Friday, June 14, 2013

5 on Friday

Love linking up for this 5 on Friday with some awesome bloggers :)

1.  I am in love with this song by The Band Perry.  My sisters played it for me and it got me a little choked up.  Reminds me so much of my mom and the comfort I have with her.  My favorite lines are "There's no safer place i've found, then the shoulder of her white nightgown" - and "she's the light in the window of the house I grew up in".  I hope someday Andie thinks of me when she hears songs like this.

2.  Andie's head is finally starting to be the size for all the bows I have!  I know this is so little, but I can't contain my excitement.  The jars full of bows in her room are finally getting some use :)

3. I am over the moon excited to celebrate TL on Father's Day this Sunday.  This is the first year ever that he gets to celebrate this day... and Andie & I hope to make it a special one.  I also love any chance I get to celebrate my dad.

4.  I NEED to start cooking again... but I have been a total lazy bones about this and haven't lifted a finger near the stove lately.  My goal for this week is just to make one meal for us for dinner.  There.  I wrote it out, now it needs to happen :)

5.  I am deeply saddened by all of the destruction that has happened in Colorado with the huge fires and with the huge tornados that have taken place recently in the midwest.  I can't imagine what so many people who have been faced with these tragedies are going through.  It's been heavy on my heart - they're all in my thoughts.


Courtney said...

She looks so adorable in that bow headband! I live in Colorado and I'm still in disbelief at how badly the fires have gotten out of control so quickly!
I hope you guys have a happy first Father's Day together.

Kelly said...

You should not feel bad at all about not cooking. I felt so much guilt when I did not get dinner cooked or the house clean. Now I look back and wish I had just enjoyed every second instead of feeling any guilt.

When you are ready to cook, the crockpot was the only way I got meals made the first few months with my son. He was not happy sitting in a bouncer in the evenings while I got dinner ready, but we had no issues when I could do it earlier in the day. It was a nice (easy) way to get back into cooking.

Ana said...

LOOOOVE her headband. So cute!!!

It makes me so sad to see pictures of Oklahoma and Colorado. It def puts things on perspective when you see people that have lost everything.

Katie said...

She's so tiny!! And beautiful!

Carolyn said...

Love the headband!! :)

Unknown said...

oh my goodness...that song made me cry!! I think I just found my mother/daughter dance for my wedding. Thank you for posting this!!!

Allison said...

Andie is beautiful!! This is totally random, but where did you get the chairs for your dining room table? Are they from RH?? I desperately need some!

Lauren said...

she looks so itty bitty..but I'm loving that bow! it won't be long before those bows are too small! ha!

Jodi said...

I love The Band Perry and that is a great song. Love the headband on Andie. Too cute!