Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Put a lime in the coconut...

and drink it all up.
That's what I was singing during one of our rainy afternoons on the beach.  TL managed to throw a stick into a coconut tree and knock a few down.  After that, the boys had a field day trying to get those things open for the juice.  After a failed attempt, they finally cracked one open.  
Sabrina and I have finished several books - and spent lots of time in the spa, pool, and by the beach.  We had a great sunny day at tunnels beach snorkeling - and we all managed to get some sun!  I will have some pictures from their underwater camera soon.  It was a lot of fun!!

Here's how the coconut shenanigans unfolded...

And then, we came home to shower and go to dinner at Nanea (our hotel) in Princeville...
I tried telling him this is bad luck...
It was pouring... but still warm!
 And when the coconuts aren't around... they play tic tac toe on their "breaks" from swimming and snorkeling. ;)

The only downside to vacation... time goes by much too quickly!  Finished a few books and enjoyed making fun new memories.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Scenes from Kauai

We're so fortunate to be back in this beautiful place.  Our good friends Sabrina and Justin are with us, and it's been really fun.  TL and Justin are hilarious when you get them in the same room, so it's been entertaining as well.
We've been here a few days... and so far we've spent the day at the beach snorkeling, made it over to the pool to lounge, and drove to the other side of the island for exploring, too.  A big tropical storm hit us yesterday, and we got about 8 inches of rain in 2 days... crazy.  But, we made the most of it (swimming in the ocean and pool in the rain is actually kind of fun!)
We've BBQ'd for dinner, played smashball, and relaxed.  The boys have gone off to do man things... and Sabrina and I have tried to get some tanning in. (Hopefully the sun comes out for us the rest of our trip!)
The scenic viewpoint... beautiful!
The Spouting Horn
We've had a wonderful time!
I love Kauai

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I wish I had a sense...

of fashion. I want to be able to just pick out outfits like these, please. 
I wish I had a stylist, too.  Someone to shop for me and help me find clothes that fit my body type. 

Sometimes, looking at Pinterest makes me realize how terrible I am at dressing myself and making creative outfits.

I often wear the same things over and over.  I need a closet make over.  I need to be reintroduced to stuff I already have that I need to put together.

Who's coming over to help me? ;)
 Casual, simple, and so pretty!  Now... what shoes?
I love the blazers... just need to figure out how to wear them.  This is one of my favorite looks.
 The long skirt may not be cute on my short frame, but adorable on her!  I like the mixing of black and brown.
 Kelly Ripa always looks amazing, love the strips... and the color combination is fab!

My mom took me to see a gal who does your "colors".  She gave me lots of great make up help and ideas for what color blush, eye shadow, ect to wear at work.  She picked out some lipsticks that I would have never chosen, but actually like.  Fortunately for my lack of ability, I only work part time at the job that requires me to wear lots of make up.  I just don't have the patience to do my make up in so much detail every morning.  I've never been good at make up & I don't really enjoy doing it.  

She also looks at your body type and gives you ideas on how to dress.  She told me shorter blazers, high wasted pants & skirts, and high heels would fit my body frame best.  (I am just barely over 5 feet tall)  Now, where and how do I find these things in my size?

Oh, if I could find everything with H&M prices, that would be great, too ;)
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
TL and I are off for another quick adventure tonight...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bad First Date Bunco

Bunco last weekend was another fun time!  
The theme this month was: what you wouldn't wear on a first date.  
We had a few clever outfits - Melissa wore a veil and a race bib "racing to the altar", I wore a my footie PJ's (definitely not first date material), Shannon wore a shirt with a big cat on it, and a few other girls just wore plain odd outfits (and engagement rings)!  It was funny to see us all arriving, I am sure my neighbors think we are a bunch of crazies.
Kelly W hosted the event at our house with pizza and lots of snacks.  I ate way too much :)
As usual, it was lots of good conversation.  Love these girls!
Such a fun group - and TL was there to take our pictures for us :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bicycle Brunch Hop

My sweet cousin Lauren just turned 25.
Her and I have been through a lot together... school, family, friendship, ect.
I wouldn't have missed this chance to celebrate with her!

She lives near downtown Sacramento and wanted everyone to ride bikes around town to brunch and then a few other restaurants, bars, and pubs.

The weather worked out nicely, the sun came out for us.  We peddled around downtown and gained people as the day progressed.

We started at DeVere's for brunch.  They have delicious food and bottomless mimosas!
Starting out the morning...
Birthday girl!
So many brunch options!
Ready for the next location!
 TL and the Birthday girl
Some of the girls...
I managed to get a flat tire... so the boys took my wheel off and went to a bike shop!
Me and TL
 Happy 25th Birthday, Lo!

I love riding bikes places!  It was a fun and festive day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love Owls

More than a year ago, I started really loving owl decorations.
I've always thought owls were cool animals - and many decorative owls are so cute!

My mom is the most thoughtful person I know. She loves picking out sweet little things for us that we know we would love for our house.

Recently, she got me a little bundle of new things.  This blanket is hand made by a friend of hers - I love the colors, and it's such a sweet little themed blanket.  I will keep it forever :)
And these are some little owls she found at Pier 1.  Love them!
I love my mom and how thoughtful she is :)

Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day!
TL and I both have work today (we celebrated last night).  I did cash in a massage gift card he got me for Christmas and it was amazing!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tell Me... An experience that made you learn about yourself.

I've met so many great ladies through this community. I wanted to start this "link up" because I think it's a great way to get to know people - and I would love to know more about the wonderful people we connect with.
This week's topic... 
"Tell Me... What's an experience you've had in your life that has made you learn something important about yourself?"
Growing up, I was always the kid that couldn't stay the night at people's houses easily.  I always missed my mom, missed home, and missed the comforts of my own bed.  Until 6th grade, I usually called my mom to come and pick me up... slowly I started staying over at friend's houses.
I remember driving my sister Kelly to college and moving her into the dorms at UCSB for college and thinking to myself... I could never do this.

As I made it through high school and started applying to schools, I was still  nervous about the transition of moving away from home.  I made sure I had a safety net of schools very close to home just in case.  When I found out I was accepted to SFSU, I was excited because it was the school I wanted to go to.  Even though it's only about 2 hours away from home, I still had anxiety about it.

I remember the day I packed up my bedroom into the back of my dad's truck and trailer and made the big move.  I remember watching my mom and dad drive away for the first time after moving me into the dorms... and I remember the first day of being alone at a campus where I knew nobody.

My first year, I quickly met some pretty incredible girls, joined a sorority, and found my little niche with my classes.  It wasn't always easy... but it was the first time in my life that I made such a dramatic step out of my comfort zone!  Of course I still missed my parents and family... but everyday I got more and more comfortable with the idea of living "on my own".  I am so thankful for the experience of college... not just academically, but because I learned that I can be independent. I also learned that stepping out of my comfort zone is where I grow the most.

Here's a few pictures from my first year of college ;)
The first girls I met in college - such great people.  Hanging out on my bed in my dorm room!  I was the zebra queen.
I think this was the first "college" party I ever went to.  Can you find me in there? ;)
My first Birthday away from family with some beautiful girls, Steph, Juls, Chels & cousin Greyson.
This was actually from the very beginning of my second year - some fabulous girls that I am so lucky to know!
What about you??
Link up below.