Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September!

I can't believe September is already here. 
A full year ago today - I was bursting at the seams with excitement for our wedding day which was just a few days away.  I remember anxiously awaiting the arrival of close friends and family - and just glowing with happiness about the following days & all the love that was surrounding me.
I love this month... I will forever.
Not only did I marry my sweet guy, but we traveled through Europe together - one of the best adventures I've ever been on.  We learned so much about the places we went to -- and it was so fun to experience so many new things with someone I love so much!
(Interlaken, Switzerland)
September is also a month that marks an important date from my past.  During my senior year of high school, my mom's best friend, Barb, passed away after fighting Leukemia for many years.  Barb was more than just my mom's best friend, she was my friend - and we had a connection that surpasses any emotion I have ever felt.
She was just one of those women that is truly special.
Do you know what I mean by that?
I mean, this woman was an angel.  Her laugh, compassion, love and generosity overflowed the soul of anyone who knew her.
The lessons I learned from her resonate with me, and when I think of her - I am completely overpowered with such strong feelings of joy & love.
She was a remarkable woman... and I think of her daily.
Even though September was a sad month for our family, it was also the month she stopped suffering & found a permanent spot in the hearts of everyone who knew her.

September - for me - is a meaningful month.  It's a beautiful month, too.  Fall is just starting to peak it's way into our lives.  It's also the last month of calm before we get wound up in the holidays.

I feel blessed.
September, I am so happy you're here.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Fit With Flash said...

nice post. sorry about your friend. but congrats on your 1 yr anniversary! which day did you get married? our wedding was September 12. our 1 yr is coming up too!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Happy September babe and happy anniversary!!! :D

P.S: I'm having a very cute giveaway, come and check it out! ;)

Jamie Kubeczka said...

I can't believe it is September either... my how the time passes us. I hope this month brings you joy and happiness!

Tara Gibson said...

happy september! I am so glad its here too!

JMB said...

I want to get married in September too! I love everything about it...

Your mother's friend sounds like an amazing woman who touched your life and many others.

I hope you have a blessed day!

Jax said...

Great post and great month. Outstanding memories. I'm sorry about your friend but am happy on the mark September has on your heart, friend. :)

Candice Pair said...

September will definitely be a month full of wonderful memories...whether its your anniversary, or the LIFE of your dear friend!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I can't believe you've almost been married for a year! I feel like it was just yesterday that you were posting about your wedding!

Kelly said...

It was such a beautiful time last year!!! Can't believe how quickly the time passes...

Your blog brought tears to my eyes as I, too, thought of our angel today. She will always hold a place in my heart- on that is special and different than anyone else.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your almost year anniversary! Sept is a great month to get married! Our 3rd anniversary is on Sept 21st:-)