Friday, December 27, 2013

5 on Friday

My goodness... Christmas and the last couple weeks have flown by!  Linking up for 5 on Friday:

ONE. Almost 3 weeks ago, I had a toothache, so I went to the dentist and THAT day at 3pm they pulled out my impacted wisdom teeth.  Yuck.  A little late in life, but at least it's done.  I still have some bruising on my face and looked like I was punched or lost a fight.  Thank goodness TL was able to leave work and my parents came up to see us, I was so out of it after being put to sleep.

TWO.  Andie got sick on Christmas Day with a really stuffy and congested nose... the day after Christmas, it got worse, and lucky TL and me got what she has.  It's been a rough couple days seeing my poor little girl sick.  She's been irritated and a little fussy... probably a little confused why she's feeling yucky.  And thank goodness for Boogie Wipes.  Her nose is a little raw, but it would be a lot worse with out these things!
THREE.  I was spoiled and got some really fun Christmas gifts from my family.  My sister found some adorable stationary and address book, I got nail polish, lounge clothes, a new purse and diaper bag... not to mention the necessities "Santa" always brings me: undies, socks, chapstick, hand soap, etc. :)  Christmas was amazing this year... especially because I got to spend it with my entire family.
FOUR.  It's almost New Years and this year has been one of the most life changing that I have ever experienced (for obvious reasons).  I have been doing a lot of reflecting and am planning on sharing some of my feelings soon.  New Years resolutions are always tough... but this year, I need to take a few things seriously.  Some changes may be on the horizon.


I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!!


Tara said...

Happy Friday! Sorry your princess is sick :( hope she feels better soon!

Jessica said...

Ugh, my hubby had all 4 of his wisdom teeth (2 were impacted) pulled right before Christmas! It was awful- he got a dry socket and everything. I think it's actually worse later in life. Hope y'all are starting to feel better!

Allison said...

I hope your sweet baby gets well soon! Change is good sometimes, praying for a happy, healthy New Year!

Allison said...

Ouch about the teeth, girl. And double ouch to recovering from that and then getting sick again - fingers crossed you'll all be back to perfect health ASAP.
Good luck figuring out your goals/resolutions for this year - interested to see what's in store for you guys!
Have a beautiful New Year's Eve celebration and a perfect start to 2014, dear! xox

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Sorry to hear the family is sick - but sounds like it was a great Christmas! Hope you have a happy new year!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a momma of an almost 11 month old little girl! She got sick on Christmas Eve, we ended up in urgent care with her being diagnosed with an ear infection. It is so awful to see them sick. We just discovered Boogie Wipes, I may even use them the next time I'm sick. Hope you are all feeling better!