Friday, January 29, 2010

Celebrity Look Alikes

Lots of people have been doing the celebrity look alike thing... fun!
People tell me on a regular basis - weekly, sometimes even daily, that I look like Sarah Jessica Parker.  I am thrilled because I personally think she is beautiful, regardless of the fact that some magazine named her "unsexy".  She may not be the most gorgeous person on the planet, but I think she is absolutely the most fabulous!

that's me... its hard to find pictures.  A lot of people tell me we have the same mannerisms.

I also get a 'young' Helen Hunt.

I am not sure if I really see either one of them... but I get it a lot, especially SJP.  I definitely don't mind, they are both beautiful!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday.  

It's been another rough week for me.  But TL is home now & my amazing family is hanging with me through this.  I am glad to be home (I was in the hospital for a little bit- I had never been in a hospital before 3 weeks ago!) and glad to (hopefully) be getting better!  

Can't wait to do a little blog reading and relaxing this weekend!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sick as a dog...

and definitely not looking as cute as my dogs! 

It has been a rough week - hence my lack of blogging, working, tweeting, & just life in general.  I was supposed to be in Florida right now - soaking up the rays cruising around Disney World... but I am not. :(  My doctor wasn't comfortable with me traveling.  Sparing several details, I have a severe case of anemia and it has wiped me out on my bootie harder than I thought it could.  But I am slowly feeling better.  I have a very special & thoughtful family who have really cared for me this week.  My sister, Kelly, jumped to my rescue with the doctors, my BIL, Jason, cooked for us, and my mom has done everything in her powers to make me feel better. (grocery shopping, staying home from work, and just being there)  I stayed at my parents house for the week and did absolutely nothing... I think it's just what I needed. 

To make matters worse, TL was in Florida with my dad and other sister this week.  He ended up tearing his ACL while wakeboarding (it's been a great week for us) and had to come home 5 days early. 

This whole thing has made me feel very fortunate to have good doctors, health insurance, & most importantly an amazing family!  TL has a long recovery ahead of him - we start that process Tuesday - and the docs tell me I should be back to my normal healthy self in about 6 weeks.  I've missed my blog :)  I'll catch up with everyone this week!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

golden globes & mother nature

I am getting really excited for the Golden Globes...
not because I care about who wins any award - but because I love seeing the fresh fashion on the red carpet!!
Tomorrow night I am going to be putting together a slideshow of the images at my work - i'll have the link set up so you can see the fabulous (and not so fabulous) works of art!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.
The rain and crazy weather are starting to come in...

I am excited to be spending some time with my mom for the next few days... I love her.

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Already Friday??

Seriously, how does time move so quickly?  One thing leads to another, you get busy with work, family, and life - and the next thing you know, 5 days have passed!  It has been an interesting week - I have been having a few issues with my health, and it has made me truly greatful to have insurance in a time so many people do not have it.  I am okay now, and I think the "sick" adventures really remind us to cherish our health when we have it!  It also makes me really grateful for my sweet husband and family- they have been so helpful and supportive this week.

I work every day until Tuesday - and in Northern CA, we have a huge storm coming in (well, this is huge per CA standards) and my work is pumped up getting prepared.  I love knowing the weather is going to be rainy for a few days... it makes me feel cozy.

Next week I leave for Florida!  I am so excited.  I get to spend a week with my dad, sister Juju, and TL in beautiful FL - we are doing some wakeboard training (well, they are) and then heading to Disney World for a few days.  I am so excited to go and spend a little time away.  Now, I just have to do one of the things I hate most... pack!  It's hard because I am not sure of the weather there.

I hope you all had a fabulous week! 
I have a lot of catching up to do!

Monday, January 11, 2010

May 28th, 2010


I've watched this preview a million times... is anyone as excited as me for this to come out?!?
I LOVE Sex & The City.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Honeymoon: London, England

The beautiful city of
was the perfect place for the last stop on our honeymoon.
I loved London... we were so excited to get there and fortunate enough to stay 4 nights.
The streets, buses, bridges... it was just how I imagined it. Stunning.
We ate lots of yummy pub food, drank lots of great beverages, and even did a little shopping :)
We definitely want to go back!  
We rode the tube from the airport to the hotel... the tube was awesome, and I was so proud of us for doing that with all of our luggage!
The Strand Palace Hotel... a great central place for us to stay!
We did the scenic bus tour to learn our way around the town... learned a lot about the city, too!
In front of the Tower Bridge!
The giant lions...
And our starbucks cups! :)
Harrods... the biggest mall I have ever seen in my life!
We got to tour the inside of Buckinham Palace because the queen was on holiday in Scotland!
The back of the palace - they wouldn't let us take pictures inside.
In front of the Tower of London.
The last night there, we decided to ride the London Eye...
It was a fabulous way to see all of the city... we went up right as the sun was going down.
It was stunning!  I think it's one of the biggest ferris wheels in the world!
My favorite picture - from the London Eye - it looks fake.

