promise I won't mention it in every blog post) has been open for a month exactly today - and I am really excited.  The support from so many bloggers, friends, and family members has meant so much to me.  I can't believe it actually stayed open for a month - it has been so rewarding seeing pictures of babies, girls, and ladies wearing bows, clips, and headbands that I made.  I am hosting a pretty big giveaway (5 bows/headbands of your choice in a jar).  Check out Facebook if you'd like more details :)

THREE.  I mentioned last week that TL and I got each other the Fitbit bands for Valentine's day.  I ended up having to return mine because it was so inaccurate with my daily routine.  It was counting "steps" when I was sitting in a chair rocking Andie, which I do quite often during the day - so the inaccuracy was really misleading me.  I have decided to just use my Garmin more and get my butt into gear at the gym.  I have been going more lately and just need to build my own routine!

FOUR.  Andie got her first tooth this last weekend.  At more than 9 months old... we were surprised!  It was a weird feeling for me... she's really growing up and changing so fast.  This sweet baby of mine is blooming into a tiny human with her own abilities, and I can't figure out how to make it all slow down.  What a blessing she is!
{my little lovebug loves to swing!}

{beautiful quote - source}

Have a beautiful weekend!


The Pink Growl said...

I love Mitch Albom and his quotes! I'm usually SO into the Olympics, but I haven't been this year.

Lauren said...

ahhh...their smiles change so much once they get those teeth!

And I haven't had a fitbit but I had the NIKE version and there was no way it was it went back too!

Anonymous said...

I have been contemplating getting one of those fit monitors. A lot of my coworkers have the fit band. Thanks for your review, I will definitely do some research on some of the other ones! How is TL liking his?

Jess Norden said...

Yay!!! A tooth!! I thought it was so sad to think that I would never see that toothless grin again, but the teeth are so adorable! :)

I LOVED Noelle...she's just so NORMAL! I am going to miss the Olympics when they're over.

Have a great weekend!! xo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I was so happy to see her get a medal!! She seems so positive and I really wanted her to get one this time around.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

That swing picture is seriously just the sweetest!