Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eating Habits {for two} + forever

Moments after I found out I was pregnant (before the morning sickness set in) the first thing I knew I had to do is watch what I eat.  Let me preface this all by saying I am not a doctor {obviously}.

I started googling like a mad woman, reading doctor blogs, and studies about what not to eat.  AND THEN I started getting frightened... holy smokes - the Internet is great, but it can scare the poop out of ya if you read into everything.  New words are now in my vocabulary... the 2 WORST that stand out the most:
+GMO (genetically modified organisms)

My whole outlook on grocery shopping changed.  I knew I needed to avoid sugar (the bad one), and now... anything with the above ingredients too?  How is a girl supposed to eat?  And who has time to look at every label in the store?  Or on a menu?

So I called my mom.  She grounded me - she explained that when she was pregnant many years ago, they hadn't done research yet... and we all turned out fine.  She said the key word "moderation"... and it hit me.  I need to eat a majority of healthy & natural foods.  And it's stuck.

Once getting past the first 16 weeks of feeling icky... I started a new outlook.  Natural is better.  Organic is better.  Do the best I can.  The one food I absolutely cannot stand since getting pregnant: onions.  The thought of them makes me want to yack.

My favorite go to foods now?
+organic fruits & veggies.  my faves: kiwi, pears, pomegranites, bananas, mandarins, carrots, artichokes, avacado, edamame (all great for a snack)
+peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (I get the healthy jelly from whole foods {no gmos}, and a natural peanut putter} and I eat whole grain, fiber filled bread anytime I eat bread (spend time to read the labels and find a really nutritious bread).
+shredded wheat cereal.  that's the only ingredient.  whole grain shredded wheat... it does an amazing job at filling me up in the morning - and I know it's a good kick start for me.
+orange juice (read the labels... it was shocking to see what some of them have - they claim to be healthy and pure squeezed, but they're not.)
+brown rice vegetarian sushi rolls from whole foods
+water with a fresh squeezed lemon... or if I need something really tasty, I do 70% water and 30% cranberry juice.
+vanilla almond milk.  It's so good.  I will still eat some dairy (cheese) but I have cut back.
+for a healthy dessert... I will eat a greek yogurt (check the labels for aspartame)

What I {mostly} avoid?
+Aspartame - I have cut it out completely... that's the one ingredient I have no trouble finding on a label!
+soda - I had sprite for new years so I could have my own bubbles... but have you seen the amount of sugar in those things!?
+all of the "black listed" pregnancy food/drinks (alcohol,  deli meat, raw sushi, unpasteurized cheese, etc)
+sugar... the simple, white, ends in "ose" ingredient that is oh-so-yummy.  I still eat it... but I have cut down a lot!  {candy has been the hardest... it's my favorite!}

When TL is home - we make a lot of eggs and hash browns (read labels), soups, and veggie dishes.  (Nothin' too special).  We eat out a lot, but I have simplified what I order, looking closer at the ingredients than I used to.  Neither one of us are big meat eaters... but I crave red meat when I need a big healthy dose of iron.

I still eat what I like... I have just noticed a shift in how my brain works in choosing what I eat.  Hopefully this feeling of wanting to eat better lasts through pregnancy and beyond!!

The one thing I hear a lot of people tell me is "you're eating for two".  And that's true.  But there's me, and then a tiny person that only requires an extra few hundred calories a day.  But hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do... even if that means I need a milk shake at the end of a long day :)

What are your go to foods?  {pregnant or not}


Carolyn said...

Love this post! It's so crazy to think about the things that we "think" are healthy!

Unknown said...

i never ever diet! i find it impossible, but i like to eat healthy - i ve managed to cut down on carbs like pasta by adding spinach to my plate and putting pasta on top - or if i have friends around we fill up on chopped veg and houmous instead of crisps. feel miles better for it x

Jessica said...

Seriously, the internet is full of lots of good information, but it can really scare you. And I totally agree- it's all about moderation. For some reason when I exercise then I feel like eating healthy (I guess it's a good cycle).

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

I ate really healthy when I was preggo. I also used a food based prenat vitamin from whole foods. I loved it.

I used truvia to avoid the artificial sweeteners. I tried to eat something dark green at least once a day.

Your on the right track for sure.

Jax said...

Great post. So true. I want to focus on eating more naturally. And you make a good point on the moderation thing. I mean, I dont ever succeed in cutting out all the bad stuff entirely, but eating better overall=good. Good food ideas btw. I want to go buy PB and J from Whole foods b/c I could eat that all the time at home for a quick snack or small meal!

Ash said...

i like to eat plant-based: lots of fruits and veggies (organic!), rice, beans, green smoothies every morning..

so glad you are aware of GMO's and aspartame! did you know aspartame turns into FORMALDEHYDE in our bodies?!?! YUCK.

way to keep your baby and yourself healthy!

KRISTIN said...

this is great! the internet is definitely so scary in terms of researching preggo stuff! and i agree...everything in moderation! you're doing awesome and your baby girl is so lucky to have you taking such good care of her already. :)

Dear Boys Love Mom said...

