Saturday, May 29, 2010

Field's fashions never disappoint

One of the most-talked about movie fashion directors, Patricia Field, never disappoints, especially when it comes to her claim to fame, 'Sex and The City'.

A lot of us anticipate the movies coming out (especially me) because there is always a plethora of fresh fashion.

The girls in the movie don't feel our recession... but give us new inspirations for the world of fashion.

Here are some of my absolute favorites...
did you know the actresses get to keep the clothes?
(oh so jealous!)

Patricia Field & SATC writer Michael Patrick King - an amazing duo
The girls are back!
Adorable Charolette in her "Vintage" Valentino... aaamazing
Sexy, classy Samantha
Sweet Carrie in one of my favorite places from the series
Looking amazing walking on the beach
Can I be her?
Adorably casual
Hilarious 80's - when the girls all met!  I loved this!
My favorite outfit of the movie... seeing Aidan again, in Dior.
"I am woman" - a fabulously dressed woman!

These are just a few of my favorites...
Pat Field is BRILLIANT!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex & The City 2; my meaningless review.

I think of myself as one of the biggest, proudest fans of Sex & The City.  The girlfriends, the fashion, the chemistry.

But... something very important was missing from this movie number 2.  A character.

New York City.

There just wasn't enough of it.  The chemistry to the city is what brings the series, the girls, full circle.  I felt like Michael Patrick King was on vacation while they wrote this.  In an interview a few years ago, SJP said NYC was a character in the series.  Hell, it was her boyfriend in Season 5. It wasn't a character in this movie... it was a distant fling.

I felt connected to Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in my own ways of what they were experiencing; but I felt they were somewhat disconnected from their original characters.

I can't digest the movie in the way I did the first one.  I didn't cry this time.

Also, the boys.  Steve, Harry, and even Big... missing.  They made the cut for a mere 2 minutes.

There wasn't enough time around a coffee table.  If you have never seen the series, this plot especially lacked meaning.  It was an entire movie stretched tightly around an idea of traveling to a foreign country and making a few mistakes.  I didn't feel that way with the first movie.

In the end, the girls are together... and for me, that's a reason to cheer.  I will see every movie they ever make... and I will like it.  Because I like how this series speaks to women.  Well, to me.  I like that the writers can get under my skin, the chemistry between 4 women - even with their differences.

It bold prints the meaning of friendship. And I will always appreciate the girls being together.
What is your review??

A face, family to the numbers

The media shares information 24 hours a day, through all forms of communication.  So many times, we hear numbers regarding people and situations. The numbers can be staggering, but often enough, we continue with our day and forget.

Yesterday, during the morning meeting at my work, one of our very talented and compassionate anchors, Dan Elliott, mentioned something about a man, who is a father and husband, who committed suicide after learning he was going to suffer from major pay cuts in his career, and his house was hundreds of thousands of dollars underwater.

Our entire staff of managers, producers, reporters - were quiet.  I mean, silent.  It was as if we were all processing the news in our own way of thinking.  The silence continued for longer than usual.  It wasn't something we were going to do a story on, it was just something Dan wanted to share.

It is so easy to judge.  So easy to look at the situation and have our doubts. This man had young children, one of them which walked inside the home and found his father dead.  I started to wonder what this man was thinking, why he decided to give up.  It saddened me.  I realized he was one of the thousands of people who are struggling... another voice in the sea I hear everyday calling our newsroom looking for help.

We can't sit around and dwell on life and the unfortunate things happening around us, but, we have to remember that behind every number, every statistic, every voice... there is a face, a family.  It is so easy to become immune to tragedy - especially in a business that strives off of it.

Just a reminder for myself, the people I work with, and the people who watch television, listen to the radio, read the newspapers, and go online for their news.  It's something to think about next time you hear a statistic, or a number.

I'm not trying to be depressing, just want to remind people to feel lucky for what they have... I know I do. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Palm Springs

Happy Birthday to my Pretty Lady.
I am so blessed to have her in my life... along with such great friends.
We had great conversation, lots of yummy drinks, and celebrated Adrianna's 25th year in 
Palm Springs!
(I had never been, it's such a fun place!)
Great drinks & delicious food!
A lifelong friend who has taught me so much about life.
We stayed at the Riviera hotel... amazing!

One of my favorite things about life is time with good friends who know everything about you and love you anyways :)

Hope you are having a great week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

driving lessons

TL didn't even call to tell me that someone rear ended him on the freeway.
It was just casually brought up as he moved the golf clubs out of the car so my sister could sit down.

He was driving and suddenly traffic came to a stop... the girl behind him didn't slow down in time, and ran into him.

They both pulled over, and TL quickly studied the back bumper.  It didn't look too bad.  

The young girl, just a few days past 16 - was scared, upset, and extremely apologetic.

He said he calmed her down and let her go.  He said she just kept saying 'thank you'.

Although I wasn't there and he didn't tell me what he said, I imagine he was very sweet with her.  It was an accident, and fortunately she learned a lesson with a guy who has made his own fair share of mistakes.

He told me that a few years ago he bumped into a guys car on the Bay Bridge, and the guy let him go.  So in essence, he was paying it forward.

When he told me the story... I got to thinking... accidents happen, people make mistakes.  He probably could have turned in the scratches for a few hundred bucks, but instead, he chose not to.  And now, when I look at the little imperfect bumper, it's a reminder that things happen, people have bad days, and sometimes you just have to give people a break.  It all evens out in the end.

Hope you're having a happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

happy birthday, juju!

