Monday, November 11, 2013

Dear Andie... you're 6 months old!

My daughter Andie,

I get asked all the time "how old is she?"... and within the last few days, I have been saying "6 months",  and the fact that those words are coming out of my mouth is both exciting and sad to me at the same time.  I have been fearful of these days, weeks, and months passing at an impossible pace, and I am afraid time just won't slow down.  So I am doing my best to relish in you every day.  Your smell, your dense little body, those smiles, sounds, laughs... even your sad face, it's all so precious.

You are changing so much every day.  You've gotten stronger, feistier, and much easier to distract when you're upset about something.  You started sitting up on your own in the last couple of weeks, although, you'll take a spill every once in a while, so we have to sit near you.  You can stand on your own if we lean you up against something.  You've started to love your jump-a-roo and have spent more than an hour bouncing around in it.

The way you stare at your hands, in pure wonderment, makes me see the world through a whole new perspective.  You have been amazed about your ability to move them, grab things, and put them in your mouth now for 6 weeks.  Sometimes, you'll be shaking or eating a toy, and you'll catch a glimpse of your hands and suddenly your whole attention is focused on these amazing things that you can control.

This month we had our first flight, we went to Los Angeles to visit your aunties in LA, and a flight attendant called you "a little angel".  You didn't make a peep and slept the majority of the time both ways.  You smile at strangers when they talk to you, which was a lot of fun in the crowded airport.  You did have a blow out on the way there, but walking out of the airplane with a baby wrapped in a blanket is much better than walking out with a sad baby.  You were a good girl while we were there, laid back, happy, and taking in the new places, faces, and experiences.  I am very proud to be your mommy.

You've been getting into a little sleep habit at night lately... a couple of times a week, you'll go for 7-8 hours.  I think the rice cereal helps to fill your little belly so you don't get hungry in the middle of the night.  You had your first taste of sold food (besides rice cereal) on November 8th.  I made sweet potatoes and you seemed to like them.

We celebrated your first Halloween.  You dressed as a lady bug with your cousin, Stella, and as a little mouse on Halloween.  You seemed to like the pumpkin patch, too.

You make lots of noises while getting rocked to sleep.  You grunt and hum and we think it's adorable. You love being held in the air and spun around.  Daddy can always get you to smile if he lifts you up or flies you around like you're an airplane.  You laugh, giggle, and scream with happiness!

You have started paying more attention to your weenie dogs in the past month.  Grabbing for them, opening your mouth to try to "kiss" them, and watching them intently as they run around and play with each other.  They are most likely going to go through another adjustment phase when you're able to chase and play with them.

You're wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month and 6 month sized clothes.  You are a healthy little chubby thing, but you're petite as well.  Some of our newborn baby friends are just as tall as you are, but you've got a few pounds on them.  You are amazed by ceiling fans, looking at yourself in mirrors, Sophie the Giraffe, and your toy cow.

You love your bjorn... facing forward and seeing everything is the easiest way to take you out.  You've been known to sit in there for 2 hours while daddy and I get our errands done.  You still dislike the car... the iPad will occasionally work as a distraction, but for your longer car rides, we just try to wait until it is nap time for you.  You've gotten much better at riding in the stroller, but still aren't a huge fan of being strapped in.

Everyday, I make it a priority to just take a few minutes to snuggle you, squeeze you, and stare at you.  You are just a little bundle of joy!  Even when you are sad, or when Demandie Andie comes out, I still can't help but love you to pieces.  Daddy and I talk about you everyday.  We feel so lucky to have you and tell you "you are the most loved baby, ever!"

I can't believe my baby is 6 months old.  I love you, Andie.  And I will forever and ever.  Unconditionally.

Your Mama


Kristin said...

I cannot believe she is already 6 months old! That was one of my favorite ages - they are so fun at that time! :)

Lauren said...

could she be any cuter?!? Adorable!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Happy 6 months to your sweet girl! The first 6 months bring so much excitement and lots of changes for baby and parents, huh? The next 6 will fly by even faster! You're going to blink and she'll be 1!!

Ashley Brickner said...

I can totally relate to how you feel, but I promise momma, it just keeps getting better and better!!!

Jodi said...

She is so adorable!!!! 6 months went by fast! Can't believe she is already that old.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw so sweet! When you mentioned her being aware of her hands that just made me melt! :) Amazing she is already 6 months old! She'll be walking soon!

Leslee said...

Happy 6 months to Andie! She is definitely well loved and is very happy! I love reading your letters to her ♥

Baby Mama said...

She is so adorable! Seriously!

Shannon Dew said...

I can't even...she's so cute! She looks like such a fun happy bundle of love!!

Lindsay @ la vita dolce said...

She is so cute!! Oh my love love her chunky little cheeks :)

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Happy 6 months, Andie! I can't believe you are 6 months!

Natasha said...

there is NO WAY miss andie is already 6 months old...time is going too quickly i swear it!! she gets cuter by the minute mama and i know you are oh so proud of that gorgeous doll!!! hugs and kisses to you both

Denise Lopatka said...

oh be still my heart. she is so stinkin adorable! and i know how you feel! my baby girl is almost 4 months and when i say those words out loud i well up with emotion inside. they grow too fast! xox