Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite things giveaway winner!!

We have a winner!! :)
Lucky #13

Congrats, Michelle!  I'll be in touch today!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and helped get the word out.  
It was so much fun!

I appreciate this blogging community so much!

And speaking of giveaway winners... I won my first one ever.
Thank you to Mayra at Life is Bananas!
I won 100 dollars at

Happy Friday!!


Chelsea said...

I LOVE giveaways TOO! Be sure to check mine out!!

have a great weekend girl.

JMB said...

RIIGGGED! RIGGED I SAY hahaha. KIDDING!!! Although I am still sad about not winning the yummy peanut M&M's. YAAAY to the winnah. Now do another contest with multiple winners of M oh NEMS.

Unknown said...

yay for giveaway month it seems I have one too my 1st ever! check it out:

Unknown said...

Um, that's not how you spell "Ana".

Just kidding! Congrats on the 215 entries! That's amazing!

allison said...

Congrats to your winner and to you! I hope I win some giveaways soon---so exciting!

Jocelyn said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Alli said...

I'm doing a giveaway right now too. :) I'm glad you won one! It's so exciting. Thanks again for hosting a giveaway, cute idea.

Anonymous said...

awww YAH! This just made my day!! :) Thank you so much!

Sierra said...

you lucky girl for winning a shopbop gift card - that will be fun to spend and congrats to Michelle! :)