Monday, August 20, 2012

Party Bus Bunco

We're half way through our second year of Bunco with our group... and our fun themes keep it lively.
This month, Melissa I hosted bunco.  She's in the process of moving, and rather than hosting us at her house, she decided it would be fun to do a "Back to School" bunco.

We rode the party bus to two Amador County Wineries, Helwig and Cooper, and it was a blast!
But before we left, we had our sack lunches ready for us to make so we didn't get hungry on the bus :)
It was a wild Sunday, and such a great time.  I am so lucky to have these ladies!

 Don't forget to pack your lunch!
 In the bus!
 The gang
 Waiting for our private tasting room at Helwig.
 Amador is beautiful!
Such a gun group of girls!


Jamie Kubeczka said...

Now this looks like a lot of fun!!

Jenna said...

This seriously looks like such an amazing time! What a great idea for a girls outing, and I love the sack lunches!


Unknown said...

As always, you managed to capture it all. Such thoughtful and inspired photos! Such a fun day...we need to do that again soon.

Carolina Charm said...

Okay, this is officially my favorite bunco night you've had! SO JEALOUS!!!!

Kari said...

Sooo fun!

Jax said...

You girls are SO fun! And gorgeous! One of these days, I'm going to either copy your bunco nights or just make it to one of yours! :)

Unknown said...

Jealous as always of your Bunco fun! :)

Nicole Marie said...

how fun! i always love seeing your bunco themes

Pretty Zesty said...

That looks like a crazy good time!


Katie said...

This looks like it was a blast!

Unknown said...

I love all of your bunco ideas! I'm just getting a group started with my friends and you have provided a lot of inspiration for party ideas!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Ooooh! This looks like SO much fun! I just started a bunco group with some of my friends...I am SO going to steal this idea! :)
How fun!!!

Unknown said...

You really had a great time huh. Renting a party bus is just like putting your transportation in higher level! Hope to see more photos of you soon.

bus sham alam said...

Complete hit I must say. I enjoyed watching your pics as much did u enjoy tasting your glass of wines.