Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall & Friday

Fall is my favorite season.  {almost a tie with winter}
I love seeing the leaves change color, the temperatures cool down {hopefully soon}, and the craziness of summer wind down.  I love scarfs & boots, and for some reason, this season reminds me of spending time with family.

This fall, life will be busy.  But that's okay.  It's busy in a good way.  TL and I are both so lucky to have jobs, events, family & friends that keep our schedules full.  I am so thankful.

It is also a time to change out a few house decorations and mix them up with fall colors.  I took some time this afternoon to do that,

As an update to my post yesterday about my sister's student... thank you very much for the thoughts and prayers.  Please keep sending them.  He underwent a major surgery last night and is fighting very hard for his life.  It's not impossible, and we believe in him and his strength.  But he needs all the thoughts & prayers he can get right now.  The situation is really scary, so keep his family in mind too.

My sister has been at the hospital with his family last night and all day today.  She is being strong, and I am proud of her for stepping up and supporting a family she loves so much.

I'm feeling really sad today for his family.  I can't get them off my mind.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you for your positivity & comments.  
Thank you for reading.  I truly appreciate it!


Ashley said...

Cute decorations!

So sad about your sister's student! I will be praying for him and his family!

Anait said...

Your autumn decorations look so great! I love this season, too. Keeping your sister's student in my thoughts and wishing for the best!

Happy weekend!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

cute decorations!

Token Yankee said...

I like you fall decor. I felt the need to start decorating last week haha. Thinking of your sister and her student's family!

Portuguese Prepster said...

beautiful decorations!

Gentri said...

Gorgeous table scape. :) I will keep him and his family as well as you and your sister in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Mrs Guenther said...

OMG that looks gorgeous. Good Job.

Katie said...

I love your fall decor! Since this is our first holiday in our new house, I'm not sure how much to decorate for fall, haha!

Nicole said...

You had me at "dog mama" and "runner" because I consider myself the same! And I love your fall decorations so far! Praying for your sister's student today, not sure what happened but know that they are in my prayers!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I love your fall decorations! Did you get those clear vases and hurricane glasses from Pottery Barn?

meghan said...

I love the glass containers with the fall filling. It's so fun!

Jax said...

Wow. I hadn't read the post before this one. I am sending lots of prayers to that poor boy and his family and friends. So amazing of your sister to be there with them through this. Please keep us updated. And yeah, I, too ask why do bad things happen to good people... *sigh*

I love your fall decor and am especially lusting after your hurricane glasses!

Lauren said...

the fall decor is those apothecary jars!

Ashley said...

Your fall decorations are too cute! Gotta love this time of year, right?!

And I'm still thinking of your sisters students and family.. such a devastating story. I hope everything gets better very soon!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's so sad! I just now read it. Sending good thoughts his way.

I really love your fall decor!

Anonymous said...

Your table is beautiful and best wishes to your sisters student and his family!

Michelle's Style File said...

Thinking of your sister and her student. Very sad.


Zoe @ The Chic Classmate said...

oh, the beginning of fall!

Anonymous said...

love the decorations!!! fall is the best!!

Sierra said...

Thinking of your sis and her student - hope he's okay and love your fall decor - just gorgeous Tracy!

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