Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday

ONE.  Dear Baby Gap & Old Navy, your 40% off your entire site sales are getting ridiculous.  You get me every time.  Why do you insist on having the cutest baby girl clothes ever... then have these sales.  You're cornering me.  I am way too big of a sucker for these sales you keep having.

TWO.  Speaking of amazing sales...  A lot of people stop and ask me about my perfume - it's my favorite scent - called "Miss Marisa" by Ebba.  They have my favorite smelling candles, too, called "Beach Rose" - which I have in Andie's nursery.  And, I just got TL hooked on their cologne, "White Tea for Men".  I love it because it's not a heavy fragrance that gives me a headache.  Their entire website is 30% off right now... so we are stocking up.

THREE.  I am so freaking excited for my niece to get here.  We're calling her Stubborn Stella, although, it's really my sister's body that is keeping her in there.  She is more than a week late, and we are all soooo anxious to meet her.  Good news... the doctor told us she will be here by next week.  So at least my sister knows there is a new beginning in sight. :)  She has been such a trooper - dealing with this heat and her rapidly growing beautiful baby girl.

FOUR.  My latest "Favorite" is Chai Tea Lattes.  I love iced chai teas from Starbucks, but considering the amount of ice they put in their drinks - it costs about $1.00 a sip.  I found these Keurig Cups at Target and the tea is pretty darn good.

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Jenna said...

Love the quote! Hope your niece makes her appearance sooner rather than later... soon Andie is going to have a new best friend and future playmate :)


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

The Gap and ON sale got me too this week. It was all just too good to pass up!

Natasha said...

SO glad I am not the only mamma out there who can't say no to Gap and their sales...makes it practically free, right?? :)

Allison said...

I love that Andie and Stella are going to be so close in age! They're going to be such good friends :)
I LOVE that quote - what a perfect reminder!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

I am a sucker for the sales at Gap as well, they have such great deals! Have a great weekend Tracy! :)

Happily Ever Parker said...

When you order a Starbucks iced drink ask for light ice! I hate how much they put in there too!

Lauren said... are so right about gap & old navy! Of course I'm a sucker when it comes to their clothes for my size as well! At least the sales and coupons make me feel a little less guilty!

Lizzy said...

The Old Navy sales got me when I was pregnant!!! They have cute maternity shirts and dresses!!

I love Starbucks drinks too, and whenever I get iced drinks, I always ask for lite ice, and even then it's still almost a half a cup of ice!

Nicole Marie said...

hahah $1.00 a sip hahah so true

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha, I get caught in those sales too!

Rachel said...

I totally know what ya mean with the Old Navy and Baby Gap sales. It's so bad for my bank account!

And I love the kcup chai lattes! Perfect afternoon pick me up :)