Monday, April 22, 2013

Packing Our Hospital Bag

I started realizing we needed to pack a hospital bag for Andie's arrival at 29 weeks.
I looked a little online for ideas, and even had a few people ask me what I had packed in mine... but didn't have a clue on what should be in there.  So, I consulted my sister - who has had two babies - and for my Birthday, she put together a basket of goodies to pack, as well as a list of items that are a good idea to have.

1. flip flops for the shower
2. hair ties
3. antibacterial wipes / sanitizer
4. n*pple cream, if you plan on breastfeeding
5. toothbrush/toothpaste
6. make up (if you'd like it)
7. chapstick
8. snacks for dad
9. hair brush
10. travel size shampoo & conditioner
11. Q Tips
12. make up remover wipes
13. small notebook (for jotting down notes/memories/keeping list of visitors)
14. gum/mints
15. deoderant
16. camera
17. phone & camera chargers
18. insurance cards
19. socks
20. nursing shirt
21. travel sized body wash
22. nail clippers

and of course,
23. an outfit for baby to wear home
24. an outfit for mama to wear home

My sister had a special hospital gown from a friend for both of her boys... and she passed it off to me to wear for Andie's arrival as well.  Sure beats the typical hospital gown and makes a great gift for a friend!

Am I forgetting anything?


Megan Woolsey said...

Hi Tracy! My husband Chris made this awesome playlist and brought our music to the hospital. The whole time I was in labor before it got serious I listened to my favorite tunes. To this day when I hear some of the music I think of that special day. :) Megan

Kaleigh said...

You will want a robe. So easy to put on and walk around

Linsey Jackson said...

We also had music, games to fill time during the slow waiting and movies!! Everytime I see 27 dresses I.think of that day. I also took a nursing bra, nursing pads and my own pillow/blanket.

Shelley said...

Bring a boppy and nursing sleeping bras, breast pads!

Jess Norden said...

A robe is a definite was nice to throw on over my gown when we would go for a walk, and it was also nice to have something very familiar from home! We also brought our own towels to shower with (theirs were sooo thin and rough) and I brought my own slippers. Don't forget snacks for YOU!! I'm sure there's a cafeteria, but I only wanted crackers and fruit. (Our hospital provided Ginger Ale and popsicles, which were great!)

Oh my gosh, I can't believe how close it is getting!!! Have so much fun in these last weeks!!


Anna said...

I'm 38 weeks prego and just packed my bag this weekend :) I have a bag of "unnecessary" items such as a big box of candy for the nurses station, a gift for daddy from our little man, naked juice, new, cute socks and a bottle of champagne to pop with our family and friends that visit :) I' a wine rep, so it's a "must" on my list :)

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! These last few weeks seem to drag....


Mrs. V said...

Hey Tracy,
I had to chime in as my time in the hospital was much longer than I had planned for. Bring some lounge style or PJ style outfits for yourself. I had my lovely maternity robe and a come home outfit....and nothing else! Comfortable full-cut cotton panties to wear home as well or while you are there would be smart as well =)

Mrs. V said...

Hi Tracy,
I had to chime in as my hospital stay was longer than I had planned. I wished I had brought more lounge style clothes for myself, other than just my birthing robe and go home outfit. I would also recommend cotton brief style panties to wear after birth and home as well =)

Unknown said...

Great list! I agree with a couple above. I think an ipod/dock for some nice music will be nice and a robe or some cute easy-to-put-on PJ's. Happy 35!!! xoxo

lori said...

i am glad you posted this! i will have to start thinking about the same thing before too long, so it's nice to see other people's lists and comments!

Life With Lauren said...

That was such a great gift from your sister!

The Danielson's said...

I love having a robe to go down to the NICU in. We also brought sees candy for the two nursing shifts. We took snacks and quarters for the vending machines also. Where are you delivering at? I would get together a list of restaurants in the area and some take out menus so you can send family or friends to pick up food before coming to visit because hospital food sucks!

Unknown said...

Bring your own maxi pads. The ones they give you are beyond awful. Also bring some big old granny panties. The last thing you're gonna wanna do is put on your cute ones.

Also bring snacks for you. After both boys I was the most hungry I've ever been in my life. I ate food I didn't even like I was so hungry.

A pillow or blanket from home is nice also. Makes things more cozy.

My Papa would buy See's candy and put it out for the nurses in the room. It makes them check on you more :)

Natasha said...

my best advice for a few things to add to this list would be your laptop (you'll have some downtime most likely before andie is delivered), some cute PJs to wear post-delivery (target has some adorable ones that are bright and have easy access for feeding, too) and maybe a few onesies/sleep n plays for andie to wear for the 1-2 days yall are staing at the hospital!

Ashley said...

Definitely comfy lounge clothes, snacks for YOU and mitts for Andie. Their nails are like razors when they are born and you don't want to cut them for at least a week(too soft and may tear), so mitts will help her not scratch herself as we'll as you.

Jodi said...

That is great idea about the hospital gown. You'll be in so many pics so having something cute will be good!

Adrienne Gomer said...

That is adorable! I agree with some of the other people, bring your own maxi pads and some loose fitting cotton underwear. Wearing hospital grade pads and mesh panties is beyond awful.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What a sweet gift! Maybe like an ipad or a small laptop, just for something to play with during downtime?

Colleen Sullivan said...

I 2nd what Mrs. V said above: pack some extra lounge clothes. I ended up being in the hospital for a week and had visitors coming all the time. I wish I had had more clothes. And def bring your laptop :)

Holly said...


chantal marie said...

what a good sister! ive never had a baby, but that sounds like a great list!