Friday, September 7, 2012

Guest Post: Top 3 European Experiences

Hello from Holland! I’m Jeanelle from Glocal Girl and am super excited to be guest posting for Then I Got To Thinking today.  Like Tracy, I am also from Sacramento, CA but now live and work in the very charming (rainy) country of the Netherlands. I moved here two years ago with my Dutch love and each day is a new learning experience away from home.

We have had a great time travelling around Europe: sunning in France, celebrating birthdays in medieval castles and of course, eating our way through Barcelona.

Today I decided to share my top three European experiences, for anyone thinking about travelling (or moving) abroad:

1.         Chateaus.
For my 26th birthday, Steven surprised me with a weekend getaway to a 13th century chateau in the South of Holland. We enjoyed a romantic dinner on the estate grounds and drank sparkling wine made from the on-premise vineyards. It was one of the most breathtaking experiences that could only happen in a place rich with history and art. As much as I love the US – we are infantile compared to Western Europe.

2.         Italian Pasta.
Before I lived in Spain I spent six months studying in Florence, Italy and it forever changed my perspective on good food.  Delectable meals don’t need to be complicated and fussy, but just comprised of simple ingredients like roma tomatoes, basil, garlic, swirled in fresh pasta and glistening with generous glugs of freshly pressed olive oil. Perfecto.

3.         Eat slow.
In any restaurant in Europe, you will have to ask for your bill. This may be a foreign concept for Americans (where the bill is promptly plunked down after our plates) but for the Spanish, French, Dutch or Italians – to eat well is to eat slow. Be prepared for lackadaisical service, but not with bad intention. Bring a book and stay awhile! Long meals have taught me to slow life down, plus it does wonders for the digestion.

Feel free to follow along more European adventures at Glocal Girl or daily on Twitter @GlocalGirl. Thanks for having me, Tracy! xx

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beckylbranch said...

Love this! We went to London and Paris in February and we literally ate our way through that trip too! ha ha!