Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Tis the season

Wedding season is in full swing... and I love it!
Parties, rehearsal dinners, dresses, drinks... LOVE is in the air!
TL and I are lucky enough to have been invited to several weddings this year - and we are in a couple of them too... what an honor :)
We kicked off the season last month... but last night we started the stretch of weddings almost every weekend. 
Each of the people getting married are so special, and it is so great to see them make this life-long commitment to each other.
It's also a fun reminder for us... it brings me back to our big day - our excitement, appreciation, & drop-dead love.  I can't believe in just a few short months, we are approaching one year of marriage... time goes too fast!
Aren't weddings amazing?
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday... and your summer time!


Ali said...

Has it seriously been almost a year since you and TL tied the knot? I remember it like it was yesterday that you were blogging about your upcoming wedding. Wow!

Allison said...

I can't believe that you and TL have been married for a year! You write so well, I'm sure your friends really appreciate you being there for them :)

Sierra said...

I'm with Ali, a year just seems sooo long, congrats sweetie! I hope you are enjoying time spent with friends during the wedding activities.

Jen said...

LOVE wedding season! We only have 2 this year (after having 5-6 the past 2 years) so I'm kinda disappointed in that!

Lori said...

I love weddings too Tracy and I have 3 to attend this summer. I also love looking at wedding pictures ~ even if I do not know anyone in them! Just call me a romantic at heart... Have a fantastic week!

Miss Jody said...

I do love attending weddings **

The Mr. doesn't..
Have a great wedding season!

Laura said...

I do love weddings, I'm in one this year but thankful that it's just ONE. Past years we haven't been able to find a weekend to ourselves! But I do love weddings, I'm hoping they pick up next summer again :)