Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our first month baby essentials

TL and I were brand new to this baby stuff.  
I've read that every baby is different... some love certain things and others have little interest in them.  Here are a few of the items that were essential for us during this first month of her life.  
None of these are sponsored suggestions... they were all bought for us by family!

My MIL got this for us as a gift a few months after we found out we were expecting.  It was hid away in a closet until TL and I were out shopping and he saw it on display and realized how cool it was.  We had it set up and ready for her when she got home and within an hour of getting home from the hospital, she was already swinging away in it.  It plays music, moves in 5 different ways at different levels of intensity, and plays comforting sounds.  Everyone who comes over says they wish they made one for adults.

My sister's good friend Christi had one of these for her new baby boy and my sister came home from visiting them raving about it.  She ordered one for us and a few days after we were home from the hospital, we got it.  It is seriously amazing.  With the nail clippers, it's easy to cut the nail too short.  This thing is awesome, you can put it directly on your skin and it won't hurt at all.  It's super soft, but does the trick at cutting their nails.  It has 4 different files to use as they get older.  TL loves giving her little manicures - and it has saved her face from getting lots of scratches!  {Notice in the picture she doesn't even care that TL is doing her nails... it's very quiet}

My mom and a few of my friends insisted that we have a few pair of zip up jammies for her when she was little, and my mom got us these Carter's ones that have little mittens on the end of their hands (which is great at keeping them warm and also helps with them scratching their face).  For the first 2 weeks, she only wore these at night - and it was so easy for TL to change her and get her dressed again.

4. ItzBeen Timer
While we were in the hospital, we were struggling figuring out how to remember the times she ate, for how long, etc.  My mom ran to target to pick up one of these ItzBeen Pocket Nanny timers - and it has been a huge help, especially for bre*stfeeding.  I still write down notes on when she eats so I can recognize any schedule she has, but the timer makes it really convenient.  You can also use it for diaper changes, sleeping, etc.

This thing is pretty amazing.  My dad and TL gave Andie her first bath the night we arrived home from the hospital and we realized how cool this thing is!  It has a sensor on it while running under the faucet that tells you a specific comfort zone for the temperature of the water and it beeps profusely at you if the water temperature gets too hot or cold.  It also has a draining system so the water is constantly flushing out and stays clean.  This was a great feature when she pooped a little in the tub because it flushed right out!

What products have you found essential for the first 6 months?
Anything that we have to have?


Jessica said...

The MamaRoo looks amazing. Definitely pinned this to my baby board for when the time comes!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I'm definitely going to have to get the nail trimmer. Avery is good when I cut her nails but this would make it much easier!

Keri said...

Will definitely be referencing this!

safire said...

She is absolutely precious! My sorority sister just had a baby today and she's a first-time mom. I'm actually going shopping for her this weekend for some gifts :D

Love this post!

Brooke said...

We have the mamaroo, the 4moms tub and the itzbeen. Definitely 3 of our favorite things!

Ashley Brickner said...

We LOVE our momaroo! Also - have you tried Aden & Anais blankets?!! They are PERFECT for swaddling!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

What fun trendy gadgets!! I made Joe clip Brooke's nails at first, but now the scissors work fine for me. I was too afraid to hurt her at first; wish I had known of that cool thing!! If she loves to be swaddled I suggest the swaddle me blankets and definitely the Aden & Anais--great for keeping the sun off her skin on sunny days too, but lightweight to let her breathe. She's gorgeous!!

Jodi said...

Do you have Sophie? I don't know why babies love that giraffe so much but I hear it is a fave of most!!! It is an expensive chew toy but cute at least.

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

I need to look into that nail trimmer! The twins HATE having their nails clipped and it's a constant battle! :)

Lizzy said...

I found sleeping gowns easy for when they are itty bitty. It's easy to just pull them up a little for diaper changes!

I don't know if you have a pump, but I loved my double electric Medela Pump in Style pump. So easy to do both sides at the same time. I just wish I had bought the holders for it so I wouldn't have to hold it while pumping.

My son loved the Rainforest Jumperoo when he was able to support his head without help, which I think was around 4 months or so.

Lauren said...

we LOVE Carter's jammies...Elyse still sleeps in them even at 18 months old!

& I might have to check out that nailclipper...Elyse normally takes it ok, but she's starting to fight it now!

We also had the Mamaroo and loved that it didn't take up very much space!

Emily said...

We too loved our Mamaroo!! I also say that 2 other MUST haves are a bouncy chair...we had the bright stars one because it would actually bounce when our little one kicked...not just vibrate.

Then the second is My Breastfriend...I couldn't have nursed without it! LOVE that and it is now my go to gift for all nursing mommies!!

Love your sweet baby girl, such a cutie!

Carolyn said...

Great list! :) Definitely checking these out!!