We love, love, love London... it's a beautiful and fun place.

I want to do our honeymoon all over again - it was one of the most memorable months of my life.  We had such a fabulous time - something I will never forget!
I love Europe.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello, 2010.

Dear 2010,
We are only a few days into you, but I have to let you know the big shoes you need to fill.  2009 was a good year, and I am holding you to the same expectations.  Here are some of the planned things you hold for the coming months... please don't let me down! :)

Walt Disney World & Florida in a few weeks!

A visit to Wine Country with TL's mom & brothers!!

This little munchkin turns 1 year old!!

We're going to celebrate 1 year of marriage!

Spending lots of time with our family...

both of them!!

Being a bridesmaid in Gina's wedding! Friends since elementary school :)

& 2010... you also hold some big possibilities...

Maybe some questions will be popped?  No pressure, Matt. (my sister and her boyfriend)

Maybe a trip to Hawaii with the family... were due for a family vacay!

TL and I are talking about a cruise through Asia... end of '10, beginning of '11.

Maybe a new house for TL, the puppies, and me???

I'm counting on you, '10... don't let us down ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Crazy Coop

I'm still trying to figure out who had more fun... Ryan, or me and my sister Juju pushing him around in the crazy coop he got from Santa!  He is seriously the cutest little baby boy - I just can't get enough of him and his chubby, tubby, lovey cheeks!

Woody is going for a ride too...

He loves his aunties!

He is such a little love butt!

 This little mister is just over 8 months old!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honeymoon: Lucern, Switzerland

was the second to last stop on our honeymoon!
Coming from Interlaken, we had about a 3 hour train ride over to Lucern.  It was a stunning train ride with beautiful views of the mountain sides and lakes.  When we got to Lucern, we were so excited because the first thing we saw was a Starbucks!!  We ran to our hotel, then ran right back out... only to be disappointed that those tasty, tall coffees would set us back about $8.  Can you believe that!? :)  Everything was quite expensive in Lucern... but it was a beautiful city - worth it!  There are beautiful bridges, lots of shopping, and unique buildings.
This was the view from our train seats.
We gave in... but only once!
Our hotel is the pointy building.  It was called the Waldstaetterhof.
This was my favorite bridge... so beautiful.  Made completely of wood.  We walked across this quite a few times.
This is us on the stairs of that bridge.
Our favorite pub... we ate here two nights in a row and watched a European futbol game with the locals!  The beer was cheaper than the soda ;)
This is outside of Mr. Pickwick's pub.
The sleeping lion is a monument that is completely carved of stone.  It is old, big, and beautiful.
Our last morning there, we went for a long walk all over the town.  We hiked up to the top of this castle and enjoyed all of the beautiful views of the city.
Beautiful... right!?

Lucern was a beautiful stop.  Switzerland is one of my favorite countries!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking Back at 2009; A Memorable Year

It came and went at lightening speed.
It was a tough year for our economy - a year of change in the White House - a year of loss for hundreds in our military.
For my family and myself, it was a year of blessings and changes.
I was reflecting on 2009 today... and thought I would do a little recap of this significant year.
((click on the blue underlined words to read more about each of them))

Ry Guy Was Born
My sister and her husband gave me my first nephew.  An adorable, loving, bundle of joy that brings so much happiness to our family.  Ryan Michael was born April 29th, 2009 - a day I will never forget!

TL and I got Married.
September 5th, 2009.  The most memorable day of my life... our wedding.  I married my best friend, my other half, the sweetest guy I have ever known.  The best decision i've ever made.  With the wedding came a beautiful rehearsal dinner on September 4th.

The wedding.

The rehearsal dinner!

My Dad Retired
2009 brought the end of an era.  My dad retired from the fire department after nearly 40 years of service. It's been an adjustment for our family... and the community!

TL and my dad on one of his last shifts

I traveled 
California, US, Europe

New York City with TL in April

Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland & London on our honeymoon adventure for the month of September

We spent many weekends at his mom's house in Carmel, CA

Took our engagement pictures and several trips to our second home: San Francisco

Spent 10 days with my dad and sister, Juju, in Florida wakeboarding... and at Disney World!

Vegas with the girls for my Bachelorette party!

Los Angeles for a weekend with the girls.

I was showered with love
My incredible sisters threw me a special "shoe themed" shower and my sweet MIL threw me a tea party shower at the St. Regis is San Francisco.

My mom, sisters and I at the fabulous shoe shower.

My mom and MIL at the St. Regis Tea Party shower.

Got A New Job
I went from one television station in Sacramento to another... a big and exciting transition to full time.

2010 made me a wife, an auntie, a sister in law, daughter in law, and a better person.  I learned so much this year.  I am so thankful for the adventure 2009 was.  I feel so blessed.

Looking back through my blog, I wrote about it all.
2009 was also the year I got more involved in blogging and met so many wonderful people... thank you for hanging in there and enjoying the ride with me!