Monday, September 3, 2012

La Mia Vita in Malaga, Spain

Most of you already know my dear (irl) friend, Nicole of La Mia Vita.  She is fabulous - and her blog is wonderful.  If you don't already follow it - she's beginning a brand new adventure moving to Madrid for a year... start reading if you don't already, you'll love her wit, charm, and sweet heart! :)  

Hola! I'm Nicole from La Mia Vita
I just got back from four months in Barcelona, Spain.
While I was there, I was lucky enough to travel a bit.
One of my favorite places was Malaga in the south of Spain.
It was what I pictured Spain to be.
Hot weather, colorful buildings, beautiful coast, flaminco dresses and lots of sangria.

If you ever get the chance, Andalusia (the south of spain) is a must see. 
I'm moving to Madrid for a year and so wish Tracy and my paths were crossing in Europe!
Have a great trip Tracy and Tim! 
Can't wait to see all your pictures!


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

WOW!! It's been a lucky day - another TWO favourite bloggers on the same page...
Thanks for great blogs to read girls x

Megan said...

This makes me want to jump on a plane almost immediately! I would love to visit Spain

Ash said...

i LOVE these pictures- would be so cool if you guys ran into each other (:

Laura said...

Gorgeous photos! I just spent two weeks there in August and loved the area :)