Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Lesh: 26 Weeks

How i'm feeling: good... really love being pregnant & haven't had too much discomfort... yet. :)  A little self conscious, but what pregnant woman isn't?

How far along: 26 weeks and one day

Size of the baby: estimated at 14 inches and 1.7 pounds

Total Weight Gain: about 10-11 pounds

Maternity Clothes:  AG Jeans from Pea in a Pod, they were my splurge several weeks ago, but I love 'em.  Still wearing regular shirts and work out clothes.

Gender: a GIRL... Andie! #andielesh

Movement: oh my goodness, tons!  This girl loves having dance parities in my belly.  I can't get enough of it.  She did hit my ribs for the first time yesterday - but I love feeling this girl wiggle around!

Sleep: I am getting plenty... but still up quite often through the night and an early riser!

What I miss: this week... running.  I miss being able to go for long runs with my music.  But soon enough it'll be back in my life.

Cravings: fruit & veggies.  and thanks to my cousin, Greyson, whole foods gelato.  (yum!)

Symptoms: just some slight discomfort in the mornings and evenings.  But truly, nothing major!

Best moments this week:
+ going shopping with my sister, Kel, for items for the registry.  my sister is a pro and helped immensely.
+ before TL left for work he kissed my belly and said "bye Andie"... our text message convos about her are priceless.
+ all of the fun goodies Andie's grandmas are picking out for her.  she is one lucky little lady.
+ having a few strangers stop me about being pregnant
+ visiting my girlfriends in LA and the incredible surprise shower they threw for us!

Looking forward to:
+ a few more nursery items set to arrive in the next couple weeks (one on Thursday)
+ our "babymoon" adventure... and just getting away.  my mind will love a refreshing break and I could really use some quality time with my guy.
+ the baby shower my sisters are working so hard on planning (it's a ways off, but still!)... I am so grateful for them and can't wait to spend an afternoon with people who mean so much to me!

We are getting so close to the 3rd trimester... it's so hard to believe!  Less than 100 days :)


Shelley said...

Tracy!! Now that is one adorable baby bump!! I am so glad you are feeling good most of the time! If you start getting any bone pain I recommend seeing a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics. It helped me a lot!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

You look absolutely fantastic!!! Glad to hear you are feeling so well!

Jay said...

You look so great Tracy and I'm happy to hear that you are feeling well too!

Carolyn said...

OMG! You look absolutely adorable! And I love the name Andie!! :)

Jenna said...

You look so good - totally rocking the perfect baby bump :) Where are you guys going for the babymoon? Sounds like so much fun!


Kate said...

Oh yay! You finally popped and look beyond darling!! I just got back form my 22 week appt and I've gained 11 lbs already. Eep!!! I'm sooooo loving that you're 4 weeks ahead of me because I feel like I can getting an idea of what I have to come and to look forward to. You're just too beautiful for words!

Unknown said...

You look fabulous!!

I love reading your updates, this is such an amazing and exciting time.

I just knew you would have the best baby showers ever, can't wait to hear about them :)

Take care XX

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Looking great. Belly is def in!

Anonymous said...

Ohmgeee, you look fabulous ! Your going to LOVE lalove being a mom :) I'm so excited for you both !

Lizzy said...

You have the cutest baby bump ever!! And you can keep running, just make sure the belly has support! I've read stories of women who are about to pop running marathons! Some even went into labor at the finish line!!

Ana said...

You look so adorable!!!

Jodi said...

You look great! You are all baby bump!! The rest of your body still looks the same as pre-pregnancy! Where are you going for your babymoon? That will be so fun to get away and relax!

Norah {Busan and Beyond} said...

How cute are you?! So lucky that you're not feeling many symptoms. Yay for a babymoon! Where are you heading?

KRISTIN said...

You look fantastic! So glad you are feeling good! :)

Allison said...

You look so incredible! (I started to write "incredibly incredible".. I'm ashamed of myself). Yum, isn't Whole Foods gelato to die for?!
I'm so happy for you and all the excitement you have going on. Baby Andie is going to be so incredibly loved :) xox

Nicole Marie said...

and you're adorable

Emily grapes said...

I swear, you have the cutest belly on the earth! She's really made her presence and its the cutest!!

I love that you're craving fruits and veggies! What could be better, right?
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Unknown said...

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Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Wow, baby Andie has really grown since the last post! That has to make you so happy to see your little one growing and thriving. I can't believe you will be a Mama in a 100 days! ahh!

Nicole-Lynn said...

You look adorable! Pregnancy definitely suits you! It's hard to believe you're almost in your third trimester.. seems like just yesterday you were making your announcement! :)

Jamie Kubeczka said...

You look great! She will be here before you know it!