Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Post: My Friendship with Tracy

I have to preface this very sweet post by saying LaTache is one of my dear friends from college, and I was so happy while reading this and thinking back to the great years we spent together in college.  LaTache is one of those people you meet once in your life - thank you sweet girl! xo -Tracy

I cannot even express how honored I feel that Tracy has asked me to guest post for her today while she is on the adventure of a life time!
Thank you so much for asking and I hope that I can do your blog justice :-)
You can check me out over at Smiling Is Good For Your Teeth where I write about life and food!
(Side note: I started blogging because of this lady!)

So here, we go...

Do you ever wonder why you did something?

Why did I say that, out loud?
Why did I do that to that person?
Why did I date that person?
Why did I go to college or take that job?

Do you ever wonder why you didn't do something?

Why didn't I go to the party?
Why didn't I say what I really wanted to say?
Why didn't I think before I reacted?
Why didn't I stay in better touch with that old friend?

All of these things that you did and/or didn't do lead you to where you are today, lead you to to the person you are today and lead you to the people you know and surround yourself with today.

Fortunately my series of decisions lead me to cross paths with the Lovely Tracy! 
How lucky was that?!

She and I met early Fall 2005 - wow that seems like forever ago.
We met during a whirlwind week during formal recruitment for greek life on campus at SFSU.
We were in the same group and totally clicked!
The best part?
We were recruited and pinned into the same Sorority!
How awesome was that?!
From then on, we spent late nights chatting in our dorm rooms, introducing each other to our friends and getting to know each other as friends and sisters.

How young do we look?!

Summer made us go our separate ways and when fall came around and we started gearing up for formal recruitment our friendship grew stronger.

How I love those Alpha Gamms...

This girl and I laughed together, got into deep discussions together, cried together, traveled together.
She is an amazing friend and I am so lucky to know her!

Our sorority would have a semester retreat where we went somewhere, whether that be that we rented a big house or someones parents opened their homes and vacation homes to us.

At these retreats, Tracy and I would spend our free time & cough: Study Hours: cough & going on walks and catching up, talking about what was going on in our lives.
We talked about boys (and yes I said boys ;-)), college, classes, family, our dreams, our goals even about the sorority and how we wanted to make it better.

Tracy was the friend you could always count on. 
She was always ready and willing to help out, lend a hand to fill up balloons for events, extend a ride to a friend who needed to get somewhere.

Driving in her car, filled to the brim after going to our storage unit to get our house letters, blasting country music - only with Tracy :-)

We celebrated birthdays together, we explored San Francisco together, we had sleepovers together.
We encouraged each other to follow our goals, our dreams and hearts.

I remember meeting Mr. TL...
I was driving our carpool up to our last retreat that we spent together, in the Russian River.
TL was visiting Tracy.
I had loaded up the car with our weekend getaway gear, other gals and all we had to pile in to my small A4.
We arrived at her apartment in the evening and we got to meet TL.
She gets into the car after kissing him (Que the angles singing) blushing and  totally smitten.
She told us that the afternoon was the first time they told each other that they loved each other.
You could see the pure love and joy that she had in her heart and we all knew at that point that he was the one.

I am so happy that you are happy, Tracy. You deserve the absolute best that the world, life and everything in between has to offer and I am truly blessed to know you.

Thank you for allowing me a little slice of your place on the world wide web!
Cheers, and remember to Smile, It's Good For Your Teeth!


Anonymous said...

Awe! Your preface was too sweet! Thank you! :-) It was my pleasure! :-)

Shelley said...

What a sweet tribute to your friendship!! I loved reading it!

Pretty Zesty said...

Such a sweet friendship.


Nicole Marie said...

such babies!! and look at you girls now! all grown up, in love and married!

Nicole Marie said...

such babies!! and look at you girls now! all grown up, in love and married!