Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Style: Creating the Perfect Look from Head to Toe

{this is a sponsored guest post written by a Paige One writer and sponsored by: Perfect Locks}

Halloween is next week, and if you haven’t already begun thinking about your costume now is the time! This year take some time to go beyond the concept of a costume and consider every element of your look: hair, makeup, clothes, and even nails. Cute, sexy, scary, clever, or funny, Halloween is the best time of the year to go all-out with your style.

Think through the tools and supplies you will need to create your look. The costume is only the beginning. Add to it human hair extensions, false eyelashes, removable teeth, glitter, a stunning shade of lipstick, tights, or whatever else you need to create a full effect of a character. The charm of a costume is in its clever details, and the details are what create a clear reflection of you and your interpretation of a costume.

Consider the reaction that you’d like others to have upon seeing your costume. For example, let’s say you’d like to be a dog for Halloween. You could go with a classic, fuzzy costume complete with ears and a tail, a painted black nose, and carry around your food bowl begging for donations. This would likely get an “Aww, isn’t that cute?” reaction from your friends. Or, if you’re attending an adult party and want to add a touch of sexy, you could wear a short, furry skirt, pale colored fishnets, a headband with floppy ears, false lashes, high heels, and a collar and leash. Take some time to really think through the effect you’d like your costume to have and play up the elements to achieve the right reaction.
Be sure to gather your costume and supplies more than a few days before your Halloween parties and celebrations. That way you won’t be running around town frantically looking for the supplies you need as the clock ticks away. If you already have what you need, you can use all that precious time to perfect your look.

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Anna said...

I love the retro lady Frankenstein.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Picking a costume is always so fun!