Happy Birthday
to my RAD sister, Julie.
Julie (Jolie, juju, Jewels, Juls, Juge)
is hands down one of my most favorite people on the planet.
This chick is funny, adorable, full of life.

Instead of going on and on about how incredible she is (forever)
I figured I would share a few things about her that I find truly amazing.

Julie is going to make an amazing mom someday... here's how I know.
One of our favorite games to play together growing up was called "Kaitlyn".
(Don't ask me who came up with such a clever name.)
Anyways, Juls would carry me around in a basket my mom kept our magazines in.
That was the game... she pretended to be my mom and I was Kaitlyn.
We made up make - shift stores and places to go in our house and she would take me "places" with her.
She was full of compassion - she would nurture me, take care of me.
And this continued through elementary school, middle school, high school, college.
(minus the basket)
She is always my friend.

Julie has a true sensitive spot for humans.
A few years back, I have a distinct memory of sitting on the floor crying with her as we watched Richard Simmons deliver shoes to kids who didn't have any.

Juls and I played "school" growing up.
We had 5 students and we were both the teachers.
We had a white board and text books with teachers editions.
We actually made up assignments on the computer, filled them in like we were the student, and corrected them.
In our mind, each kid had a different personality and skill level.
By the way, "Devon" was the bad kid.
She taught me how to have an imagination.

Juls is a (real life) 4th grade teacher.
I wish I could express in words how amazing she is at teaching, but I can't.
But, 3 weeks ago, I called to see what she was doing.
After having a long day at work and coaching the girls volleyball team at her school,
she was on her way to buy a book.
It was a book in a series - the third one in the set.
The library at her school doesn't have it and one of the little girls in her class had asked her if she knew where she could find it.
She went to borders, bought it, and went to the restaurant the little girl's parents own.
Julie knew her student would be there.
She pays attention to her kids.
She loves her job, it's her passion.
And you couldn't imagine how much they love her.

Julie and I shared a room growing up.
My parents hardly saw us during the summers,
but every time they did, our furniture was rearranged differently.
We are buddies.

Juls is the middle child in our family,
and I think she gathered the best qualities in both of my parents.

Sometimes Juls is the mind of our family.
We can all be raging about something, and she reminds us of common sense.
She's grounded.

I grew up watching Juls with wide-eyes.
She was my own little idol. 
I wanted to be just like her.
I still do.

Sometimes I wish we could go back to the summers when we were little.
We would video tape our dolls, make home movies, and clean the house for my mom.
I remember vacuuming ourselves into different corners of the house and playing the board game 'life'.
Ironic, considering she's taught me so much about life.

Julie has long, beautiful eyelashes, and stunning blue eyes.
She has thick, soft brown hair that wraps around her pretty, petite face.
She's gorgeous.
God, I love my sister.

Happy 26th Birthday
to Juge.
I love you.
did i mention she's a kick ass

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom.

We have the best mom.
We really do.
Compassionate, caring, hard working, determined, beautiful, thoughtful, unique.
A few things my mom has taught me through the years:

When you lose someone close to you; keep going.  Her best friend passed away a few years ago.  My mom and I were together at the hospital into the late hours of the night and early morning.  The next morning, my mom woke up early and made my lunch for school, just like she did every single day.  We cried together before I left for school and she left for work.  But my mom taught me how to keep going; 
My mom has taught me strength.

My mom has taught me to give.  It's her way of life.

If someone's sick; be with them.  I got really sick when I was a sophomore in high school, and again at the beginning of this year.  When TL was out of town, my mom did every thing for me.  She worried, bought every type of food for me, did my laundry, and most importantly, spent time with me.  Her touch soothes me.  There is just something about my mom that makes me feel comforted.
My mom has taught me compassion.

My mom has taught me to love unconditionally.  She did this by always telling me she loved me, even when I made mistakes.

My mom has always told me real beauty is on the inside.

My mom has taught me to always work hard. She never stops.  She works full time as an executive assistant, a mom, a grandma, a wife.  There is hardly ever time for her.  She has worked at the same place for over 30 years - and she worked hard part time while we were growing up to make sure we always had what we need; the strange thing... we never really had babysitters.
My mom has taught me to value hard work.

My mom has taught me so many things through the years.  She is a really special woman.  She has always been there for me, no matter what.  My sisters and I are so lucky to have her.  
Mom, I love you so much.  

The beauty of my mom has rubbed off to another great mom; my sister, Kel.  She has done so well raising Ry Guy in his first year.  He is one lucky little guy to have a mom like her!!
Happy Mother's Day to Kel.  I love you.  You are an amazing mom, wife, sister, friend!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Allergies, sunshine, and iced tea.

It's been a week with out blogging for me... busy, just like it is for everyone right now!  I feel like my nose is going to fall off from all the sneezing and blowing.  I hate you, allergies.  But... I love you, SUN!  Anyone else suffer like me?  What are your favorite remedies?  All the medicine I take makes me really drowsy and it makes it hard to get through the day.  But seeing the weather so beautiful is worth it for me!
                                                                       sunshine found here
People at work often tell me they know I am there, even with out seeing me. 
The reason: my starbucks cup.  
My mom got it for me for Christmas (I am the biggest fan of unsweetened iced tea) and I use it every single day.  It gets refilled all day long.  Iced water & iced tea, constantly.  They are really hard to find, and my mom just found 2 more last night.  I was so excited when she surprised me with them - mine from Christmas was getting yucky from all the use! 

Do you have anything that people see and know you are there??

Happy Wednesday!