Saturday, August 28, 2010

The year of boys!

Sweet babies...
Little teenie-tiny bundles of joy have been popping into the lives of people we love - it's so exciting!
2010 was not only the year of babies... but the year of boys!
4 of my cousins, and 2 close family friends have all had their baby boys (except one - she's due in September)
My cousin, Danelle, delivered precious baby Baron April 28th:
Baron's cousin, handsome lil' Conner, was delivered by my cousin Amanda just a few days earlier, April 24th:
My other cousin, Anna, delivered this cute little guy, Finn - just over a week ago! His Birthday is August 20th:
My cousin, Paula, delivered this tiny little man, Evan, August 23rd... he's brand new in this picture:
And our really special family friend, Jenny, delivered sweet baby Jackson on August 10th, he's still at the hospital in this picture:

And last... but certainly not least, another family friend, Erin, delivers her little guy in September... we are very excited to meet him too!

Aren't they all just adorable!?  I haven't met all of them, yet, but I am so excited too.  All of the moms are doing well and looking fabulous!
Our family is growing and we are so blessed to have beautiful, healthy babies!
What a year of blessings... and the color blue. ;)


Kassie said...

I know what you mean!! I have multiple cousins and friends that are pregnant/just had babies, and all but one has boys!

Mrs. Dew said...

what a bunch of cuties! all of my peeps are having girls!

Adrienne Gomer said...

crazy how many boys there were! that's so exciting. hopefully next year is a year of girls.

Allison said...

Omgosh, they are all too cute for words :) How fun that your family is growing so quickly - and seriously, they all could not be cuter!
Hope you, TL and the new house are doing well, dear! xo

Anonymous said...

Aww what cuties! :) Everyone I know is having boys too. So I thought for sure I would have a girl so that SOMEBODY could marry one of these handsome little men popping out around me. But nope. :) My little man will just have lots of friends.

Claire Kiefer said...

This is MY KIND OF POST! I looooove babies--so sweet and teeny--and all of your new lil blessings are precious. Great names, too!

Lori said...

The color blue and these new little mean are blessings Tracy ~ such cuties each and every one of them!

Kerrymarie said...

aww what gorgeous baby boys!! xx

Jax said...

SO SO SO CUTE! I think there's something in the water b/c my friends ALL have had boys in the past year too! We're going on SIX! It's insane!! But, man oh man are they cuties just like your photos!!!

hiven said...

lovelovelove baby smellx