Monday, December 20, 2010

The presents are wrapped!

5 days until Christmas!
Presents are bought & wrapped and our plans are set.
I am so excited to spend time with the fam & celebrate.

My favorite tradition?
It's hard to pick one, but I would say...  Christmas morning breakfast.
When my sisters and I were little, we would wake up early and bring our stuffed stocking into mom & dad's room.  Each present is carefully wrapped (Santa is a busy guy!) and we open them one at a time.
After stockings, we would line up to go into the family room.  (my dad often had to set up the camera)
Santa would leave us one gift under the tree that wasn't wrapped!
As we played with our new toy, dad and mom made breakfast.  On the menu:
Green eggs & ham
cinnamon rolls
fresh squeezed orange juice
& my dads special rice recipe.

Then, after breakfast - we open our presents from the parents (one at a time).

This year, Christmas morning at my parents will be a full house.  My sisters, mom, dad, TL & the bro-in-laws, and of course, nephew Ryan.  (& the pups!)

We celebrate our Christmas with TL's family on Christmas eve.  My MIL is a fabulous cook - but we may go out this year.

I am so excited - I feel like a little kid.  
I am happy to be able to spend the holidays with my family.

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?


Annie said...

your christmas morning breakfast sounds so yummy!!! we always used to do cinnamon rolls! :) now my hubs and i bake them for ourselves, this year i plan to eat a few ;) some for me and some for baby, ha!
your tree with all the presents looks oh so pretty!!

Kristen said...

your tree looks so perfect with all the pretty presents underneath! i love christmas traditions, my favorite is christmas and home for appetizers and some presents! merry christmas!

JMB said...

Aww your Christmas tradition growing up sounds really sweet! I have never had green eggs and ham! We started our Christmas tradition a couple years ago, we go see a movie on every Christmas night! This year it is The Little Fockers!! I can't wait!! And I FINALLY finished all my Christmas shopping tonight MINUS a gift card for Mikes parents!! YESSSSSS right in time to enjoy my birthday tomorrow!!!!! Helllllo 27! I am a BIG girl!

Lindsay said...

Isn't that I wonderful feeling! I only have a few left to wrap... :) Merry Christmas to you!

Token Yankee said...

Sounds like some great traditions. I am looking to start some new ones with my husband this year. I hope you and your family have a Merry Chriatmas!

Natasha said...

every Christmas Eve, we go to candlelight church and out to dinner at Ruth's Chris--just a time to relax and enjoy time with my parents and Jeff--love it! And we totally open 1 gift at a time, too--haha!!

Anonymous said...

All of your gifts look beautiful under the tree! I'll be wrapping today. Sounds like you'll have a busy house of family during the holidays!

Jamie Pickle said...

Your tree is beautiful!! I still love getting all comfy in the car and driving around to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.

Jamie Kubeczka said...

That is too funny.. we used to have to do the same thing. We would line up at the top of the stairs and wait for my parents to tell us we can come down. Oh the memories we have... I am now getting to play Santa to two very special little one's and I can't wait to see their faces light up on Christmas morning. Makes all that wrapping seem like nothing. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

Brittany said...

So fun! I love morning traditions!

Natalie said...

Your tree and presents look so pretty!

Lori said...

I think I love the baking ~ making all the goodies that my grandmother used to make. Of course going to church Christmas Eve and always tearing up when they dim the lights and we sing Silent Night. Have a very Merry Christmas Tracy and enjoy the first one in your new home! xo

Jessica said...

Your tree looks great, hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Life Abroad said...

Aw that sounds like the best Christmas tradition! I love the idea of having one gift unwrapped while your parents make breakfast. My favourite tradition has to be Christmas Eve, which is when we open our gifts (in keeping with Dutch tradition)from one another. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Sierra said...

Have a beautiful Christmas sweetie! This year bc I'm with BK I'm away from my fam, so that part is hard. But...I am excited to create new memories with my love. Enjoy your Christmas and time with your hubby and fam. xo.

Nicole Marie said...

mine is walking down the steps christmas morning in a row from youngest to oldest. growing up i hated it because my parents would have to get the video camera ready and christmas music on but i'm come to love and appreciate the tradition

Melissa Miller said...

Wow! They look so pretty. I love the matching paper.

Merry Christmas Eve! ~Melissa :)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Your breakfast sounds delicious on Christmas morning! I think my favorite tradition has been one that my husband, and I have started. We were engaged the second week of December, so every year on that date, we exchange ornaments to commemorate. :)