Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guest Post: The Shine Project

I'm an optimistic writer who realized I needed to do more in my life to accomplish my goals, and lift others up along the way. I created The Shine Project to inspire us all to reach our full potential.
Let's see how much good we can accomplish by
performing extra acts of love.
Let's see how many people we can make smile,
and how many lives improve because of it.
I created SHINE necklaces to give us a daily reminder of our purpose.
$1 from each necklace goes into The Shine Project Scholarship Fund
which will be awarded to an inner city school student
to help pay for their college tuition.
Each week is kicked off with a new Shine CHALLENGE.
Your accomplishments are features the next Sunday,
and some amazing things have happened from them!
Come say Hello, and let the world see you SHINE.


Brandi said...

Nice :)

Sierra said...

Just saw another guest post of this great blogger - let's shine! ;)