Look at you Mama! A total Pro! Eating healthy is pretty standard for me, but with my pregnancies come an extreme sweet tooth. This pregnancy I have allowed myself one decaf cup of coffee a day and 2 mini soda cans of Dr. Pepper a week. I love veggies and dip, so those have been HUGE for my healthy eating.

Kaleigh said...

It is crazy how much you have to change your habits when pregnant. I agree though, moderation is key. It will all be completely worth it once she is here!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I have no doubt the amount of info on pregnancy foods was overwhelming! Sounds like you are on a good track though!

Karin said...

I focused on starting my day with a healthy meal when I was pregnant with Kendall. I found that by doing so, I continued to make good choices throughout the day, since I had started it off on the right foot. In the mornings, I would have a piece of cheddar cheese, a hard boiled egg, and a small bowl of oatmeal. For a mid morning snack, I would eat dry cereal, and a piece of fruit. At lunch time, it would depend on where I was ordering from for my Doctors office that day (pharma sales), but over all would choose healthy options, and at night, we would have chicken, veggies, and a whole grain of some sort. I also found that adding spinach to normal dishs I already made didnt change the flavor of the dish, but did add another healthy component. And Tracy, your mom is right- everything in moderation! You already lead a healthy lifestyle, so it shouldnt need much altering. And girl, if you are craving something, have a little bit of it! For me, it was fruits at the begining of my pregnancy, and at the end, it was anything maple (syrup, doughnuts, etc). That didnt mean I was having a huge pancake breakfast every morning or a doughnut every day, but I did indulge myself every now and then :)

Anonymous said...

This is great! I'm not pregnant, nor have I been, but I choose to fill up on fruits, veggies, nuts (almonds mostly), hummus. For meat, I stick to chicken and fish, with the occasional shrimp (can't say no to the buggers!). Have an awesome day!

Lindsay @ la vita dolce said...

we arent big red meat eaters either. we eat a lot of lean ground turkey (turkey burgers YUM!!) , fish (talpia and mahi), grains and veggies and more veggies!! :)
kind of in a rut with new fresh ideas, we eat same meals very often...

Lizzy said...

I ate deli meat and sushi while pregnant with my son, but not very often! I think having it once every month or so is okay to do! It's hard to look through everything and make sure there are no bad products in it. The only thing I went a little over board on was Jamoca milkshakes from Baskin Robins! I had 3-5 of the medium or larges a week! It was my worst craving ever!

Allison said...

The internet in general can be scary when searching for medical advice -- I can imagine it being extra scary while eating for deux!
Since I became a vegetarian two years ago (okay, pescetarian - I can't give up sushi!), I've just felt better about myself. It's not a weight issue, it's a feeling good issue - I like how I feel and look when I eat organic fruits and veggies, don't drink soda, etc. Kale has become a new favorite, and baked edamame with olive oil and Parmesan cheese! (I can't give up cheese, I really can't).
It sounds like you're doing really well and keeping on track. xox

Stephanie said...

You hit the nail right on the head with the moderation thing. I try to apply that to my overall eating habits and stay away from trends and fad diets. I've found that the more I "moderate" things like sugar and caffeine, the less I want them. Sounds like you're developing some very healthy and smart eating habits to pass on to your little one. :)

Kari said...

It is really amazing the things that claim to be healthy, and are really not. Great post!

Kari said...

It is really amazing the things that claim to be healthy, and are really not. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Its scary how difficult eating healthy can sometimes be especially by not being properly informed. This post made me realize that I need to do some research of my own in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of not being on a diet but rather just eating healthy. Get it!

Ashley said...

I did the same - there were so many daunting and terrifying websites and horror stories out there. My Mom gave me the same spiel and it helped me relax!

Moderation for surely is the key. Treats and such are fine in small bits, but for the most part I think you have a great plan for eating while pregnant! Your little girl is lucky, and sounds like she will have a wonderful role model for eating healthy as she grows up :)

Leslee said...

Wonderful & insightful post Tracy!!!

Steve's favorite word for several years has been MOD-ER-A-TION!!!

ERin has educated on us on many of the new buzz words; GMO & such, and we have become more aware of our diet, however we do enjoy an occasional In-n-Out meal too!!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

I am so behind on reading blogs that I missed the announcement of your pregnancy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I wish you nothing but the best during your pregnancy, and many prayers for a health little peanut for you guys. Enjoy every minute of being pregnant, which I'm sure you will. Congratulations again! I'm as excited for you as I would be my own best friend...It's such a sweet, sweet, special time. Take care!

L A C E Y said...

first of all, congrats on your pregnancy! it is so great that you are doing your research and making healthy choices. there is a chinese (i think) saying, "80% is perfection" - so keep that in mind :) eating healthy, unprocessed, nutritious foods is on my list of goals for 2013, too!

Nell said...

Have you watched that video that our cousin, Nicole Shorrock emailed/posted on fb a while back about GMOs? That is what got me jump-started on all of my homemade/healthier food for us and the kids. It's been awesome! Joel got me a food processor for Christmas and oh. my. It's amazing. I make my own peanut butter in that thing. And Orowheat has a new bread called Simply (and it only has 10 ingredients) with none of the yuckies. It's at Raley's and Bel-Air. Oh...and almond milk is yummy! Ilia had that for 6 months when we cut dairy and she really liked it. :) happy for you! Love you, girl.