Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why do you blog?

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day - when I was asked 
why do you blog?
It's a question I have been asked a lot - and I don't have an exact single word answer - but rather an on-going discussion of why I do.
I learn so much from the blogs I read.  Creative home projects, recipes, and... lessons about life.  I have quite a few blogs that I read on a daily basis where, strangely enough, I feel like I know the woman writing it.  
They have made me cry, laugh out loud, and most of all relate.
And I know, I answered why I read blogs - but not why I blog.
Well, I blog because I enjoy writing.  I enjoy documenting specific events.  I enjoy the feedback I get from the people in this e-world who read and respond.  I enjoy sharing & communicating with people outside my realm of close friends.
I know my life is nothing more magical than the average human being.  I still haven't figured out why people read my blog - but all I know is when I hear from people around town, through facebook, and people I hardly know (in real life) that they read my blog... it makes me feel good.  Like, 'really, you find what I write to be even the slightest bit interesting... wow!'
For the most part, my blog is positive.  That's part of my nature - but also my choice.  I'm a 'half-full' type of girl - and I want my blog to represent that.  But when the hard times are here, it's always nice to have the comfort of the people in this blog world who always have the right words to comfort me.
I also try to be honest, with out revealing too much (it can be a scary world out there).

There are many reasons why I choose to write, respond, relate & connect with this blogging world.  And I am thankful that a college friend got me started with it.
What about you?
Why do you blog?
How did you get started?


Fit With Flash said...

Originally to keep in touch with San Diego friends/clients once we moved away. Now because I've fallen in love with the blog world. It's like belonging to a secret club...; )

Shelley said...

I started out just by writing kind of an online journal. Then a little over a year ago I found and started reading blogs of people I didn't know. That got me into the blogging community and I love it even more now. It's like having a support group of ladies who know you in a way that some people in real life don't.

Anonymous said...

I blog to let family and friends know what I have been doing. I also love sharing great ideas. There is so much to learn out in the blog world. I now have a craft list pages long from cute crafts I've seen on other blogs. Not to mention all those blogs on how to score freebies or a great deal. I am always asked how do I find these great deals and I say blogging!

I got started back in middle school when xanga was big. Then I just slowly matured my blog from xanga to blogspot to wordpress.

I don't know what I would do without the support we get from blogland.

Natasha said...

what a GREAT post!! for me, it's a lot of the same... for great ideas, inspiration, fashion, celeb gossip, etc but most of all a digital scrapbook (kind of) to chronicle what i'm doing and keep in touch with friends/family!!

And of course, we all have our daily must reads, right??? ;)

Unknown said...

I blog for a lot of the same reasons as you! I have my daily reads, too...those that I relate to, those that make me life, those that have great ideas, etc. It's a nice way to express and learn more than a fb status or 140 characters on twitter. (But I do those, too!)

Anonymous said...

I started because I wanted to keep my family updated on my life; then it turned into a way for me to get thoughts out.. and then I started making fabulous blog friends, who comment and make me feel special. Then I started reading theirs more and more, and it's just become a 'thing'. I love it. :) I miss it and bloggers when life gets me too busy!

I guess there is no short way to explain why you blog, there's so many good things about it! :)

Lori said...

Good question Tracy! Blogging is a creative outlet for me ~ it has gotten me back into photography plus I love looking for gorgeous pictures on the web. I also love to write and this is how I am doing it. The women I have met through blogging are a fabulous bunch too! I have promised myself if my blog came down to another thing on my to do list I will take a step back as I want it to be an escape and enjoyable ~ not a chore.

Ali said...

At first, I blogged as an outlet for my writing because I wanted to keep it up since, yanno, I want to pursue it as a career and all.

Then I met all these amazing women (and a few good men, haha) and realized that it was a fun social outlet as well. Who knew? Not me!

Now? Now I do it because of a combination of my outlet for me and to connect with internet people. All good!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

I would have to say I agree with you. I blog because I like documenting my life as well as the different stages my kids go through. It's so much better than a baby book! lol. I also love getting ideas from other people and I enjoy communicating with people outside of the everyday people. I enjoy reading your blog because you always have such a positive attitude, and okay- I love the places you travel. Wish I could fit into that suit case of yours. ;)

Loui♥ said...

