Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Wow, it's been forever since I have blogged about what I am thankful for 
(even though I think about it everyday!)

Here's part of my list this week... 

I'm thankful for our new home... it's really coming together, and we love it!  We are getting a few more things settled, then I will post some pics!! 

I am thankful to have a home that we want to entertain & have friends and family over.  I think it's the best part of having a place! I heard a quote that I love "may the ornaments of your home be the family & friends who frequent it."  So true!

I'm thankful for my dad... he did a lot of the hard work with moving in.

I'm thankful for my husband - every single day he makes me laugh, and everyday I hear several times that I am loved.

I'm thankful for my sweet family... we are so lucky!

I am thankful for Crepeville.  It's a new restaurant a co-worker told me I had to try... and it's almost as good as my favorite restaurant "Squat & Gobble" in SF!

I'm thankful for my friends... because they are truly the greatest! :)

I'm thankful to have people who read my blog - even after my major lack of writing the last few months. It means a lot!

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday.  
We are having a few good friends over tonight for dinner!!
Always remember what you are thankful for :)


Token Yankee said...

Love your thankful thursdays! Can't wait to see pics of the house!

Claire Kiefer said...

Ooooh, where do you live? I live in Oakland (work in SF), so of course I've been to Squat & Gobble. :) San Francisco has so many delicious restaurants though, it's too hard to pick just one!

Fit With Flash said...

It's good to remember what makes you happy. Love this post! It made me just sit and reflect for about 30 seconds. : ) have a great day!

heather said...

AHH I Squat & Gobble!!! Always make it a point to go there when I am in the City!!!

Allison said...

I love that you do these "Thankful Thursdays" - they're always inspiring and encourage me to be thankful for things in my life!
I can't WAIT to see pictures from your new house - it must be so exciting to own your own home! :)

JMB said...

I love to read your posts! I am so glad that your new place is finally becoming a home for you and your husband! Thank you for reminding me to take a time out from this crazy day to realize that there are alot of things to be thankful for!

Unknown said...

So happy that you are loving your new home and settling in, how fabulous!!!

I love reading your posts, they always make me smile :)

Only 3 weeks and we will be in Villefranche Sur Mer, I can't wait :)

Happy Week-end to you! xoxo

D said...

Just stopping by to let you know I gave you the "Sugar Doll" award and love reading your blog :)

Moonlight Serenade said...

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Kassie said...

What a sweet list of thankful happys! :)

Nicole Marie said...

that is such a great home quote