Saturday, November 13, 2010

The yellow rose

My fave flower is a yellow rose.
Something about their bright petals makes me feel happiness every time I look at them.
It's also a family favorite.
My mom loves yellow roses, too.  And her mom loved them as well.

At our wedding, we had yellow roses as the centerpieces and the bridesmaids carried bundles of them down the aisle.  (My m&d also had yellow roses at their wedding)

It was so special to me to have them as our theme - it made me think of my grandma (who I've never met) and her spirit was all around us.

TL will often surprise me with some (above), and I just love it when he does. :)

Do you have any big favorites?  
You know, the favorites that when people see it and you're not around - they probably think of you.


Michaela said...

Awh yellow roses are so pretty :) Love the photo, that's so sweet

Leslee said...

I'm sure my family thinks of me whenever they see hibiscus, plumeria and BIRD of PARADISE!! Next would be gardenias... Dear daughter surely thinks of me and my dear Mom when she see butterflys ♥

Lori said...

I go on and on about cosmo's as they are one of my favs and they remind me of my grandmother and the farm. I think that maybe they have become my flower ~ I have had one of my blogger buds say whenever she sees Wildflowers now ~ she thinks of me which makes me feel pretty special. Hope you are having a wonderful week-end ~ love those roses and they are all the more special when they are just because. xo

Jax said...

Love the yellow roses and the back story! :) I love deep pink roses.. the ones that are almost so pink, they're red...but not quite. Those are my absolute favorites. :) And I also have a thing for tulips!

Adrienne Gomer said...

orange tulips are my absolute favorite. the color is gorgeous and they remind me if spring time.

Allison said...

Those roses are beautiful - I love the story of why yellow roses have such significance to you!
I'm a huge fan of hydrangeas and peonies - when I was young, my mom grew them in her garden, and I'd always pick them so my nanny would make them into a crown. I swear, all the pictures of me from a certain age (in the summer, of course), have me with a crown of peonies or hydrangeas :) I hadn't thought of that in years until reading this! :)