I started blogging as a creative outlet for my photography..
originally I painted with acrylics..
but then arthritis got to my hands, making holding a brush for long periods quite painfully difficult..
(many of my paintings were done during long cold winters from photographs taken earlier in the year)
Then digital era of photography burst upon scene!
once again I was madly, passionately in love..
my cameras opened doors to other worlds!
Originally I had been posting my photos on another site..but the format was changed and I became so disenchanted that I totally withdrew all my photos..
Thus, fellow friends had began blogging..
following their lead and encouragement, just over a year ago, my blog Mountain Mermaid was born..
Through blogging, I have met both online and in person, friends who share like interests, hobbies, and lifestyles.
Blogging allows me total freedom and control of my content.
I blog to satisfy my creative needs, to learn and share new techniques for photography as well as so much more in this rapidly ever-changing world!
Warm sandy hugs..

Frances said...

Well put! I am a newbie at this.. I started to blog to document planning my wedding since I recently moved across the states from friends and family. I wanted an outlet to keep the ones I love in the loop with my daily goings. What I have gotten out of it is much more- Blogging and reading blogs makes me feel connected to people and it brings me comfort. I've met some friends where I moved but it still gets very lonely at times.
love reading your blogs Tracy! :)

Allison said...

I for one, am very glad you blog, Tracy! It's been a lot of fun reading what you write over the past year-ish (I can still remember reading posts as your wedding was approaching!).
I blog just to have a place to talk about all the things I'm passionate about that the people in my real life would tired of hearing about constantly! :) It's just a place where I can be honest, and something that's my own (since I don't tell my real-life friends about my blog!).
Have a great weekend, Tracy! xo

Allison said...

You are SO sweet, Tracy! :) Your comments are always so nice - I'm VERY glad you blog because it's given me a chance to get to know you!
None of my real friends no about my blog! Well, they know I have one, but it's a super secret. Jason doesn't even know what it is! I kind of like it to be my private thing - where I can write whatever I want without censoring myself (not that I talk badly about them, but I'd like the option to ;)
It's nice that your real life friends know about yours - it's nice to be able to share that!
Oh, and next time you head to SF, enjoy a yummy sundae at Ghirardelli for me :) Lately I've been DREAMING about them and that perfect hot fudge!

allison said...

I didn't think I'd ever have a real blog. I just kind of started, and I decided to keep going with it. I like reading your blog b/c you're really a sweet girl, and you've got a great attitude. Your life is so much more together than mine, and I often look at your life and feel saddened that mine hasn't worked out. It's reassuring when I hear from you though. Ultimately, I know and pray that my life will come together..I'll get a real job, and I won't always feel abandoned. :) I feel like you must think I'm the most pessimistic person. It's been really hard out there lately.

Leon's Escapades said...

a friend of mine who loved my illustrations kept pushing me to start blogging and posting new pieces. And so i started because not only it organizes the work but also let's people who admire what you do see your updates.

speaking of blogging - i really love yours. The image on the banner - is that you?? it's so stylish LOVE it


jmac said...

I blog for my legacy. It began as a way to keep my children informed of our whereabouts. We sail. 3-4 months of the yr...all over the world. And alot of the places we visit, have no way to communicate, so it seemed this to be the most logical way to let them know how and where we were. But then the diary began...a journal of all of our lives. A way for them to remember special days or events and even not so special days. Just the ordinary things that happen in our family. At the end of the yr, I send the blog to Blurb and have it made into a book and have copies made for each of my children. They will be able to read to their children all about our lives way after we're gone.
I have no advertising, no's simply a personal journal, using my photography skills to enhance it.
And it makes me smile to think of my grandchildren, one day, remembering their crazy yaya and cap'n with love!!

Val said...

I started a blog for my 2 daughters. When they get older they can have an online journal of their mom's journey through food and life.

Unknown said...

I had no idea how I got into blogging world.One day I just registered myself and then..puff* here is my blog..this happenned 2 years ago.

I enjoy writing and kotting down every single moment in my life.I love reading others too.It is like part of my life now..

Shann said...

I blog because I love it. I enjoy writing, taking pictures, editing pictures, and doing it in a public way. I also love reading people's blogs. And like you, I enjoy relating to these women who I read about. Sometimes their stories are inspiring, funny, serious..... and to be honest, I'm super nosy! It's nice to see other people in the same life stage or just the same age and realizing that there is a common bond between yourself and other bloggers!

Melanie said...

i blog because i love writing. having followers is just an added perk!