Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday

1. I was recently at breakfast with a couple girlfriends, and my friend Wendy mentioned that she had a specific "travel bucket list".  I have started working on this - and it's one that will probably take a lifetime to complete, if I am fortunate to cross off the places.

2. The hardest part of being a mom so far is when I can't comfort her crying.  Especially while driving. I have learned how to do those exercises where you try to "meditate" and take deep breaths while counting to 10.  Normally she loves riding in the car and it puts her to sleep, but I have had 2 car rides where she was screaming in the back and it's the only thing that kept me from losing it (completely), too.  Good thing they weren't long drives.

3. I have been easing my way back into work for the last two weeks, and it's been interesting.  I feel extremely fortunate that I have the opportunity to work part time, and a portion of it is from home and to meetings and locations that Andie can come with me.  But, it's still a transition.  Especially when trying to figure out how to get on a schedule with her eating and sleeping.  I love my job... but this girl is definitely my number one priority now and I am learning how to figure out the balancing act between work and being a first time mama!
{Andie and her fur-brothers}

4. One of my best friends, Casey, recently introduced me to the magic of photoshop.  She showed me a few of the things you can do with it and I was blown away.  I could use it for work, personal stuff, and it's just amazing.  I am debating biting the bullet and purchasing it for my computer, but I can't figure out if it's worth the $$$.  I also would need more training to get the most out of it.  Any website suggestions for tutorials?  Is it worth it?

5. My favorite show on television right now is Extreme Weight Loss.  It is so good, and manages to make me cry every week.  It's also inspiring me to get my butt back in shape.  I have been slacking still because I haven't been able to figure it out with the schedule (what schedule?) (see also: number 3).  But my legs are aching to go for a run and I know I need it for mental reasons too.  

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends!


Natasha said...

You can buy Photoshop Elements for around $100 I think which is like a "lite" version of the whole package...I've actually seen it as Costco!!

I understand the trying to balance work/personal, but you'll get there mama...just takes time!! OXOX

Unknown said...

That photo of Andie and the dogs is just gorgeous!!!

You sound like you are juggling right now...and doing just fine, well done you :)

And that travel bucket list....mine never seems to get any shorter!!

Happy Week-end! Xx

The Pink Growl said...

I definitely need a run this weekend! Maybe not a long or fast one, but just to do one. Love that pic of sweet Andi and the fur babies!

Carolyn said...

I think every new mom struggles with balance and finding time for herself. You'll get there! :)

Meghan said...

I got photoshop elements and find its enough for what I use it for. And I took a class on that really helped. I personally use photoshop for editing photos and doing digital scrapbooking, so her classes helped a lot.

Tess said...

One of my favorite mantra's is "This too shall pass". It def helps quiet my mind and get through the stressful situation.

It sounds like you have a fabulous work situation for yourself which is so awesome! Enjoy your weekend girl! xo

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Totally agree I have photoshop elements and it's perfect for what I need it for. Andie and the boys are adorable!

Traci said...

My son Gunner hated the car for a good 6 weeks. He would just scream bloody murder for the whole ride. It was horrible. When I would get him out he would be so hot and sweaty from being so mad. We tried changing the angle and nothing worked. Thank goodness he grew out of it.

Ashley said...

Yes just buy Photoshop Lite!
I found the best way to learn was self-teaching, and googling things you want to do. You can always find great tutorials all over the place! I can help you too, if you have any questions.
We have the full blown photoshop at work and I'm lucky enough to have it on my work laptop, but Lite should do you just fine.
This is a great shortcut tool:

Claire said...

Love that photo of Andie and the dogs - precious!

Megan said...

Baby Einstein Cds are our car lifesaver! Andie is so beautiful! (Just like her mommy!!)

Megan said...

Oh and for Photoshops if you have a college email it's discounted!

April of Smidge Of This said...

I have Photoshop at work and I'm ashamed to say that I'm terrified to use it! I really need to learn so that the money doesn't go to waste. And for what it's worth -- you already look like you are in perfect shape! :) Thanks for linking up with us mama!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The photo of her with the dogs is SO cute!!!

Allison said...

I have a Pinterest board that's quickly become my "travel bucket list." God knows how many places are on it now though - I need to get it together and actually plan!
I love running - we've had these ridiculous heat waves the past 3 weeks which has made long runs an impossible thing. I miss it terribly because it's so healing for me. You look INCREDIBLE though - you're in perfect shape.
And seriously - could your baby be more precious?!