Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today, I heard about an olympic ice skater, Joannie Rochette, who skated an amazing performance a day after her mother died.  I can't imagine having the courage to do that - I truly feel she showed the world an amazing lesson.  CNN writer Steve Almasy quoted her performance as "flawless" and said "everyone in the audience had a lump in thier throat."  

This story reminds me of my mom.  I learned something similar from her.  My mom and I spent a long night in the hospital saying good bye to her best friend as she lost her battle to cancer.  My mom was devistated, upset, and the most sad I have ever seen her... and as she wept for her friend, she made my lunch for school and encouraged us to get through the day.  That image of my mom is something I will carry with me forever.

What and who inspires you?

Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!
{pictures from Napa coming soon}

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday

{the truth}               

Hope you're having a fabulous start to your week!
TL, his family, and I are off to Napa today - I am so excited to be feeling like myself again
Thank you for all of your support & sweet comments, I have lots of catching up to do with all my fave blogs. :)

Also, just a quick reminder to smile.  Even if you're having a bad day.


Friday, February 19, 2010


Mario for the Wii is SO addicting!  I haven't played video games since I was little, and the only thing I have ever really liked is the Mario Brothers games.  When TL got the game Mario for our wii, I had no idea it would consume so many hours in just a few days! :) 

Have you ever had any video games or games in general that you love playing? 

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back To Work!

I am back to work... and I must say, I feel so grateful to work with the great people I do.  They were so welcoming and concerned with me coming back, and that means a lot!
My dad was featured in a story today at my work!
Check this video out - he is the private pilot the reporter (Jonathan Mumm) goes up with:

Next Monday TL and I are headed to Napa for two nights with his mom and brothers.  We all got this little gift for her for Christmas.  We are doing a little wine tour and tasting.  We are also staying at the same place TL and I got engaged almost 2 years ago!  I love this place, it brings back so many amazing memories. :)

We've gone twice now since getting engaged, and it is just so fun and amazingly beautiful.

Hope you are having a happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Up Side Of Being Sick...

is the reminder of knowing how many people care about you.  I have received cards, emails, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries.  It was such a warm feeling to have these amazing people call and write me and let me know they were thinking of me.   I am feeling so much better - I am finally getting back to work this week!

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day!  TL and I have had lots of time to spend together with both of us being off work - so we called it our Valentine's month!  I can't believe we are already almost to March.  Time is passing so quickly!

Today is my sister Kelly's Birthday!  I love her to death and I am so blessed to not only have her as my sister, but my good friend.  She is an amazing mom, friend, daughter, wife.  She is the whole package!  Happy Birthday, Kel!  I love you.
I know the last year of your 20s will be a good one!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Being a little under the weather has given me a little time to do some "online" looking around. :)
Shoes are always a bright spot in my shopping.  I loved all of these!

Also, I got a very sweet card in the mail tonight from a lot of my co-workers.  I was extremely touched and it made me feel so warm! (I haven't been there for 3 weeks!) Thank you to all of my friends & everyone who has been wishing me well.  I feel so fortunate to have so many people who care about me!

TL and I think the doctors may have nailed the issue this last week.  There are a few complications - but things look like they are getting better.  

Hope you are having an amazing weekend!!

I will be laying low again for the superbowl tomorrow... so have an extra drink for me. ;)